Free Speech

About: FEC Dem eyes widening Russia probe to Facebook, Drudge, foreign companies

I’ve wondered a bit about Drudge – recently he seems to host negative slants.
Consider also this from his twitter 
prevalence in M$M &  of M$SocialM


  1. FFS


Mark de LA says

I condemn X ….

There I said it!  Did X … shudder ?  Did X … go away? Should I have said it more forceful & demanding words? Should I erase all X …. from sea to shining sea?  Should I write laws & call for X … to be publicly ridiculed & demand media spread the meme of how dangerous, ugly & immoral X …. is?  Should we erase X … from children’s textbooks & demand they be taught & their parents allow anti X … be taught so many hours in each class & the children get up an apologize for their parents who might have at some time been a part of X …  or an X …. related activity ? 

Mark de LA says
A tendency now toward rudeness & insult prevails in M$ocialM – #FFS  
anonymity tends to make assholes bolder !