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Truman distrusted regular soldiers and selected two National GuardsmenHarry H. Vaughan and Louis H. Renfrow, as his military aides.[4] Truman once remarked that he did not understand how the US Army could "produce men such as Robert E. LeeJohn J. PershingEisenhower and Bradley and at the same time produce CustersPattons and MacArthur."[5]

I remember from the news of the day that McArthur thought he could finish off the Norks, but Truman for some strange reason was afraid of the Chicoms.  In today’s world the admiration of Robert E Lee by Truman – a Democrat – would go what way?  Things change!


Seth says
Yeah i remember when papa Bush stopped short of eradicating Sadam,  and then baby Bush though he had to finish him off.  I also remember thinking i was “in the right”  and was winning an argument and instinctively backing off finalizeing the  embarassmant of  my opponent … and i remember times when that instinct did not kick in and where that lead.  These karmic things run in waves of cause and effect … getting the last drop of vindication ends up being something that you might not really want to happen … better to let that which you are against up to live separately in its own right.

Mark de LA says
Not applicable here.  The collision of the NOrks & Truman thinking Robert E. Lee was a great general collide with the M$M & the M$ocialM narrative trying to eradicate history. That is the point.  Sorry you missed it & had to go partisan to do so.
BTW, Isis goes around destroying statues etc so that they are the power & the past is destroyed for the people nulleh?

Mark de LA says
Today’s politics seems to be run by M$M, M$ocialM & riots, mobs, anger, hatred & paid demonstrations & not as in the past such as the “rule of law” & the U.S. Constitution.  Those that lost the last election apparently can’t get over it.  I think inciting a riot is actually a crime too! Paying for one certainly should be.

Seth says
except that i do not ignore the cause/effect #representative waves of karma … i connect those dots as i will with my story which i tell in sync or cacophony even with yours.  as best that i can i parse out independent cause even from the ripples which #represent it … and avoid comparing and conflating  independent causes.    The #AltLeft violence opposing #neoFacist  is  not to be compared with the agenda thrust of the #AltRight.  They are not morally equivalent … rather there is a moral choice between them.  They are two independent causes.   Pick your side and live with it.  Equating them is to perpetuate the #fallacy of #TuQuoque … a #propoganda statement that you and your friend #Trump do as if it was just okay even thought it is tantamont to moral confusion.

Seth says
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Mark de LA says
People & losers from the last election (see below) are still playing their games to try to abort an already decided election:
From the U.S. Constitution

The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.


FYI – folks – we are not a british parliamentary democracy where vote of  no confidence is sufficient to reform a government.

Mark de LA says
Am still waiting for someone to acknowledge how Truman managed to intersect both the Atomic Bomb question & the survival of North Korea as a problem . Maybe his nick-middle-name Harry Ass Truman prevailed – at least around our household. Truman Doctrine to contain communism & more vetoes than any other president stand out in his bio at Wikipedia (link above) null  I wonder how well he would stand today with the Main$hitMedia .