Something Special for Cunts

About: Would you GLITTER BOMB your vagina? Top doc warns bizarre trend can trigger 'vaginal sunburn and raises STI risk

To bad they just photographed the top.

Yes, that’s right.

You can make your most private area sparkle during your most intimate moments.

Enter Passion Dust Intimacy Capsules... the tiny capsules that allow you to put a "glitter bomb" in your lady bits.

While unicorn lovers around the globe may be sparkling with excitement, a top gynaecologist is urging women not to try the bizarre new trend, warning it could trigger nasty STIs or even "vaginal sunburn".

Online retailer, Pretty Woman Inc, is selling the Passion Dust intimacy capsules.

They are filled with candy-scented glitter that are designed to "to add a sparkle and flavour to your natural vaginal fluids" to make you "magically delicious".

 The Passion Dust intimacy capsules claim to make vaginas "magically delicious"


Mark de LA says
Is it the glitter bomb or just more sex that causes the STI/STD’s ?null