Well here i am back in this reality

Just went in this Mac Donald’s Port Angelus Washington because i had to take a pee and needed to suck on WiFi to get my bearing …. ordered a ice coffee and was going to pay for it … truly i was … but the waiter said actually someone had  paid for everybody already … as he sorted monies into the cash rigister.  

null  #omg who does that ?? 
#kudos & #thanks →  #WhoEverYouAre null

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Si says
You do that. It’s your reality. Your starting to get it!

Seth says
well this gift happening right there in relation to what i was experiencing leading up to it was freaky indeed …. still and all, me i prefer not to interperte it as indication of anything other than what it was based upon objective information.  i think i will do a #PayItForward myself … denise expected i would have done it right there, but the thought did not occur to me … i accepted it as a gift … not an obligation.   my excitement being that i could document it as an #LoaStory since there  in #MacDonalds i finally had achieved the nirvana of WiFi null.

Si says

Si says
When you begin to observe all your happenings, and all your impressions, as valuable occurrences in your life and take each as it is, a complete expression of you and reality as one, instead of assigning them to categories such as objective and subjective, then the magic will begin to flow even more freely and occurrences such as this one will begin to become commonplace, your everyday experience.  

Seth says
well it is easier to dig a hole in the ground with a pointed shovel rather than a flat one … that is why i distinguish.  when i want to share something, if i use signs which are deeply subjective only to me, then i know others will not get their meaning.  but if it is made objective others will understand.  

This difference is so dramatic when it comes to  sharing with others,  that if i would ignore the distinction, i would not be able to express myself. 

I think  expression is the very action of making subjective experience, which only i can experience, objective so that others can experience it as well.  That is the nature of this “expression transaction” from self to other.  I do not know how, nor do i think it a good idea, to take my knowledge of subjective/objective signs out of the expression transaction. 

Si says
Okay. If you are thinking of subjective and objective being labels that distinguish quality of communication then that would be a nice and useful distinction.

Most people think of subjective and objective as defining oneself to be separate from one’s experience, which only creates paradox and confusion and loneliness and conflict. Not a very useful distinction, unless you are desiring the experience of drama, and maybe you are … all experiences are valid.  

Seth says
yeah i like to think of myself as my experience rather than looking at myself from the outside.   others must know of my experience thought my outside … by virtue of what i express externally …. my inside is just for me nullnull

Si says
That’s your story. You share that story with quite a few others.

When one relaxes into the grounding state of being where one’s reality is their experience of it without any other bias, then many stories become possible to experience.

Truing up your statement would obtain …

“Yea, I like to think that others must know of my experience through my outside”.

Seth says
well what you said sounds true. 

but drilling down to another level of detail ...

i can be inside my experiece or pay attention to what i am experessing of it externally. 
the former feels better null …it is my personal choice ….  which is why i said it that way around.
the latter is more like being an actor on a stage … i’ve done a bit of that … exerllerating … but not how i live my life from day to day.

But you talk about others and what i think of them.  For me,  i seem not to have a choice in that matter.  My belief flows from my senses in this case.   I will believe that others can know of my experience from my inside when they demonstrate such.  That rarely happens.  So i believe the normal perdicament is just as i have described it.

Si says
“I will believe that others can know of my experience from my inside when they demonstrate such.  That rarely happens.” ~ Seth

Well yes, that rarely happens in your experience. Because “you like to think that others must know of your experience through your outside” … which as you say is very true to you. Hence, that is the only kind of experience you generate.

There are plenty of people on this planet right now who believe that what others are telling them about themselves is valid and true, and their own experience matches and they like that. They are not wrong any more than you are wrong. Each is simply experiencing the way they prefer. You prefer that others do not know you except though the perspective called “outside” … and your universe is happy to filter your experience for you to match that preference. My preference, and my experience, is quite different.

Seth says
Well i too believe that sometimes “what others are telling me about myself is valid and true, and that our experiences match” … i would call that being intimate with another.  It does not always happen … but I love it  null when it does … and believe it can happen more and more. 

You seem to be saying that you think i have chosen not to believe in intimacy, but that is not the case … so i am confused as to what you really are saying. 

I agree when i am in sync with another as to some aspect and context … then there is no need to focus on our different views  … er unless that difference is an essential part of the particular aspect and context itself.

Si says
I am simply saying that in every communication there is a plethora of information one can match with, and a plethora one can find different.

You believe that your insides are just for you and what anyone else can know about them is only though the perspective of outside. So in all communication with others you filter to that belief. That which can be known via the outside perspective you accept and synchronize with and find matches with inside yourself. That which could not have been known through the outside perspective you reject and filter out and find differences with. In both cases, there are plenty of matches, and plenty of differences. All communication is very rich in both. Your preference for communication causes you to filter aspects that match, and aspects that differ, to those that match your preference in how people relate. This is true even in intimate communication … in that context your interest in the other person shifts your preferences allowing you to accept a wider range of matches than just those which must come via the outside perspective.

In all communication there are nearly infinite matches and differences available. Which ones you experience are determined by your beliefs, and your beliefs are supporting your preferences about your reality story. You like to think that others know of you though the outside only, except when you are intimate with them, and so that is what you experience. Someone else can experience that quite differently, and even have a different idea of what intimate is … even the complete opposite. There are those who have something like direct knowing as their common experience and experience intimacy as being those rare occasions when they are known, and know others, though the outside perspective only. For them, that outside perspective is rare and special and what feels intimate.

Seth says
Well i can only tell you of particulars which i experienced … i am not very informed by others generalities of me.   Elaine and i were driving in my car in the Olympic peninsula by dead reckoning … out GPS having had a nervous break down and so being useless.  So we were  relying only on the external objective signs on the road we could decipher in the dark,  and on Elaine’s memory of the actual terrain.  It was fun … we were both excited by what we were experiencing together … i speak for her here, but you can ask her yourself.  So it’s after midnight and after the picture i took of here by the lake.  She knew they were changing the pavement and we could feel the gravel underneath the car as we were looking for a sign of where to turn.  Suddenly i saw an edge in the pavement  and jammed on the breaks.   She told me she had done that to keep me awake … after all we had been driving for about 19 hours straight.   I reacted abruptly out of a fear of falling off an unknown edge.  I wonder how Elaine would describe the experience.

tag #LoaStory

Si says
Yes, when one has the belief that they can only know of otherness through the outside perspective, then it follows that same one can only tell us of particulars they experience, as you say. 

Elaine seems to be telling you of a relationship between her experience and your experience that is not based on the outside perspective. You seem curious about it. Would you attempt to have that kind of experience? Would you value it? Based on your preference for shared experience being though the outside perspective only I would expect that you would not attempt to have experiences like she described having, and perhaps, would secretly entertain the personal belief that she was just funning with you or teasing you and did not actually “do that to keep you awake” but really just said that afterward. Based on the belief you yourself say you have, questioning her authentic sincerity would seem the only explanation obtainable.

I, on the other hand, exchange such thoughts with others very often. My reality is based on knowings of others that affect me directly and my knowings and internal thoughts and processes that affect them and our combined reality directly, not just through the outside perspective, but directly, as in your story above. If Elaine had said that to me in that circumstance I would know it to be true and normal. I would not even question it’s authenticity. It would make perfect and logical sense to me … and I would be grateful for her direct participation.  

Seth says
well it would feel great to me to know what Elaine experienced there … we could ask her.  me, i do not question others honest descriptions of their experiences.   They are paving various sections of that road … i ran into lots of them the next day in the light … even with flaggers using a single road to carry two way traffic.  The edge itself is an objective fact that we can all share to whatever detail we desire … i could find it apporximately on a Sattelight and Elaine could go out there and photograph it unless they have already paved it over … but of course that is not necessary.  We can easily trust each other’s honest accounts and extrapolate back to what happend objectively.  Did Elaine have the experience of intentionally making that edge ?  … #OMG that would have been so super hot … i can see how i needed the wake up null.

tag #LoaStory 

Si says
I can’t speak for her, but I do have experiences very much like that nearly every day and I can easily interpret how it would have gone down if I were your passenger above.

The thought would clearly form in me that “Seth seems tired and these conditions are scaring me and I would like him to be more alert”. Undercurrent thoughts would surface things like “I can’t just talk to him about it, he needs an adrenalin experience … something that will last for a while” and “I want to be more awake too”.

A few moments later, you would experience breaking for the edge and I would think “Yes, perfect, that’s exactly what I was wanting and attracted” … and we would go on, both more alert. I would know inside that I caused the experience and I would, as always, spend a moment appreciating how these kinds of experiences are a normal and consistent part of my evolving life.

That is how many experiences go down for me every day now. I “cause” many many things and take responsibility for them and even tell others about them … and they tell me about the ones they cause. It’s fun. 

Seth says

Seth says
well that description matches almost exactly with what Elaine told me null.   i have no doubt that i could increase the number of such subjective experiences that i have myself by valuing them more like you do.  I do know how my mind works like that.

Si says

Si says
It’s funny how you purposefully add the label “subjective”, even though these kinds of experiences can be expected, consistent, and fully shared (as they were above).

It’s as if you want to be sure to impose your preference upon the circumstances … keep them real according to how you like for things to be. Ensure the truth of “I will believe that others can know of my experience from my inside when they demonstrate such.  That rarely happens.” Perhaps if you left off the subjective label, your experiences would slip a little … blend with those of others outside of the external perspective a little. Perhaps you might experience the lines between subjective and objective bluring a little bit, eh?

Seth says

← it might have been somewhere within this map … i think we were looking for a left turn onto 112 coming from 101 from Forks.

Si says

Seth says
well i know such experiences can be “expected”.  and i already told you that i can expect them more just as much as i value those kind of expectations.  In fact i can expect whatever … the question is what the other expects when i expect what i do.   I value my expectations and call it “sharing” only when me and another are feeling and experiencing synchronically.  Me increasing my expectations of such will surly change my interpretation of the sync … but will not effect the other’s expectations sans some external signal.  Yep, my belief. 

So in our example … i believe it was the edge in the pavement in relationship to the velocity of our car that synchronized our experiences … i shared the desire to be alert with Elaine and became more alert … a shared expectation perhaps …. but i credit the car and the edge in the pavement for causing that … not Elaine’s intention.  I am curious what Elaine would credit.

Si says
So you prefer to say that things that happen, happen to you, not for you (like the edge of the pavement) … and … you prefer to share mainly with those who have similar expectations to yours, and to set yourself apart from those with different expectations to yours (because you call it “sharing” only when you and another are feeling and experiencing synchronically)?

I think that all things happen for me and that I can uncover that relationship with sufficient attention and investigation into my own thoughts … and I prefer to share with those who have similar vibration of being with my own (which is like to similar expectations in some ways, but quite different in others).

Seth says
the example above about my iced coffee being paid by a unknown stranger, was even more remote … i did not expect it at all … and it came as a total surprise.   so we are dealing with this stastically.  if i expected such gifts more, i probably would get more of them.  i actually expereinced that when i wanderd around SF and looked on the ground for money and found it frequently even in relatively large sums.  i do not expect that now, and i don’t get it now either.   so i guess that is a stroy of #LOA … tag #LoaStory

Si says

Si says
Yes. These stories are not important to say that we should all be walking around expecting to find money … but only to show that we can change our experience (our literal reality) simply by designing our expectations, instead of letting them come randomly and then think they are who we are.

Seth says
well you said it that way ...not me … i would say it like this:   things happen in and of their own being … not to me … and not for me … but in and of themselves.   a feeling that things happen for me would be conforting to me indeed … it is one of those feelings that i could culture if i wanted to … i know many do.  me, i do it the other way around when i can … i vary myself to where it is for me …or where i can null it …  don’t forget, perhaps unlike what you perfer, I am a variable null

i love to share with others … whether they are aware of the sharing or not.

Si says
Dr. Lin, using #hooponopono, showed just how far this simple thing can be taken when he cured an entire institution of mental patients without having any direct contact with the patients himself. All he did was study each case and find the expectation within himself for their condition, and change it. Once his expectations no longer could support those of the patients, the patents could no longer represent that expectation to him … and since he was the primary person they had each become responsible to, they could not longer represent those expectations at all … and the facility closed.

Seth says
well okay, that #hooponopono example describes change being communicated from inside one being to inside an other being without any external signal.   allow me to be skeptical about such an example being duplicated.

Si says
And thusly (by things happening of their own being) you have defined yourself as separate from things that happen. In this way, you can set up sharing on your own terms. As you say, in these circumstances you can share with others if they are aware of it or not. You have essentially placed yourself where you have absolute control and power over what and how you share, though you probably don’t think about it that way, it is true.

If things happened for you, instead of on their own, then sharing would be a cooperative experience between what is happening for you and what is happening for others. When things happen on their own, then sharing is always your choice, your terms. You get to choose what you participate in, what you share in, because you are not responsible for what is happening … that which is “subjective” you can bow out of having responsibility for.

Si says
Yes. That is the most extreme example I know of. It has been verified by multiple reliable sources and is part of the records of the State of Hawaii. But common duplication at that level is not likely to been seen in the wild for some time yet. We are at the forefront of this understanding and how to apply it.

However, I demonstrate simpler, one on one, forms of this quite often … and have been teaching others to do the same with satisfying results.  

Seth says
well, as you should have detected by now, i have been trying various forms of #hooponopono as i understand it, when crazy disparaties between me and others happen … but those have all been external signals between me and others.   all i can say is that it feels good over here … but nobody gives me any signals as to what happens over there when i do it … so i don’t know about that … except the obvious that i can’t remember the specific crazieness amplifying in that particula context after i signaled null … but that could have simply been people giving up on me or ignoring me … i can’t tell which untill sombody responds in a way that implies something about their experience.

Si says
Consider that #hooponopono is about as internal a process as one can get and that beliefs have the most immediate effect on internal processes. You do have the belief that others should only be able to affect each other through the external (except perhaps in intimate situations). So it makes sense that the primary effect you are noticing is one that is highly external … i.e. no amplification of the external undesirable effects.

I have personally experienced complete turn arounds in behavior. A person yelling and throwing things and threatening to burn down the house and kill people and commit suicide and then going into another room and slamming the door. I do nothing but sit, and find the representation of the behavior they are representing inside me. I find it so deeply that I could easily do exactly the same in that moment. Then I heal it inside me with “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you” over and over until I can no longer “feel” it inside me. At that point the person comes out of the room acting normal and even happy. I ask what they did in there, and they say “nothing, I just feel better now”.  (this is not an isolated case … here in Florida I have had many opportunities to use this … one of my growth paths right now).

Seth says

Seth says
well there are all kinds and manner of communication between beings … i don’t suppose it always  needs to be mediated by external signals flowing forward in a way that i can consciously know about.  i too have experienced changing deep inside myself and that dramatically changing the feeling flowing between myself and another.  it does happen a lot.  i describe it without mysticism as follows:  crazy shit happening between me and another is anchored at both ends … as i let go my end, the other must needs collapse … just like a tug of war.

Si says
Okay, that’s a fine one.

I don’t see any less woo woo factor in that than mine though. They are both outside conventional thought. Mine is just simpler and easier to apply to any situation, not just one on one conflict like yours.

Mine is

Your reality cannot reflect to you that which you do not have a representation for inside.

or simply put, it can’t show up in the mirror if you don’t have it on your face.  (#hooponopono is the ultimate scrubber)

Seth says
Yes i agree i had as much woo-woo in my description as did you null.

i would simplify yours  to …

i experience it when i represent it inside me

but i try not to do your mirror stuff. 

Elaine tells me you are a triple #gemini … #OMG how do you ever cope null

Si says
We party a lot. null

Seth says

Si says
#hooponopono is a healing process so the way I said it is easier to use to find the elements to heal IMHO since it is true to the point of sequence where it is being used. Yours could be used to initiate, not just at point of healing, for instance.

… and your more generalized form would probably be better to use the word “activate”, since we have many things inside we don’t experience outside.

I experience it when I activate it inside me.

Seth says

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