Solar Eclipse 2017

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In the light of this report, the question is how practical it is to drive up to Portland in the wee hours of Sunday and then over the Dalleses and down through Baker city twards Boisie and find a spot to observe the eclipse?

Well here i am in Baker City about a day before the event sucking on WiFi and charging my devises.  The drive from Renton which started at 4:44 this morning was uneventful.  I did not encounter any traffic to speak of … notwistanding dire predictions of massive jams.  

Baker City is certainly a welcoming town … i managed to luck into booth outsdie of the Foresty departement and they provided me with viewing glassess and camping advise gratis.



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Mark de LA says
The weirdest eclipse I watched was an annular eclipse from my back yard. The light was eerie as if the sun had turned into a moon.  That’s one where the moon covers the sun but leaves a riing of the sun left over. Seems as if that were over a year ago.
I’m going to make a batch of master tonic on this one since they usually advise starting a batch on the new moon.

Seth says

Seth says

i’m seriously contemplating observing the eclipse in it’s totality … yet reports like this, “With up to 1 million eclipse watchers expected to flood into a state with a population of 4 million, the potential for problems is real”, means that some effective planning might be in order.

Seth says

Summer of Trust: The Great American Eclipse

This is the first eclipse to touch both coasts of the United States since 1918, though that one had maximum intensity over the Pacific Ocean south of Alaska, not on land. The Aug. 21 event will be the first eclipse to make landfall exclusively in the United States dating back to 1776. In that sense, it’s an unprecedented event, arriving at an unprecedented time in U.S. history.
Planet Waves
Path of totality, The Great American Eclipse of Aug. 21. This is the first eclipse of its kind in American history, spanning both coasts and peaking over the mainland.

Everyone paying attention knows that our nation needs some kind of shift. We need healing. Some think it has to be political, others spiritual, others social and economic. There are many different notions regarding in what direction these changes need to go. That might be the one thing that all sides agree on: change is necessary.

interesting article to read →

← signs are a wierd thingey null

Mark de LA says
null Bill Engvall is famous for that line

Si says
We (my tribe, our friends, most of our valley of intentional beings in community) will be watching from the unique perspective of where the center of the eclipse crosses the Appalachian Trail (at the old fire lookout on top of Old Albert Mountain in Franklin NC). It’s a 2 ½ hour drive followed by a 2 mile hike. We will be camping out there Sunday night. Up early for morning meditation and play and drum circle until the eclipse.

If you wish to read an awesome and poetic account of an eclipse in the Yacama Valley last century, please enjoy the below, which gives us an idea of what we will actually experience (like the wall of shadow which from our vantage on the AT we will be able to see rushing at us for more than a minute, not just seconds like most will).

Mark de LA says

Si says

Seth says

Seth says

Seth says

intersecting the center of the totality is  Lime, Oregon  … maybe it even intersects the Oregon Trail.    I think i’ll drive down 84 twards Boisi Idaho and see if i can spot a place to sleep tonight and wake up fresh in the morning to view the event about 11:20 AM

Seth says
nathan, looks like i’ll be catching the shadow first  on the other end of the country where it intellects the Oregon Trail … also camping out tonight.

Seth says
Blogging and eating a complementary breakfast this morning in a Comfort Inn on the way back from Oregon …

← eggs, made on a 3D printer, were actually quite pallatable null

Si says

Si says

Seth says
As the sun is eaten away by the moon not much happens … its hard to see the difference in the sunlight.  But just as it goes total there is a second where all goes dark … there was an audible gasp from all of us viewing.  

Then on the other end when it just a bit of the sun returns, there is another second where dramatically the sunlight reappears … in the town of Huntington right on the singularity they rang the church bells.

picture credit from tweet.

Seth says

Spooky patterns made by tree leaves of t crescents images of the sun … i presume because og the pin hole diffraction effect.

Seth says
already planning for the next one …

in 7 years i guess i’ll have a longer trip :>

— Seth Russell (@SethRussell) August 22, 2017

Seth says

Here is a pano of viewers in the Hunington “festival” very near to totality. 

← zoom to larger view.

Mark de LA says
What did you get personally as a direct experience as much as you can have of the actual Eclipse outside of the festival nature of the Eclipse going?

Seth says
The actual drama of the event i felt in the 2 seconds when the light dramatically dimmed … and the other 2 when it returned.  The crowd felt it too as there was audible shouts.  Those few seconds i would love to live again and again … maybe sombody has a video of them … but i have yet to find it.   The rest was just cerebral otherness as usual.

Unless you were on the path of totality, i doubt that you would have experienced it.  There was no deep inside mystical satori for me … but shucks the whole event was well worth the drive down and back.

Mark de LA says
Yeah, drama is cerebral too! I just got that I am watching a very unusual cosmic event. Later on I generalized that I could, nor could anyone else have altered it … much the same as large scale weather patterns events like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes & volcanoes & the tides (also a function of what the Moon is doing).

Seth says
interestingly in both of the “dramatic” moments … the dimming of the light, and its return … i noticed it hapening first from the reaction of the crowd  and then from the actual change in the lighting.    maybe my nervous system has a delay that others there did not null.

also interestin that nathan’s philosophy would probably say that “he could have altered it” null

Seth says

Mark de LA says
obviously not a philosophy I will follow until he does the volcano test. null

Seth says
… yeah, me either.   nathan’s philosophy is the ultimate triumph of the inside over the outside.   the strong #inside force of #ego over the weeker outside reason of the #otherness of the #Leviathan

Seth says
perhaps the only unique picture that i managed to grab … worth a tweet to #eclipse2017 

Mark de LA says
Looks like a convention of boweedies (ask Elaine) to me.

Seth says
here is a video that showing the dramatic the final disappearance of the sun …

Seth says

Mark de LA says
I liked the Sci channel on the Eclipse Live the best so far. Even the cute narrator noticed for the audience that it suddenly got colder.

Mark de LA says
I like the way the word “totality” invaded the #memosphere 

Seth says

Si says
I can see how you would say that ego is dominant from the perspective of humanity as centric to the universe seth, but just realize that that is not where I am. My perspective is the balance point, the place at the apex of the trinity. Ego has no more importance than otherness or humanity.

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