Trump at Nato meeting

Body language tells the story quite eloquently …


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Mark de LA says
As the X-president still trying to pretend to be relevant while hiding behind walls in Berlin saying

Obama lectures ‘we can’t hide behind a wall’ — from behind a wall!   (****)

There were concrete barriers protecting the police protecting the wall protecting Obama:

Spectators attempt to photograph Obama behind security barricade by Brandenburg Gate earlier today in #Berlin.

Seth says
#Trump  is playing only in a world inside his head … he is not attuned to others outside of that.

#Obama was pretty much the opposite.

but to be honest i would have liked to see more of the context to be sure.

Si says
The key word there is “playing to” … and that is why both are not being effective.

Trump achieved the success he did in the later part of his life primarily by being authentic and going with his gut. He has lost a large part of that ability attempting to “play to” others as president, be them inside his head or out. If he would return to doing authentic things instead of doing them for the internal or external crowd, easy success would return to his actions.

A leader IS a leader because they are confidently going where they are inspired to go and people follow that confidence and self direction as it clears a path in the realityscape ahead for others to walk in. A leader is not a leader because they are trying to please, or even understand, anyone or anyone’s needs, the appearance of doing so notwithstanding as it is only additional collateral, it does not create a leader. We hope that our leaders have the same values and goals we idealize and we try to choose our leaders accordingly, but that is not what makes our leaders effective leaders.

Mark de LA says
Who are you folks playing to – an imaginary audience! laughing O is playing to himself. Lies to himself & others just because he feels good thinking other like him. null

Si says
I disagree. Obama is, as seth implies, playing to the external crowd, and even more so than he did when he was president. If anything, he is trying to achieve status akin to Regan … “actor and president”.

Actors have often fancied themselves politicians and attempted to sway the crowd on issues. Obama is attempting to fancy himself an actor and sway the crowds with drama. So far, only Regan has done both with skillful success, because Regan had an inner compass (and Nancy).

(Bill Clinton tried several times to sway with acting, but his acting ability fell far short of swaying anyone except the die hard Clinton groupies. The Flag on Normandy beach was one such example)

Seth says
i think you guys are looking at different aspects of this than am i.

Both are “playing to the crowd” in one sense or another. 
And in both cases the crowd they are playing to is represented  in their own head.
In #trumps’s case the crowd in his head was constructed without sensitivity to the actual crowd outside of his head.  I think #Obama is far more sensitive to actual others … he gets them more through his senses … and not so very much from what he represents them to be in relationship to himself. 

#Trump  is a #narcissist quite literally … he sees only himself … values only his own him self and perhaps those very close to him or that he can personally use.  You can hear that is almost everything he says.  In this film you can see it clearly in his gestures.  He is barley aware of those around him.

Mark de LA says
So many Rectal Metaphors apply here to your folks’ politics – mostly a distinction from & about your points of view.
Here’s your trophy: null

Si says
Thanks for the shitting mark.

Seth and I supplied our authentic opinions with our own beliefs and facts to back those up.

You simply shit on them without content.

See how that works with you?

Mark de LA says
Yep you nathan have earned the the trophy! – with extra mention!

Si says
You created the trophy. It applies to what you do. You keep it.

Mark de LA says
#samosamo – #TuQuoque looking in the mirror shit you always say nathan

Mark de LA says
 – nathan must have a dozen or so.

Si says
Notice that you are still shitting, while I am providing actual words and content, even here. Do you have the discernment to tell the difference? Or does that just go right over your head mark?

Mark de LA says
Notice you are still swearing while #AlreadyAlwaysArguing & insulting. You have earned the trophy – embarrassed though you may be.

Si says
Interesting how quickly you pick up and wear the casual insults. You must have an affinity for them. They must #RingTrue for you easily.

Seth says
Well now that we got all of that out of our system ….

How i relate to others individually as a person, and collectively as a member of groups , is important to me.  It is what i have been studying for a long time.  Swimming amongst others  is what i do … the groups doing the same with my effect changing the world.  That is my life and i choose to live it intentionally and be conscious of what i do.  It is where i lean my soul.

So that said … i study how others do that … #Trump does it quite differently than do i … he has a different philosophy … his beliefs are structured quite differently … he sees the edges of this human predicament quite differently than do it.  He percieves the medium in which we all swim quite differently than do i.   You can see that clearly in the way he moves in the world.

It takes all types to make the #NakedCity work;
so there is a #niche for all stories.
Each of us gets to make our own.


Mark de LA says
#PellickOverload this AM . null

Seth says
you guys already did enough of that … no need to do it again.

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