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There is a lot of conversation in letters between Gerald Yorke & GW.  This is during the time that GW was researching stuff for ZZ series.  One overlap with other things is the commentary on Robert Anton Wilson’s Articles in the Realist entitled The Great Beast – Aleister Crowley – continued in the issues 91A,91b 92a,92B which I have. He sent the 4 to Yorke.  I don’t have a letter where he said he did, but York responded thus.  A lot of the letters show the flow was ongoing for 3 years.
  Funny thing about the scans is that Yorke’s stationary is light sky blue & very thin paper & scans as shown.
Still, when he types you can read it. His handrwiting is a little less readable.


Mark de LA says
BTW, the eBay item will yield all 4 issues although I only mention the first one. I didn’t realize until I read GW’s notion on the outside envelope that the article by Robert Anton Wilson was continued in them all.

Seth says

Seth says