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Given the times: & the sexual revolution as a background it is not surprising that some tested the limits of Free Speech & the First Amendment to the United States Constitution … 1776 + …..
The copies I have all have the following copyrights & warnings on them:

WARNING: Sexual material of an adult nature. This literature is not intended for minors and under no circumstances are they to view it, possess it, or place orders for the merchandise offered herein.

Older warning pic:


That having been said, in today’s world with the Internet, nothing except political correctness seems to censure content & even that doesn’t do it.  Perhaps political correctness was what Paul Krassner (The Realist)  Al Goldstein & his people (in Screw) were really fighting.  I found in my inventory that most of the headlines, titles, drawings, contests & cartoons were really-really funny & they used all of the forbidden words & pictures.  It is definitely not for prudes & within CFR’s disdain of such.  In fact if one were lucky enough to acquire one or more of the copies I will soon offer on Ebay I recommend due to their ice-breaking capability, where most anything & everything is within limits, that couples explore one together before, during or after sex –  such may definitely change yours & their worlds.


Mark de LA says
Follow the link to the current spreadsheet of issues I have inventoried  – I am about half done so far. There are 2 “sheets” in the workbook.  I chose content that jumped out to me as potentially interesting or funny, or mentioned famous people, but avoided as much as possible the dirty words which are abundant.

Mark de LA says
Final inventory published above. The inventory currently occupies 3 1 foot cubic boxes . Will weigh them later. They are all in good condition, probably only read once or twice., in their original brown paper envelopes with slight browning and occasional small paper tears. Nothing major.  THe 4 with Jackie Kennedy naked pictures may be retained to go along with the calendar I have.  Otherwise would like to sell the whole bunch or leave it for those who want to complete their own collections.

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The Ebay collection listing:

Mark de LA says
In the final, I see this as part of the never-ending crusade against CENSORSHIP!

Mark de LA says
ebay removed the list as not following their adult only policy.

Mark de LA says

FYI – Al Goldstein (1936-2013) (Screw publisher) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_Goldstein in the Wikipedia.  And on Amazon.com

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Screw holdings link: https://goo.gl/USJHS2 null