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All life matters. Keep the eating of other & the being eaten by other in balance & thriving happens. Do otherwise & some day you yourselves may be eaten xor perhaps have to eat something disgusting .


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Mark de LA says
& so much for modern religion to help us out: null

Mark de LA says

Seth says

Seth says

Seth says

when we talk not merely of biologic bodies, there is a question of what eats and what is eaten.  When i write a screen play and others produce it, they certainly have consumed my play.  They have eaten it.  But have they eaten me?

Mark de LA says
There are of course things like the Eucharist to answer that question in some contexts.

Seth says

Seth says
#ceremony’s are #signs.

Mark de LA says
Obviously you have munged & generalized the word sign & signs till it is hard to distinguish it from anything or everything. That’s why I posted the picture etc of …

I also ran into something in the commentaries which was about the 8 & 90 rules of art:
#1 – don’t haggle
#2(?) – don’t confuse the thing with the name of the thing ← good advice, eh?

Mark de LA says
You use the word #signs often like the word symbol – which again should not be confused with that which you are symbolizingnull

Seth says
yeah i got your sign … and think i understand why you waved it null null

but thing is … er … what am i doing here with what i am saying ?   Contemplate, if you will, just where the signs you think are such a very trivial part of what is happening end,  and that which they signify begins. 

What if there were no signs?

Seth says

symbols are signs.

of course, i have almost always used the term “sign” here to indicate something more general than the trivial street signs that you seem to mockingly associate with my comments.

tag #signs

Mark de LA says
There still would be #stuff !
I contemplated for a second ago what the essence is of  symbolizing & it came in a flash that it is just the opinion & judgment (especially with memes) of one particular person who assumes to be spreading itself like a meme over a lot of people xor shared by others.. One man’s #aug or #eurika may be just another man’s #SoWhat . 

Mark de LA says
Here is an ancient sign viewed by satellite or at least high up – I interpret it as someone’s idea of giving the finger to that which is above. (see the lower right part) xor it could be a hummingbird flying backwards xor ….  I like words, but they too could be lost – at one time in the mythos part of human evolution they were & recapitulation may just be happening again.  Notice when watching media, in particular TV shows & movies, what is retained in memory is the emotions & visuals: mostly without your interpretation.  Unhack your brain & you may notice more.

Mark de LA says
For example you missed, probably, a really outrageously (in my mind anyway) funny routine of BIll Engals in the signy post behind the sign (just click) on his experience of flying with the Thunderbirds in a jet. Has nothing to do with the sign, but it was funny anyway. null

Seth says
well were there no signification, whether there would still “be stuff” or not,  is just your belief.   but i happen to believe it as well … so “ookay, there would still be stuff” null … but then i don’t think we would be aware of it.

i look at signification (#signs) as an #associations of things outside of #being’s to things inside of beings.  That those  associations appear mostly to be quite arbitrarily assigned in context … almost willy nilly … is a reality that at times is hard to digest. 

Contemplate in this context, if you will, the practice you recently discovered called “reversal of signfication” ← i’ll double check that sign in a moment.


Seth says

Mark de LA says
Not my belief.  GO out into nature & find some signs – they are just your judgments .
XOR read P.2621 for more sum.

Seth says
for example … contemplate if you will … just how much of the internal experiences of those in this Chruch are crawling on these dramatic and awe inspiring #signs …

Mark de LA says
What are you trying to say? brainwashing by environment? – the news does a much more direct job.
Compare & contrast the hysteria & media slant over Charlottesville with the Black Lives Matter riots. null

Seth says
well if there were no “environment” of your mind … there would be no mind there at all.   “brainwashing by environment” is just your judgement (your association) to what i am saying.  

i do not see what comparing two kinds of riots has to do with this subject … er, except for some association in your mind … as i am not any good at reading your mind, you tell me what association there you are trying to draw.

Seth says

Mark de LA says
backing up to what you said why is the inside of a church 

for example … contemplate if you will … just how much of the internal experiences of those in this Chruch are crawling on these dramatic and awe inspiring #signs …

what do you mean by that statement.  Charlene & I visited the National Cathedral in DC – presumed non denominational.  Awe inspiring & majesty prevailed not crawling with anything. 
If you are looking for signs, signs everywhere about social stuff the first place to look for it is inside YOU.  The next place is probably the M$M & M$ocialM .

Seth says

well i made up “crawling on” as a term because i don’t remember one being used exactly in this context.  i meant to imply that the aware interaction was of and just between the signs themselves … rather than in the realm of being in this diagram.

← the essence of a sign.  
i don’t really need my mind to go looking to be aware of signs
any more than a fish needs to go looking for water …
or a bird to go looking for wind.

Mark de LA says
I enjoyed the National cathedral being just present to what was there.  The same later that week with a Christmas midnight mass in a less crowded venue.  I like being present in my experience – no need to interpret the moment.

Seth says

Seth says

Well everything in #NYC is over the top humongous. 

#StPatricksCathedral is right across 5th Avenue from the giant Atlas in front of Rockefeller center

I experienced
and was impressed by ...
the signs
not by to what they pointed.

… here is the one sign across the street from the other one.

Seth says
Then too, if you assume duality, if you assume your insides can be separated from your outsides, if you assume the verifiable functions of your brain, then you must conclude that all of your experience and all of your awareness, are #signs all the way down …  #TurtlesAllTheWayDown.

Mark de LA says
XOR don’t make that assumption – no inside, no outside – where are you when you are totally absorbed in listening to music – for me it is all ONE!null

Seth says
The more i appreciate a piece of music, the more my internal emotions are in sync with it.  Sometimes it even feels like i am playing the music myself null.

seems if you have those beliefs i mentioned above, then you become aware that what happens outside yourself is represented (as  #signs) inside yourself.  if you are “one with everything” (in sync with it, there being no separation between you and it)   then seems to me that you would not have any conflict with it … no #RWG with it … no frustration with it not seeing your point … no need to mock it.   But we both know that is not the case.  Paradox, eh?

Mark de LA says
When your are able to project your I, your Ego into the event as both cause & effect – without intellectual bullshit or prejudice +/- which puts you external to it all – let me know ; no paradox for me the way I stated things. 

Si says
Sounds good. Don’t forget artificial life forms. They also matter. All forms of thought becoming matters.  

Seth says
when i meet a stranger i know that i do not know them, i know that they are other than me, i know that they are outside of me.   this is not something that i can deny.  

you seem to deny that of yourself.   somehow we must not be talking about the same thing, or you are a radically different kind of being than am i.

this is not about comparing you powers or perceptions or whatever to mine.  this is just simply about understanding the human perdicament and agreening that we understand it the same way … or knowing that there is some basic difference between you and i. 

incidentally i can learn about a stranger, i can interact with them, i can share more and more experiences with them … the more that i do, then the less they are outside of me .. and the more we are, as you put it, “all one” … especially when the interaction is positive and compliments or reinforces.   that  is all great … i love it when it happens null … but that is not what i am talking about.

tag #otherness

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