null & then there are those whose XX’s & XY’s & YY chromosomes mixed up their minds or visa-versa

6:15 It’s widely observed that there is some difference between male and female minds. Less known, perhaps, is the fact that the male brain is physiologically different from the female brain. Research has revealed that biological chemicals wash over the brain of a fetus as it forms in the womb, and these affect the male brain but not the female. Simply put, the male brain is radically changed, the female brain is not.
6:16 Through the fibers of the corpus callosum, the connections between the right and left hemispheres of the brain are reduced significantly in the male brain, and aspects of the brain are shrunk and reformed. These kinds of changes actually allow the male brain to function differently from the female, so it could be said that the female brain is what the male brain would be like if such changes hadn’t occurred. I suppose there is a case to be made that males are brain-damaged before birth. But seriously, male and female brains are not identical and so cannot be expected to function the same way or exhibit the same strengths and weaknesses. This isn’t saying one or the other is superior, just different. This difference is noticed but rarely understood or appreciated for what it is.

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