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You keep saying shit , seth, but it is all the same song – grow up a bit:
Worth a second look if not just because of the morphology.


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Nice news on resignations …
I wonder what the Secret Service would have done if people in the Obama admin had resigned with a 
“Fuck Obama” acrostic in their letters.  Maybe there are some of his hangovers in the Trump admin that could do that for the audience.
Maybe a wave of these resignations could purge the leakers out of the Trump admin! thumbs upnull

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Memes to enjoy:

Seth says
love the didgeridoo null … it does not connect in me with the new perspectives i am forming … nor justify you insulting same … nor pound same into “right thinking” … those connections, however “right”, are all exclusively deep just inside  you ba’be, inside you babe.

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FUn shit here: