Why is it so quiet?

Have you guys noticed that whenever I am elsewhere for a while it gets quiet, and IMHO quite boring, around the FBI? null

As much as you guys say you dislike all my higher world banter, it does seem to be the fuel you guys run on.

I would say that Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and Their Attainment is the spark that ignites both of your passions, even though you each have chosen simpler lives to be physical within. null


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Seth says

Seth says
well when it gets quite here it usually has nothing to do with you … just saying.  but sure you do fuel the energy here with your “higher world banter” … and of course me and mark tune into that … at least i do …. no mystery there given how we were brought up laugh.

I’ll need to think about what *you* mean by  “simpler lives to be physical within” … and how it could (or should)  be anything other than what we lived and are living now.    Speaking just for myself, i am no #shamen of the spiritual world … and that is quite an intentional choice.  But you are going to need to put more meat on them thair bones to get a more useful response from me null

Si says
Well pretty much the same as you say.

You ARE a shaman of the spiritual world. You would not be able to place yourself in the vicinity of higher knowledge if you were not a shaman. That world and knowledge would be quite invisible to you … and you could not even have been born into the family you were, where the knowledge was common. But, you do choose to wave your shamanic powers and only hang around the vicinity of those who use them, observing and considering. You have chosen to stay fixed in that neitherworld placement, pretending you are like all the other mere mortals (or muggles), while still trying to evolve your knowledge without exercising the respective muscles.

I don’t judge that predicament right or wrong. I don’t say you should be doing anything different. I simply see it clearly as the predicament you have placed yourself in, for though you have chosen it and have the right to do so, it is a predicament … and I see clearly what you could do, what is possible, if you were to swerve toward your shamanic side more … so I nudge that way as I can. It’s the higher world neighborly thing to do.  

Seth says
well, okay,  i hear the story you are telling … like i said,  “your story is not about me” … although you words claim that it is.  Your words make your intention clear … and i #thank you for that.

Perhaps i will tell you more about me in another context.

Seth says

maybe that is left to each of us null

… or has my friend already figured it all out and knows the story in advance.

Ahh sweet mystery of a life of be ing human null and be ing me.

tag #LoaSwim #ThereIsOnlyOneOfMe

Si says
Personally, I am on the leading edge creating everything new day by day … writing the story as it happens and discovering the twists and turns and delights that happen as it naturally moves along.

Abraham says there is no planned end to it all. There will always be new knowledge to create and discover and we will never get it done, never find an end. There will always be something more.

Seth says

Seth says
Ahh sweet mystery heart of me be ing human …
and human be ing me. 
I love be ing human …
what are we be come ing?

Si says
Well, you are not limited to walking through the museum admiring it all, thinking about it, and talking with others. You can stick your hands right in the clay and mold it. You can get covered head to toe with paint. You can shape reality as it happens. Few do, just as few are true artists and fit to have their art in a museum. But shaping the reality happening around you is also as human as letting it happen and then interacting with it.

One is for the few, the other is for the many … all quite human.

Seth says

Seth says
Yep, sure, that is so true …  we all know it … it is not new information.   I am not  clear why it needs to be said in this context …   especially since  it is oblivious to the fact that to each of ourselves, we are the few … and in fact, we each of us are the only.  This “i can do it” excitement is relative to each of us, and as such can not be measured (or “judged”) from outside.

tag #ThereIsOnlyOneOfMe

Seth says
I think this “doit excitement” that my friend always “should” follow would better be called “energy”.  That descriptive identifying word  just points more accurately across more contexts and aspects.

Si says
Yep. You don’t seem very clear about a lot of things, that’s true.

Seth says

yep, i don’t need to (or want to) “know it all” … that is not the nature of this predicament.   in fact, if i “knew it all” i don’t  know from whence my love to live and create would come.

#IDoNotKnow null ← a #kewl perdicament/design indeed null

← seems  some  existential philosophy  was lost by recent generations.

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