New word tergiversation

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Found in Legman’s “The Fake Revolt” – 1967 part of the Legman archive


  1. aug


Seth says

Seth says
There is a high res scan of the entire book here.

Mark de LA says
Y^ep – somewhere in the archives is where gw sent away for his free copy , printed.

Seth says
i couldn’t find the book sold on amazon, new or used.  apparently this book is totally beneath the radar of commerce. 

Outside of the title of this thought, how otherwise is the word “tergiversation” associated with the book?

Is there a page (or paragraph) in the book that encapsulates the plot?

Mark de LA says
Insert:  Mostly railing about the comercialization of the 60’s

Mark de LA says
Maybe the definition of #aug 

p.5  Who asked this international underground of degenerates in , like bad fairies at the christening, to puke into the punch-bowl ? 

Seth says

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Summed up by the intro:

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Read it. It has Legman’s funny writing style & sense of humor (sleeve-job?) and reminds me of the M$M & the politics of political correctness with a ~ 20 Trillion national debt for their own personal fame & fortune pointing at everybody else as the cause ot the poverty & pain in the underclasses.  I keep running into paragraphs I want to quote but will try to get something else done.

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