This whole FBI ought to keep you guys busy...yer got a News Room a River Room and now yer got a Chat/Spy Room...chuckle one could get cought up in a virtual dizzying dallydoodle trying to keep up and track everyone....whew!  Fun though! BTW Yer Chat has s   get out yer spray!


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winnie says
it is also very TIME CONSUMING.............

Mark de LA says
It's kinda fun, but I don't quite see the value above the news & postings & comments in the regular manner.

Mark de LA says
BTW, does FBI mean FastBlogIt ?

Seth says
winnie 2006-01-01 09:07:00 2415
it is also very TIME CONSUMING.............
it is intentionally designed to absorb your attention and get you hooked .  ... also perhsps as a tool and media for you to express yourself to a larger audience than your immediate family.  ,some of us grazing animals are into that

Seth says
Mark 2006-01-01 09:55:18 2415
It's kinda fun, but I don't quite see the value above the news & postings & comments in the regular manner.
it will evolve into live chat.  it is another dimension of social interaction.  with this new chat like media we finally have the ability to move around objects and talk with live people about those objects.  stay tuned for more development in this area. 

Seth says
another added value of integrating fbi with this style of TIVO chat is that it will draw some of the chit-chat away from perminant comments on items, allowing perminant comments on items to be more readable months from when they were made.

Mark de LA says
Hmm... hopefully the UI will evolve as well.(;-))

Seth says
i don't get how those "user interfaces" apply to a who-is-here web chat as it is shaping up in my mind

Seth says
Mark 2006-01-01 14:18:03 2415
What's so special about what you have here versus a large chat room somewhere with a lot of people chatting at once?
what is so special (going to be special) is the way the participants are located somewhere in some room and can be traced from room to room. 

Mark de LA says
What's so special about what you have here versus a large chat room somewhere with a lot of people chatting at once?

Mark de LA says
I'm visualizing something like a Visual Thesaurus folksonomy link that is driven by a lot of people being in the room and you click on a link with subject last visited or whatever is in your chat & you add the comments there. The ones I bookmarked above may not be it. The long linear list isn't all that great.

Seth says
what was so very special about this kind of chat that i implements years ago, was that a person could who who else was reading a item why you were reading it … and if you wanted, you could say something to them.   … to this day, i don’t know if that has ever been implemented in a serious forum.   it allows chat to spread out by geography (different items) … like being in a gallary of pictures and you walk up and look at a picture and see sombody else looking at it too.

live is kewl cool … winnie didn’t like it … but then winnie is woogie.  

Holmes says
dA 2016-01-19 20:40:17 [item 2415#43044]
You realize the system knows exactly where you are. The news ticker keeps track of that. Not only that, but how many browsers you have focused here on all your devices and where each is and how long it has been there. Not sure if I would expose that though. There is a very fine line between casual conversation and stalking. If there were such a feature it must have the ability to be easily disabled to protect those who have no desire to be approached.

But it is a very salable feature.
seth 2016-01-20 07:05:58 [item 2415#43058]
(14 secords for edit box to appear in FF @ ~ 7:08 AM PST)

Well definitely a person would have to intentionally make their advatar appear in that new cyberland.  The geography of such is mapped to thoughts and their relationships.  And, of course, those can be mapped to whatever topology of a land one could imagine.   Maybe too advanced for a mere blog, eh?
dA 2016-01-20 07:26:40 [item 2415#43059]
Maybe not, if it is done right. Gimmicks like that are what could make the difference. That and !#bamtags of course.

Well the editor is loaded from a cdn, this one // and there are two possible issues. One the path between you and that cdn is not so good. Two and more likely … because we changed your nameservers, the nameservers themselves are slower to resolve the cdn OR (and highly likely) your malware which is still there and only partially band-aided by the nameserver change is getting in the middle and slowing things down for you. I am using Firefox right now and have been using it whenever I post as dA and I have not experienced any slowness sans the normal 3 times slower than chrome that FF always is, and which is the same everywhere, not just here at the FBI.
seth 2016-01-20 07:36:26 [item 2415#43061]
I may not allow !#bamtags in any of the that i support laugh … i don’t like to wallow in decay, unless it is my own peculiar decay … and decaying my own honest weaving of mind is not one of my peculiar thingeys.  talk to mark, he might be more interested. 

your presumption that this is malware might just be preventing you from discovering what it really is … or maybe not … i have no idea.
dA 2016-01-20 07:40:58 [item 2415#43064]
Well you absolutely and for sure still have malware. We both saw it loading multiple scripts into your pages. Changing the nameservers doesn’t get rid of it, only route around a few of its features. That was intended to determine what the malware was doing, not to fix it. The real fix is to clean the malware. It’s there doing things still … we have no idea what. I don’t know why you are so resistant to getting rid of it for real. I mention it nearly ever other day and you always just poo poo it. It’s still there … we did not get rid of it.
seth 2016-01-20 07:44:50 [item 2415#43068]
any specific suggestion of how to find it and remove it?
Yes totally. The document Beyond malware still applies in full. The last step on it is the one we need to do. I will be happy to do the parts I can remotely, but the rebooting into safe mode and such you have to do, can’t do that remotely. Also, we should reset your router to factory default … the fact that changing the nameservers worked indicates that the malware could be on your router.

Is your wireless router your own or provided by your internet company? Have you modified it’s settings, passwords, wifi name, etc. or is it basically the default setup?

Seth says
Mark 2016-01-20 08:35:31 [item 2415#43091]
The original chat idea must have been pre-Facebook chats.  I would not use it except to avoid a phone.
Mark 2016-01-20 08:39:11 [item 2415#43093]
Somehow the incentive reminds me of talking dirty on the apple & a 256 baud modem many-many trips around the Sun ago.
seth 2016-01-20 08:46:42 [item 2415#43098]
actually this chat was quite different than FB chat or others like Skype etc.    It is that difference that makes it not just a little bit pioneering.  Here the geography (or where) the participants chat becomes paramont.  this adds a dimension.   I expect that this happens in gaming … where participants chat at a location on the board … but even in gaming, usually you just open up a chat box and chat with the other longed in players. 
Mark 2016-01-20 08:50:06 [item 2415#43101]
There are apps on the iphone for that.  Some use them to call for flashmobs etc.
yes … those use “real geography” …. this is “cyber geography” … maybe close to “virtual geography” … yet cyber geography is anchored in thought. 

Mark de LA says
dA 2016-01-20 07:37:17 [item 2415#43062]
I can phantom load the full editor so that it is instantly ready to go when you actually use it and plan to do that for final public release … but right now it would only be yet another band aid around whatever the real problem is.
seth 2016-01-20 07:39:05 [item 2415#43063]
i wonder if mark has experienced this slow load of the RTE window … where it partually loads but then hesitates for up to a minute or more …. have you mark?
Mark 2016-01-20 08:30:16 [item 2415#43088]
Well maybe yesterday on IE & my Kindle – at first my Kindle seemed to have the old fbi1 face. haven’t checked this AM on chrome OK.
seth 2016-01-20 08:35:04 [item 2415#43090]
it happens infrequently here … so any time you notice it, maybe report it.   but i doubt that we are much interested in the archaic kindle … that has got to have all kinds of unrelated problems … i don’t even think they billed it as a full featured browser.
Mark 2016-01-20 08:47:35 [item 2415#43099]
Kindle worked fine after I got rid of the open tabs to the old fbi. It still has a retarded keyboard interface where the keyboard consumes the space being used by fbi.  I still like full throated desktop & screen. 
seth 2016-01-20 08:48:13 [item 2415#43100]
like … yeah so do I … but strangely enough the other day i was able to borrow deniese’s iPhone 6 and catch up very rapidly with what had been going on while i was traveling around the city.
KEWL!yes – then too years ago when pagers were the new remote connection I recognized that freedom was not having to wear one. Today one can find a table at a restaurant where many of the “lets have dinner” crowd have their iphones out texting. … different strokes etc. loving it

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