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Mark de LA says ...
It may be quite a task to find the web presence of some of the people we know, some we bumped into in the halls & some who have passed on .  I will list some here and then perhaps later fill in the links. I will not supply emails or phone numbers or addresses. If anyone knows these people contact them first & let them supply the information.
Mark Russell - group mark & others
Seth Russell - group seth & others
Eric Reiter - has a website at url
Alan Kucheck - a VP at Borland - google Alan Kucheck
John Fuller - in contact by phone - returned to roots near Cape Cod, MA.
Larry Dodson - passed on.
Melanie Murphy
David Kerner
(? Cobb) Danya
John Ellerton (Fortune)
Collie J. Earl (Sunshine)
Linda Pearl
Simon (of the Martian Corale) Elliott ?
Sandra Denny
Doug (Magic Christian) & Stepanie
Doug ?
Vickie Norris (& sister)
Alice ?
The whole Carbaga Family: Elaina, Ted, Op....
Leland ?, wife & Vivika
Pierre La Palma (Dirty Pierre)
Kent Robertson & wife ?
The Bears ( one passed on)
Ty Hannigan & (& both wives) - the bead maker
Gilbert - roplex artest & friend of Molly
Molly ? also friend of Viki
Brown & dog Brownie who wrote & appeared on Saturday Night Live
Bess - the one with a dance studio
The Human Juke Box - ? real name - also who was his sex therapist friend ?
The guy who had all the junk in the basement & then on the 2nd floor & moved into a van ?
...... please add to the list, maybe someone can fill us in on some details
Freely ... the architect’s son & Mary
Paula ? (shredded millions) - last known to be in Amsterdam with Elaina
Kathy Phillips


Seth says