Sad, Very Sad

About: Future of humanity under threat from AI-controlled propaganda – Assange (VIDEO) — RT Viral

If one can consider that human minds are hard to personally control & meditation for a brief moment confirms such, then external content becomes the primary trigger of content, beliefs, feelings, & ultimately actions & alignments. M$ocialM & M$M predominate external content – even with just headlines & TV sound bytes . That which creates & solidfies & protects itself,  the selfies & self , is mostly external (without rigorous intent otherwise to counter, neutralize, unbiass xor balance feelings & other qualia). The speed of communication helps it out.
What did you folks put together as an “I” ? Where did you get it?


Seth says

Mark de LA says
Once in a while in the context of external influence one might assume/judge  that everything is someone else’s problem or fault.  Hmmm….. null
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