Trump: Everyone At The G20 Is Talking About Podesta

… and represent our fine country, i hasten to add.


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Mark de LA says  – then too why not surrender the server for PROOF & Analysis? null More #BozoGoo

Seth says
interesting that Podesta had the same kind of response on #Trump’s tweet that i had …

Dude, get your head in the game. You’re representing the US at the G20."

Podesta via  mark’s link to Fox news

Mark de LA says
Guess it probably wouldn’t come up if Putin & Trump were not actually meeting & the whole DNC-shit about Russian hacking, huh ?  The M$M is brainless, picayune  

Seth says
There is not a #gotcha moment  ….

#Trump said something to us citizens irrelevant to this context,  I told him to “Get his head in the game!”.  This is interaction from him to me + youall, and then from me back to  him.  If trump wants to directly and authentically talk to us citizens, then  he can also listen to our responses.  That is the way this #twitter media is designed to work. 

This transaction is not #MSM trying to find fault … this is me finding fault and telling my president to “get his head in the game!”

Mark de LA says
When you eat a #NothingBurger for breakfast you must be careful to wash it down with enough #juice otherwise it might choke you to death instead of sliding down – get well soon!

Seth says
Well i don’t get that your reaction to my reaction to trump is imporving our consciouness on the matter.  Especially when you are mock my intention to react to him.  I don’t lke #Trump’s story of how to conduct the country’s business … i am sure he does not like mine … that is clear on the fact of the interaction.  But what are you adding to that by mocking my reaction?   honestly, what are you adding to our #consciousness?

Mark de LA says
Never be concerned with the facts you have already chosen the story-fiction fake-news you want to believe. #IDC #SSDD #fuckaroos prevail.null

Seth says
anyone who wants to think practically with me can drill down into any of the facts-vs-theories that i publish and examine the matches just as precisely as they have intention to examine.  i remain avalilable to work with them.  that is my choice in this matter.

Mark de LA says
You get all your facts from a one-sided Klein-bottle piss-pot – burn’em

Seth says
i can assure you that i consult many sources on both sides of issues.  in fact that is one of the ways that i get confidence in my beliefs.   that is a corollary of step 3 of my filter for commentary on events.

Mark de LA says
You missed your shot. Putin said he did NOT doit . Didn’t spend as much time on it as the leftie twittering class of fake news consumers like you did on it.

Seth says
Why do you #trust Putin over our own intelligence professionals?

But okay, i can see the narrative shifting … now to just stopping foreign meddling in the future.  The more that narrative is repeated with more details thrown at it, the more that story will dominate people’s minds.   I was listening to Fox just this afternoon and could hear that story loud and clear.   Shuck foreigners have been meddling in our elections since they started.  #nbd, eh?  

My only interest here is watching how these narratives get changed … and how you and i react as they do.

Mark de LA says
You must have really enjoyed how much Obama interfered in the Israeli election of Netanyahu.

Seth says
it kind of did surprise me.  but i did not follow it closely enough to form a pertinent reaction … all of the sources that bloviated about that being #ObamaBashers … hating #Obama is not a story that i hang with.   Noticing that #Trump is incompetent at conducting foreign policy hangs together better.  It is interesting how he let Tillerson tell the story of what happened in the Putin/Trump meeting.  Tillerson is far less meely mouthed … i can almost believe what he says.  I think Trump knew that and wisely opted out of running his mouth after the meeting.  I wonder if world leaders have the same perception.     Do you get the drift, that it is all about how convincingly a leader can tell a story?   Crying wolf and using logical #fallacies most of the time does not help your stories to be believed.

Mark de LA says
You are certainly welcome to pollute your mind with anything. 
#DoneJustLikeObama null

Si says
#Trump is an excellent demonstration of the #LOA in action.

Believe what you want to believe and confidently move forward upon that. (from #LOA and #AbrahamHicks) 

Eventually, the facts will swerve to meet you where you are! (from #bashar)

Mark de LA says

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