Media Equalizer

The M$M is not content with their megaphone now they or their imagined audiences use boycotts against sponsors to censure alternative points of view. The challenge for me is knowing who are the right sponsors to selectively spend while bypassing commercials with my DVR. 
The Cyberpool spreads #Bullshit faster than truth can move –  a Tower of BaBBLE rising .  The challenge to use the principle of selective spending is huge. Countering such is M$M & advertising as well as the Internet itself in Twitterings & facebookings etc.  Is there an app for that? Can I take my phone & point it at a product qcode & find out which programs use it as a sponsor?  Conversely find alternatives? Which people in government are owned by the corporation that produces it.  etc?


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Seth says
Well an app that collectively builds trust would be great … not sure how to do it better than the internet is already doing.     Think about how the media outlets that exist on the internet today allows each person individually to decide which one’s to trust by testing one against the others and each of our own experience and beliefs.

Mark de LA says
OK so you’ve declined the  challenge.

Seth says
Well one selectively spending supporting only those purposes which one judges useful requires knowledge and trust.  All to that:  spending, supporting, intending, judging, knowing and trusting flows through networks.  The networks mediating that flow already exist … and selective spending is already being done.  Can you specify in detail how an App could enhance the mediation over what is alredy being done?

More specifically,  “Can I take my phone & point it at a product qcode & find out which programs use it as a sponsor? ” … er, yes just as long as your  trust in that knowledge can be  established by the APP.  Thing is how can the system be designed such that you can trust that knowledge any more that how much you (and/or i ...) currently trust the knowledge we get from Fox (and/or CNN and/or MSNBC and/or BRITEBART and/or MEMORANDUM and/or DRUDGE and/or ...) ?

Mark de LA says
Such is part of the challenge! null
Then too the old meme “follow the money” has some clues in it. Look at the silos of cash – clinton foundation & soros etc. & whomsoever you choose to list on the right.
Finally check out which people object the loudest.  Those who like to jack-off their minds & lips in public will begin to lose power & get even louder & more obnoxious.

Seth says
There is an understanding about the way information and effect flows that needs to be factored into such an APP.  I look at it as a tree trunk branching to ever smaller branches and finally to a leaf … or as big rocks thrown into a pond making waves that ever decrease the father they get away from their source.  At each NOW point of decision zillions of tiny effects must be factored into a decision to send a feedback reaction back up the tree to the source.  I am just not so very sure that the network flow will work that way … especially if the final decision is binary … buy or not.  If this can work, how can it work?   It’s kind of a reverse butterfly effect with zillions of butterflies.  I can’t picture it working yet … so i don’t know how to make the APP work … some other principle or leverage edge needs to emerge.

For example:  { It already sounds like you are, as usual taking a side, and so i suspect that your agenda is tainted by the prejudices of that side.  That’s happened  with your enterprises like group unhackthebrain and #ThirdStreet.   So sorry null mark, the APP says your thoughts should not spark the thoughts to start with. }  →   Which, if you think about it, is selective spending of my own intention.   Now who knows … should the App have mediated that trust and knowledge backward in this particular case?   Grasp at it objectively, you just got some negative feedback, right!   Do you think that karmic flow worked in this instance to better mediate the flow of good purpose? … or maybe not so very, eh?  Maybe history in this case should best have been forgotten null.

So seems the effect should be very direct only … end entity to end entity.  If you are currently operating at cross purposes to me, then i will not buy from you.  But that does not flow to all of those who support you … or back into history of what you did months ago.

tag #SelectiveSpending

Mark de LA says
APP ? Censorship of any kind, be it M$M, mobs on campuses, political correctness phoneys etc should all observe the First Amendment & STOP IT! Otherwise you really do get totaliarianism. null

Seth says
Mark: APP ?

Mark answers his own question in advance:  Is there an app for that? Can I take my phone & point it at a product qcode & find out which programs use it as a sponsor?

I was just taking your inquiry and seeing whre it would go.

As to how this might relate to censorship … well that is a totally different idea and i do not see the relationsip.

Mark de LA says
I guess you didn’t follow the Media Equalizer about link.null

Seth says
nope i did not.   but now that i read it, it is just more right/left fighting.  not really my thingey.   but shucks i enjoy Madow’s passionate conspiracy theories and can’t stand Hannity’s and am glad that Fox era might be over.  But that is just the voyeuristic entertainment value of this for me.  i thought you were contemplating improving the actual media.

Mark de LA says
Whatever you imagine is probably all you will ever take away from most anything .  I am still pushing #selective-spending as an agent of change.

Seth says
yeah of course … selective spending makes sense. 

the question i raised is where you chop off the how deep you look for support.   read my comment above, Media Equalizer (comment 78779),  objectively, for a consideration of that  in more depth.  is there an APP for that which would not just end up being a corrupting influence? … i don’t know … you tell me.

Mark de LA says
Yeah ! It is already being used as a corrupting influence by using the confusing operation as a boycott in conjunction with mass media. Any questions?null

Seth says
yeah exactly … how would your APP not be just another “mass media” … and what is wrong with “mass media” ?

Mark de LA says
Maybe the nature of things is just that large groups have a tendency to be overcome with LIES! 
(rather than deal with what’s SO! – some prefer to just #MakeShitUp) laughing

Seth says
i don’t see why a larger group would be any more prone to believe a lie than a smaller group.  in fact stastically the larger the group the more accurate the perception.  why else when we want a more accurate poll do we increase the size of the sample.

Mark de LA says
It is not about polling. One can’t poll for the truth.

The Big Global Warming Lie is the best example.
Without the Sun there would be no warmth or light on the Earth – the Earth would be DEAD!
Without CO2 & H2O the plants will not grow,

The Earth is a complex sphere – not subject to a linear measure. No one place to stick a thermometer.
The issue is all politics & economics NOT science. 
The politics of it are really disgusting – LIES (Algore) and fake science are rampant! 
If you brainwash kids in school, people by the M$M eventually the LIES are too prevalent to resist.
#OneLastThing – there are lots of rocks in the Universe, but not point in the Earth’s existence without humans.

Seth says
Well there are propositions,  the truth of which is actually contingent on #belief alone. 

tag #WillToBelieve

Mark de LA says
#HorseShit !!!!!! – have the will to believe that Algore is going to quit lying while selling books & getting speaking fees & wasting energy travling around spreading his bullshit.

If you forecast far enough in advance or beyond the lifetime of any person living nobody will be alive to contradict.  Algore predicted that we would reach the point of no return. We must all be dead or in the last throws of Armageddon .  OOPS!

Seth says
okay you don’t believe the #globalwarming propositions.  for you they are not true.  i don’t want to argue with you over that. 
try another proposition: 
There is a supreme being

Do you believe that one?   If so, then it is true for you by virtue of your belief in it. 

That is all i am saying.  But from that knowledge follows a lot of other attitudes twards propositions, your experiences which flow from those beliefs, and the deeds and feelings that you do that flow from those propositions as well.

tag: #WillToBelieve

Mark de LA says
There is no need to continue your #AlreadyAlwaysArguing – if you can’t tell the difference between truth & belief enjoy your delusions by yourself. Enjoy the #juice .

Seth says
well sure there is a difference between truth & belief.  
{truth -?→ belief}  …. or/Xor/and …. {belief -?→ truth}

I believe that sometimes belief causes the feeling of truth.  Not always the other way around.  And there is a positive feedback such that the more you believe X the truer you feel X is.   

But that is not the only thing that is happening here.   Just that is what is happening here for specific kinds of propositions.

Is it not the same with you?


Mark de LA says
Munge the distinction between truth & belief together & opinion enters the room & takes a seat at the table of jibber-jabber. nullnull(Boston Legal)null

Seth says
well opinion is just another word for this kind of truth in a multi person environment.   thing is, when it comes to “jibber jabber” there is no judge except each one of us ourselves.  There is no ultimate authority for us to consult  … except that which is established by virtue of  force with power.  

Come on now … is it not the same by you?

Mark de LA says
NOPE! demonstration & proof work better for me.

Seth says
well me too … but then not all propositions that shape our #reality can be proved of demonstrated.

Try to demonstrate or prove that there is a subprime being.

… or maybe try another one …. “my friend is a good person” … substitute for “good” any other adjective that is of paramount interest to you in particular.   Can you prove or demonstrate those propositions before you believe them?

Mark de LA says
Not knowing is OK – don’t need to invent lies to cover up your Ego’s dark empty hole of not knowing with. You can of course do so, but don’t expect me to agree! null

Seth says
nothing wrong with not knowing … i do agree.

yet there are things that my friend must believe and must feel true before my friend can actually feel and/or do them. 

Certainly you have experienced those kinds of things too … have you not?

Mark de LA says
What must YOU believe ? null … that you can’t act without knowing unless you like #cosmatosis & prefer to limbo. (the dictionary doesnโ€™t  yet define it.  When you walk down the side walk & the person ahead wants to veer to the same side you want to to pass each other it has been called #cosmatosis or the Cosmos offers up all opportunities for action at equal value making choice difficult.

Mark de LA says
nope! birdie rejected

Seth says

Seth says
well yes of course … thanks for the spectacular example null.   that  is the kind of thing that i must believe i can do before i can do it.   Also breaking a cinder block with one stroke of my hand.  There are lots of things like that in my life.  The only question is how much of my life is built on those kind of beliefs.

So you do agree?  eh?

tag #WillToBelieve

Mark de LA says
#nope – practice, sensory acuity, consciousness, etc (see #ArtofEP) – no meaning (belief) needed – just do it (unless you are a terrorist) .null

Seth says
your talking about how one arrives at a belief firm enough to cause change … whether of deed or qualia.   There are many ways, me thinks, but obviouslly increasing practice and sensory acuity is one such method … but is it necessarily sufficient?  is it necessarily the only way?   I think not.   Have you not practiced a move and then at the last moment lost faith that you could do it?  I have … and guess what … i didn’t do it. 

At times  belief springs the deed to be done.


Mark de LA says

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 24144

Mark de LA says
too much of a sleeve job for me! Adios! “ibid – consciousness commands & the body obeys. “

Seth says
Stange null, i was just thinking that “consciousness commands & the body obeys” says the same thing as does “At times  belief springs the deed to be done.” null

Mark de LA says
nope! it doesn’t . yours is mungy-wungy “at times” , beliefs, “deed to be done” have nothing to do with the book – where I took the quote

Seth says
i say “at times” because somtimes i #JustDoIt … other times i act more from my heart … more about just qualia.  i like to be honest.  my belief does not always command my deeds. 

honestly, is it not just the same by you?

Mark de LA says
Find & use enough weasel words & imprecise language & you can feel good about just anything you say.null BTW don’t put words in my mouth.

Seth says
whatever … think them or not … always your choice … me thinking thoughts for you is not something that i can even do in this multi person universe.  my words are not weasels … rather they honestly distinguish at least for myself  … believe it or not … again your choice to believe.

Mark de LA says
.. must be mostly internal for you & maybe N.

Seth says
well i have spent the last   3   4  hours trying to share these thoughts with you mark … so no, not so very internal for me.

Mark de LA says
SO? I’m still trying to figure out whether you said anything real. null

Seth says
well i think i did say something real …

what is truly strange is that you gave excellent examples of what i said and even found another respected person, #PR, who said some of the the same things.  so when you say that “you don’t know if i said anything real” … i don’t know what you mean or why you would say it. 

but anyway, when, as, and if, you figure it out, could you let me know?

Mark de LA says
I’m done.  I suppose I could cut these conversations short by just being an agreement-monkey, … but 
… (wait for it ...) …

Seth says
yeah i know that about you …. er, at least i believe it, having seen it  #demonstrated again and again ….

mark avoids agreeing like it was the plague. 


#shucks #nbd …

did you know it was going to be in the 90’s in #paradise Sunday and Monday?

Mark de LA says
Maybe – I talked to Elaine last evening & told her not to wear heavy clothes. is fairly accurate.
Talk about yourself – you will spread fewer lies (i.e. if you are authentic).

Seth says
no lie there … it is a fact that i have seen demonstrated which i have honestly reported here.  thing is, everything is not just about myself … were i only to talk about myself, i would not be authentic.

Mark de LA says
Your quote is a LIE!

Mark avoids agreeing like it was the plague. 

In fact my metaprogram inclination is to match or sorting sameness with some difference null

Seth says
well okay that is the way it seems to you.

but to me out here i rarely see you agree or match and express that match to me. 

which is why i continue to believe that you avoid agreeing (at least with me) like it was the plague.  of course what you do internally is not something that i know anything about … nor is it anything that i am talking about.

Mark de LA says
Look inside yourself. null

Seth says

Seth says
well agreeing with others is almost the opposite thing than “looking inside yourself”.

Mark de LA says
but to me out here i rarely see you agree or match and express that match to me. 
to which I reply “look inside yourself”

Seth says
well okay null … i understand now … you meant #TuQuoque … thanks for clarifying … sorry i missed the intended effect (or dialogue meaning)  of your response.

Mark de LA says
I didn’t mean tit-4-tat! null  You seem to be complaining.  Look inside yourself.  The music may not say that directly, but I love that song & the way she sings it.

Seth says
sorry null no complaint here,  which was expreessed by my saying “ #shucks  #nbd ”  with which i intended you to know my attitude tward your avoidance … see in “Media Equalizer (comment 78827)” …
i was going for a semi-objective observation.

i loved null her singing that song too null

Mark de LA says
Well I’m going up to the storage. Reframing everything I say to fit your ontology seems to work for you.  I am not confused so the reframing is un-necessary, but if it works for you it will shorten the conversations .  Don’t expect any agreement-monkeys though.

Seth says
#shucks #nbd … i do not expect any of those with you  null null

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