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Seth says
this is a very strange meme … i think people can get confused about it … primarily because of what some other people say.  i heard this meme a long time ago when i was a kid.  the meme sucks … it needs clarification.  the “helping others” … and the “feeling good” … are intricately connected and do not exist in isolation from each other.  to have one without the other would be like having a coin with only one face.  assuming of course that i have my head screwed on the right side of your shoulders,  what motivates my will to help others is the consciousness of that two sided coin.  at least that is the way it works over here. 

Mark de LA says
The “feeling good while helping (xor contemplating helping) others “ may just be social & family upbringing.  MH in his Tiger/Dragon seminars suggested changing the word help to the word assist which removes the idea that another person needs or must have another to accomplish something & is helpless. (CURRENT politics applies here too!) .  There is selfie involved here too!  The next time you help someone, or contemplate doing so, notice what your selfie may get out of doing so. The “transaction” may not necessarily be neutral.  Anyway I posted this from the platitudes FB post to needle some tickle some young minds. 
Some helping may definitely be painful such as covering an about-to-explode grenade with one’s body in order to help one’s comrades survive. 

Seth says

Seth says
i think developing the  relationship between self and culture is one of the challenges of our modern time.  And as such it also becomes one of the challenges of our personal lives.  Many of the memes or social beliefs which became popular in the 20th century are being tested and combined by the “me-generation” and beyond.  For example the The Virtue of Selfishness versus teamwork and cooperation, Self reliance and personal responsibility versus helping and relying on others, Personal consciousness versus social consciousness,  Conservatives versus Liberals.  These are struggles or choices between self and other … between personal motivation and collective intent.  This is a big topic for me … it won’t all fit in this tiny paragraph.

tags:  #consciousness #self #otherness #group #culture #society #humanity #Leviathan #LoaSwim

Seth says
in other words …
null #IDoNotKnow

Mark de LA says
Took a tripple lap around the bush to come up with #IDoNotKnow null

Seth says
just saying that the interrelationship of my #self to #society is something that is a #Wip.  there is no known authority which i trust on this matter.  nor do i know of  a consensus of the wise or reason in our culture which can be consulted … there are mixed messages … some people go one way … some another.  i choose my own way in this … my doing … not yours.

Mark de LA says
Yeah, kinda the John Lennon song above.

Seth says
Lennon’s conclusion, “I just believe in me”,  speaks eloquently of his  peculiar choice, which is also the meme de jour of the “me generation”.  Notice where it falls on the spectrums i listed above. 

I could rap down my own peculiar design, but you doubtlessly have heard it all before and would only salivate at the prospect of a giant dump on it again.  It is true, it is just another story in the naked city … and then, like i said, it is still a #wip.   Ideally, for me it is not just another story, but rather my life itself. 

tags:  #consciousness #self #otherness #group #culture #society #humanity #Leviathan #LoaSwim #MemeDeJour.

Seth says
We were brought up to aspire to “knowledge and conversation with our holy daemon” or “initiation” or “Satori” or whatever else it might have been called or however  else you might want to characterize that enlightenment and joining of will with a higher self or nexus.  My attitude toward this is the same as i was taught to think about that.

Mark de LA says
Attitude is one thing & the meaning you create from/with your attitude (point-of-view) creates your beliefs & cements your reality. What kind of meaning about life did you create out of your upbringing?

Seth says
well i rejected the message that my life should grow internally.

Mark de LA says
Whatever that means .  You want your mind not to grow?

Mark de LA says
Internal/External is a dilemma since the “I” is not a spacial/timely thingly – hard to locate & may just be something being made up ad hoc in some part of IS! (or maybe ISN’t) . Although there is a word it might only point to one of the 4 forms of nothing. null
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

Mark de LA says
#GOD (is a concept?) So where do concepts come from?
#GodJoke (*) via fb

Mark de LA says

Seth says
My mind grows in specific ways as a result of where i put my attention.  That growth is a side effect, not the intended destination.

When i studied various self development movements early in my youth, for example Hare Krishna movement, or #TR, even anthroposophy … it struck me back then that all of these emphasized what a person got out of the practices, for example riches or realizations of one’s own dreams.   Pick up any self development book and you will find that principle as the underlining unquestioned assumption. 

Yet i have watched a pattern happen again and again in my life.  As i turn my attention away from an absorption with myself to what is happening outside myself,  my will and my emotions start to flow otherwise they seem stalled.

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
sorta like the consciousness commands & the body obeys while relating to what you are aware of.

Seth says

Seth says
… maybe … but not the consciousness which emerges when a person cuts off their sense perceptions.

Mark de LA says
huh? cutting off your sense perceptions dims your consciousness – less to work with.

Seth says

Seth says
yep.  just like going to sleep dims your consciousness.

Mark de LA says
OK, seth, I have no idea what you are talking about or where you are going with it, xor what it had to do with my post.  Maybe you never understood, given your comments, what Peter Ralston of Cheng Hsin was talking about in the final paragraph of his book The Art of Effortless Power .  Others will speak of it in more nebulous terms like flow.

Seth says
Yes what i am talking about would be new to you … and doubtlessly hard to understand.  I have never talked specifically about it yet.  I brought it up because of your excellently provoking question,  “What kind of meaning about life did you create out of your upbringing?”.  Well our upbringing contained unquestioning the grand assumption that our highest motivation should be our own personal growth.  Like i said, i have learned to rejecte that assumption.  If you hold fast to that assumption of your upbringing,  i don’t know how you could ever “have an idea what i am talking about”.

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Yeah – I’m pretty fucking dumb, eh?  Try your slice of ??? on your cafe buddies.
BTW, I have held & never been contradicted in holding that I can understand anything anyone else can understand given that they have the ability to communicate.  We have the same model of equipment to understand with.  It is the communication that makes the difference. I ask questions to tease out what you are not expressing in your communication.

Seth says
Well i have yet to matriculate to a sufficient deapth with my cafe buddies to even bring up such a matter.  Your brilliant provoking question indicated to me that you had some background in this matter. 

It is not easy to think witout believing assumptions which are exhaustively supported in our culture and upbringing.   It would be  like thinking practically about the sunrise,  without the assumption that the Earth rotates.   Fact is that our upbringing contained the assumption that we grow spiritually inside our selves.  

For example ...
← here is a random meme from a google image search for meme spiritual growth inside.  i wonder just how many other popular memes like this one could find in that search.

Mark de LA says
My upbringing is different from that.  The message was to get a job & do something practical so that you can support yourself & perhaps the family later. RS as an example was involved in much that was external from architecture, music, plays, biodynamic farming, threefold social order, etc. Indeed he split from Anne Bessant & Mdme. Blavatsky for their internal somnambulistic behavior . I doubt that GW was any kind of a fan of Jung.
BTW, Peter Ralston of Cheng Hsin is a martial arts master – hardly an internal practice.

Seth says

Mark de LA says
I suspect you are still jousting with the secrecy thingy.  I wonder why that doesn’t bother me. We both ended up in PJ2 where the most exposure & least privacy got explored. 

Seth says
Well there is no doubt that #GW’s obsession with secrecy, isolation from the world, and occult aspects of consciousness effected my life.  That is in the background context of my life coming out of my “upbringing”,  just as you say.   But using that to trivialize the message my life is expressing is just stupid.  If a soldiers come from battle wiggeling spastically, does the general sluff it off with, “I suspect you got hurt in battle” … or does he examine the nature of the injury so as to design a defense against it?

Anyway now i look at the whole secrecy-isolation-occultism (insider, outsider) as necessary,  just like biological cell walls are necessary for more complex life to emerge.  Thing is …  there is balance necessary between  opposing forces … and each of us choose our own balance fulcrum in how we live.  Always falling to one extreme, …. unaware … as for example, frequently happens with the bias of conservatism … is a kind of death or decay … that is from a  larger higher perspective, i do believe.

#secrecy #isolation #occultism #troglodytes #flow

Mark de LA says
Well : How come I didn’t get your disease? your obsession? your battle posture? your isolation? 
Given the nature of gossip in the media, hysteria from the left of what they can’t possibly comprehend, what do you think would have happened had the nature of the family structure been exposed to the busybodies of social welfare extant at that time? (although nothing illegal)?
In fact some of Crowley’s people (perhaps his old girl friends) kept trying to get to him.  I remember a time when someone answered the door & told GW & he told whomever it was to tell them to go away! It was some read-headed female. While today with all the shit on the Internet, what he was doing was pretty tame and no-longer occult – what he (GW) he was teaching came out of the occult more into the light with the projective geometry, logic etc.  That is one part of the nature of change & evolution!  Some of us grew up!

Mark de LA says
I just looked up Dorothy Olsen (of Chicago) – the one I showed AC’s letter to her to you – & found this bunch of others: – most fascinating.  The thing is that jealosy & power-loss or gain does weird shit to men’s (& women’s) minds. Witness congressional shenanigans these days.

Seth says

Seth says
did you scan those letters ?…. i forget.

Mark de LA says
A near final word: – the part of most of the definitions left out is that someone has to be willing to listen or crave to listen to a gossipmonger. It takes two to do that tango. The Enquirer makes millions on that. 

Gossip requires gossipmongers to exist.

Mark de LA says
Nope! Won’t – that would devalue them.

Seth says
well keep them private to us … otherwise how can i read them?

another way to look at this is that they have zero value now except to you. 

this is a excellant example of the functioning of occultism in our counsciousness.

Mark de LA says
I read it to you in person when on your last visit.

Seth says
strange i do not remember a moment where such letters were read in detail … i glanced at much in a very shallow cursorialy manner.

Mark de LA says
Sometimes memory is a fragile & transcendental thingy. null

Seth says
whatever … keep them to yourself.   the ultimate triumph of your ego’s ass hole over a others awareness.

Mark de LA says
There are a few more interesting ones between CFR & Crowley which have already been sold – some of which are in ZZ1-3. FYI, you are the succeeding executor so you can do what you will , despite your calling me an asshole, after I am dead! null  Elaine is next in line after that.  Right now I am trying to market some of his book collections.

Seth says
well i am just asking for all those CFR letters to be shared with me now.   who knows what will happen in the future as to some unknown chain of custody … that is irrelivant.

but hey, keep them to yourself for your own value … but do not think that you have justified your secrecy to me … know what that is doing in and of itself.

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 24299

Mark de LA says
Sometimes it is better for you to wake up! & be present to what is going on rather than listening to all the shit that is rattling around in your mind at the moment. Like NOW for example.null

Seth says
This has been an interesting conversation.  My take away is … #secrecy is a primary mechanism by which  one’s #InsideStory different than one’s #OutsideStory, the mis match of which opposes #flow.  Which is not to say that secrecy is always bad,  but rather to say that it is one of the fulcrums that a person can move to get the inside to match the outside so that deeds feel like flowing.

see The psychology of Inside Outside Story

Mark de LA says
You seth probably missed the most interesting notion in #GOB of what happens when you discard the inside/outside assumption. I previously alluded to it somewhere recently with the non-locality space/time notion of ego.
One of the prime cosmic jokes when you then ask is  #WTF ‘s going on here?

Seth says
well i am quite aware of the dramatic psychological effects of ignoring the inside/outside assumption.  In “my story” i would call that “moving of the fulcrum”.  How is that fulcrum moved in actual experience?

Mark de LA says
Well, you could read a little of the book mentioned #GOB a bit or just drop it.  Proclaiming it settled, like there is nothing more to say, is like taking deep-throat chugs on the dick of arrogance & passing it around as dixie cups of #juice . I am not buying any!

Seth says
There is nothing “settled and nothing more to say” in my story here.  it is just my story of the psychology i am experiencing expressed for the first time in English.  I look at it as a point of departure to study the predicament further.  There is a reason i was very interested in the conversation contained in this thought.  After i went through some real life shit in the last week or so, i finally wrote it down.

anyway it would be useful to me for you to point directly to the #GOB notion to which you refer.   Be direct or not, your choice.  I looked for it in the tag room, #GOB, and it did not pop right out.

Mark de LA says
must have deleted the settled statement! thumbs up

Seth says
whatever, to my knowledge it never existed.  settling things like that is not how i think about things.

Mark de LA says
trying to pretend it was my imagination when I read it the AM? Background to 24307 ?
Background:  Following One’s Excitement (comment 79644),  WE EACH OF US HAVE AN INSIDE AND AN OUTSIDE ... ACCEPT IT AND MOVE ON!#insides #outsides   #InsideStory #OutsideStory #flow #LoaSwim#EffortlessPower #psychology #narrative

Seth says
when i can write a thought down and #TrueItUp and read it back and find it still fits, then i consider that thought something upon which i can stand to think about further.  Yet any thought is just a story and since all (legitimate) stories can obtain, i never consider it “setteled” or “fixed” or “my story and i am sticking to it” or necessarily even applying to others.  That is just the way i like to think.

Mark de LA says
So you were just shouting to yourself?


Mark de LA says
BTW, I do that sometimes with my inner voice when it gets to loud & won’t change the conversation.
Occasionally “SHUT UP" does work. null

Seth says
Here i am simply stating my continued observation and firm belief in what i observe happening.   To me it is like saying,  “I believe the sun will rise tomorrow”.   But shucks it is an assumption and a belief … i fully acknowledge that.   Like i said, to the extent that one can experientially move the perceive balance to “there is no difference between my internal story and the narrative that everybody else has about me”   to be the same narraitive,  then they will be either a great man, or a worthless bumb of no effect in the world.

A story of the Common Logic table needs to be told here as an example.   I was there and a stranger to #p2 came by and joined in the conversations that happened around the table.  I was impressed by how insigntful this person talked about the matters that were being discussed.  I asked him about his plans and life and even why he did not want to join #p2 and work to manifest his dreams.  His response surprised me.   He said,  “I am a lobo” … read “low boy”. 

Mark de LA says
kewl, you are already confusing them – now just get rid of the distinction altogether & see what happens.  Can you really locate what you label “I” as at any location ? – You probably only have concepts about your head  being the center . Can you draw a circle around it? Same goes for the time component. Is it gone after death or did it exist before birth ? You probably have concepts & stories about why your memory only goes so far back & you can’t remember being squirted out of a cunt or being conceived – that being just the material-physical story – you and others tell.

Seth says
like i aluded to above, i am quite aware of the #Satori obtained by eliminating the #InsideOutside distinction.  But I am talking practically about living a day to day life … not only personally but also what happens collectively in the world.   If you value that  #Satori itself, above all else,  as the ultimate virtue and purpose to be obtained for yourself, then you will not be understanding the totality of “my story”.  Which is why i asked in my 3nd sentence for you to assume it without question to hear my presentation.

Mark de LA says
Yeah – sticking to it . Your #AlreadyAlways #Poo-poo of #Satori as impractical or irrelevant to you.
For me it is at least a different taste in the meal of lifenull

Seth says

Seth says
yep everybody has their own pallet thumbs up … i like the advertising slogun  for Planet Fitness null

“The world judges, we don’t” 

Mark de LA says
I’ll bet the direct experience was missing; like reading a label on a can of stewed pellick & moving on saying “that was just a can of pellick” null

Seth says

Seth says

doesn’t matter to me how sweet it is ...

matters to me the effect of cans of “stewed pellick” entering the food chain.

Mark de LA says
Yeah, the meme is brilliant as advertizing & their business depends upon the opposite! null

Mark de LA says
Sublime ideation on what flow is about in today’s hex #45 line 4 P.1531 & the ref to P.1355 in the art commentary. 
An aside of the moment:
How does one remember an idea or thought – ?

Seth says
about #flow it is interesting to remember the years of “gradual deferent assent” and “firm correctness” necessary to produce a single moment of “effortless power” null

Mark de LA says
#jousting ? I suspect you did not read the pages (either)!

Mark de LA says
One can model excitement as the feeling in the mind of an owner of an erect lingam just a second or so before orgasm.  OTOH is that sufficient for other events?

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