Migration - Emigration

The world of 1607 – when Jamestown was founded in 1607 in  what became Virgina was quite different. The whole World population was 534 million then – today it is 7.44 billion. Colonialism was the key to commerce, power & wars. Today there about 240 countries – see details on Wolfram Alpha.
My thesis is simply the World itself profits & humanity improves when indigenous populations transform & improve their own countries & get rid of  corruption, poverty, cruelty & insanity of their governments. Escape at best is just a temporary fix like government handouts (OPM) are a temporary fix & don’t remedy the basics residing in education & temperament & governments. XOR (*) .  Escape at worse, uninvited, is just invasion. Individual vs group dynamics still needs sensible articulation in the context of what it really means to be human and what it means to be free & how much? Robin Hood misses the mark. 

My tweets still can’t be embedded here so below is just a screen scrape:


Seth says
i have been able to embed tweets here quite easily.  the embed code works … but thing to realize is that once embedded the post changes if it is edited.  so get it right the first time.  once edited the post ends up being more of just a hyperlink to the tweet.   also sometimes after you publish you might need to reload the page to see the tweet in its pristine shape with the media displayed to play.  let me know specifically what problems you are having.

Mark de LA says
I copy the embed code then paste it in the embed media & nothing really happens:

Home countries get worse, more corrupt, dangerous - selfish immigrants do nothing to change the problems.

— Flush Gov (@FlushGov1) August 7, 2017
except a quote which confuses me then it comes out after update! null

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
so basically the embed tweet has to be the last thing you do before update or publish

Seth says
yep that’s it.  i think there must be a way for the javascipt to project and embedded tweet  so that it is preserved through edit … nathan