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Child miners aged four living a hell on Earth so YOU can drive an electric car: Awful human cost in squalid Congo cobalt mine that Michael Gove didn’t consider in his ‘clean’ energy crusade

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Seth says
actually i do not believe there is any cause and effect between driving an electric car and 4yo miners living in hell in the Congo.  twood be interesting to delve into which one of the #fallacies is at the heart of this #propoganda story.

Mark de LA says
XAND how blind the panic-stricken global warmalists are to what is happening.  See how well the industry would survive without the subsidies from the taxpayers.  Compute, if you can, the cost & dependence of the entire manufacturing chain upon things made by other than electricity, like batteries, special metals, plastics, etc. Show me some of the conscious capitalists who actually care about their effects upon the environment & the people who make the products & how they are treated all the way back to the raw materials.  Then #smug-off asif you are doing something besides following the hype & media & crowd & the inconvenient liar Algore.

Seth says
well the manufacturing network which supports alternative energy is robust and  flourishing and the wave of the future.  that there is pain and stress at some points i see as growing pains and far less in the long run of relying exclusively on old decaying methods.

Mark de LA says
That’s why Solyndra did so well! null & Tesla sales need subsidies to keep their market going. AND you wont find commercial jets to fly from Seattle to Net York  powered by solar, electrical batteries or wind power any time soon. XOR truckers shipping your Chinese goods from ports across the ocean to your local mom & pop store using alternative energy xor hype-juice. 

 null Wake up & smell reality!

Mark de LA says
This is what I mean by looking at the entire supply chain of some form of alternative energy. Also for wind turbines & solar furnaces the bird lovers prefer their loving objects not crispy-crunchy or ground up.null

Seth says
yeah i get that shit happens in the network …. er, any network …

here is a tip of the iceberg in the decaying network.

Know what you are comparing !

← Picture of the Deep Water Horizon disaster that happened as a decaying network tries to suck the last of the fossel fuel yolk of the industrial revolution.

Mark de LA says
What is it? Source? They do destroy old oil platforms you know. Saw a TV program on how it is done some time ago.

Seth says
sorry i forget to hyperlink it to the Deep Water Horizon disaster …. fixed above.

Mark de LA says
So lets re-litigate all the mistakes & learning achieved since the dawn of engineering. The gulf has recovered fairly well. Re-ligate Fukishima, Hiroshima …. & perhaps all those tuning of numbers by climate so-called scientists whose numbers just didn’t quite fit theory. Maybe re-litigate Algore’s claims & convenient lies: 9 years left & counting ....  null

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