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LILIPOH has an interesting interview on “climate change”.

It seems to me that one reason why this is happening is because we have become disconnected with nature, but maybe things couldn’t have unfolded any other way. What are your thoughts on this?
You are right. To reach a new level of freedom and creativity we had to develop the capacity of the rational mind. It helped us to take ourselves out of the whole and allowed us to become more autonomous beings. This is wonderful and there is no problem with that. It was necessary to experience a kind of detachment from the Earth and Cosmos, to recognize more fully our true essence. It becomes problematic when detachment becomes a form of addiction. In that moment the need for fundamental changes arises. We should learn to integrate the capacities of our rational mind and to think and act holistically without losing our creative freedom. It is not just a need for change. We are already confronted with a wave of change originating from within the inner universe of the Earth.
Are you hopeful for the future?
Absolutely! As an artist I treasure creative challenges as the one we as individuals and as a collective are facing today.

Crisping it up quickly – governments, economies, populations, commerce, & communication etc have become detached instead of functioning holistically together for the health of body-community. The individuality versus the collective has exaggerated polarities. Consciousness needs to return us back to community as in threefoldness for economics & other domains.


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Mark de LA says
From the political side not the practical long range solution side & the money side the Paris Accord  looks like this: (just like a global money grab).

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