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Saw the Movie again last night.  Didn’t like the production much better than the first time. The sound is not well balanced & the need for violence seems to pervade.  Theme could have been done without it.  Decided to look up the word to see if it was real as opposed to a word thought up to make a one word title. – it is; to begin or initiation; a hand grasping. See also – 

suffix combined with a noun to indicate a layering, nesting, or recursion of the thing in question

Interesting root for a lot of other familiar words: conception, reception, perception, …..
Looked up the totem idea: – interesting notion pervading the whole movie – A Totem is an object that is used to test if oneself is in one’s own reality (dream or non-dream) and not in another person’s dream.


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Seth says
i watched the movie about a year or two ago.  

all experiences are lived in some background gestalt or “reality”.   so dreams or wakeful sensual experiences are the same in that regard.  the totem i claim is a kind of #match (or #connection ) between your own and that of an other.  “cept” refers to the grasping of the gestalt … i have started just calling that “story”.   the language hangs together well.

i lke to fuck with the background … change the background … and notice (“cept”) how the foreground which is grasped changes with the chaning backgound … then becaome  aware of the anchor points ( #matches ) to others realities.   sans those matches, all is but a dream.  makes me wonder why people seem to prefer to avoid them.

Mark de LA says
I haven’t a fuck’en idea what you are saying – must be in a dream. The totem is a test of whether you are dreaming or not.  In lucid dreaming where one is supposedly awake during a dream one can fly etc which is not normal in waking consciousness. If one tests ones environment & reality somehow & proves to oneself & self-consciousness many times during a day it supposedly improves the chances of a lucid dream at night. The movie carried the idea a few steps further. One way is to look at the printed word & if one looks away & then back and the words still say the same thing you are probably awake. Things constantly metamorphose in a dream – there is a lot more to it, but why waste time here.
One way Bozo could check whether he dreaming or not is to notice whether he is always trying to turn everything into his own gestalts or not.  If he is he is in his own dream. null

Seth says
i match with my senses … at least when i am awake.  the intention to match with my senses does not normally occur to me when i am dreaming … even lucidly.   when it does, then i normally would wake up.  it is not normal for me to be quite so logical and scientific when dreaming. 

my usual gestalst are otherness to you … that seems to be why you always shit on them null.   don’t take that as rwg … it is not against you … it is, me thinks, what we all do.  we are numb to that for which we lack the background … i can not feel your background experiences, they are numb to me experientially.  but i might be able to grock them anyway intellectually if i listen carefully to your words, however.

Mark de LA says
“matching your senses means what?” – as you hold that I am shitting on your stuff make it more real with gustatory & olfactory channels squeezing through the wires & air of the Internet & turning your environment the color of brown with the sound & fury of a loud fart!

Seth says
the match is between story and sense experience.   i think it is over there, i reach over there and touch it … hence a match … just like three lines meeting in a point.    a match is where “concept” meets “experience” … where story meets sensual verification of it.    the beautiful thing about such matches that they can happen in me AND in others.   i love it when that happens.  the more such matching experiences with others occur … the more pixels exist … the higher the resolution of the grock of my life.

Mark de LA says
match may just be an illusion – more like a imputed correspondence otherwise, along side your own ontology, you may be embracing direct experience. null

Seth says
well because the interpretation of a #match is relative to the observer, people seem to think that it is the  illusion … instead of the other way around.   so that mind wins over sensual experience  … which is one way to conceive of it … or spirit wins over the world of others which we share.   its an age old struggle really … obscured by the narratives people want you to believe from their own agenda.

Mark de LA says
The first & probably current meaning of the word story had two origins:
  • Please tell me a story (asked of an adult)
  • & when something like a lie was being told an adult would say “Oh, she is just telling a story … “
  • nowadays, with a young niece in the extended family with a prodigious imagination and a lot of Internet cartoons under her belt I hear a whole lot of “story” in just about everything she talks about. 
  • nowadays all I have to do is punch in a M$M website to watch/listen to a story

Seth says
i’m using #story to refer to a #Gestalt of what is happening.  it is a conception.  it is in the domain of thought.  it is something to believe and within which to act.

Sure #trump has such a story for America, the #MSM promotes another, #RS has another, Nathan has one,  as well as most gurus who writes a self help books, and then there is the #AmericanDream … etc, etc.

You won’t find that in the dictionary … it is in the litterateur and discourse of the culture in which we live.

I can flash in and out of different stories.  Most of us do,  to one extent or another throughout a life time.  Others may keep the same story from the time they learn it in early childhood until they die. 

Me, i need a good story in which i can perceive myself moving.  When i loose one, i look for another to believe and act within.   I mentioned this to Trish at the cafe the other day when she was running on about how one could disbelieve  anything.  She thought i was going through an existential crisis.  But really  i find my #story  every day, it’s  #nbd.

Mark de LA says
.. & that’s your story & you are sticking to it! null

Seth says
… not really … i guess you missed the “flash in and out part” null.

#btw its enlightening to notice others stories … and not fuck with them for no good story of your own.  I tell the story of civilization as a million stories interacting in the #NakedCity.   another term for a #story is “a life” … as in “get a life” … how is yours working out for you?

Mark de LA says
Yep you are still sticking to your story !null That’s what a selfie needs & does. Maybe a life is an illusion or a dream – no more real than your own personal cartoon null e pluribus unum of the naked bunch.

Seth says
It is enlightening to notice the different stories that are being told …

Fox news …

But here in rural Iowa you might never hear about any of that. What I do hear from my conservative friends — most still ardent Trump supporters — is a collective yawn at the Washington maelstrom. Few care about his tweets — even about Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough and the CNN body slam. The whacking of James Comey? About time. President Obama’s appointee anyway. Mr. Trump’s asking if Mr. Comey could drop the Michael Flynn investigation? It was a simple question, not obstruction of justice. The Comey testimony? Vindication for Mr. Trump! Mr. Comey is a leaker, he lied under oath, and he’s going down. He’ll be lucky if he doesn’t serve prison time.

nyt article


President Trump’s administration is in crisis, consumed by fears of what Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating Russia’s meddling in the election, might find. Everyone’s lawyering up — even the lawyers have lawyers.

same nyt article
So in this modern world we can choose our stores … mix and match … flash in and flash out … choose which background against which to talk about the news.

Mark de LA says
You are way the fuck off topic ! null There’s nothing modern in it! Investigate Caesar & Brutus.
Maybe take this comment to group politicsnull

Seth says
well yeah of course.  that is an over arching story that you are telling me now.  But the “Maybe a life is an illusion or a dream – no more real than your own personal cartoon”  is your particular twist on it … that is not in my story … although i respect that others have gone there.   You see i experience  the consequences and joy and splendor and pain of the matches of what is happening … that does not hang well with a cartoon dream.

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 24267

Seth says
the “modern” part is how easily one can switch channels today … how easily one can change the background against which one emotes.   i notice the background against which you emote is relatively constant compared to mine.  but ok ok … maybe that is just me.  maybe people across the board are just at constant as they always have been.  but that nyt articles seemed to me to indicate that at least some journalists have noticed the phenomena.  the difference pops out when you notice that the other person’s story obtains just as true for him as your story obtains true for you … and you stop letting that make you angry enough to insult the other guy.

Mark de LA says
Am studying & commenting on lucidity & inception here.  Watched the movie Vanilla Sky last night – bizarre ending.

Seth says
well of course i don’t know what your into with that … “lucidity & inception” with those movies associated does not call up any gestalt for me.

Mark de LA says
KEWL! so comment elsewhere – easy!

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