Dictatorship of the Judiciary

Federal district court judges are appointed as well as SCOTUS.  The reversal rate for the 9th circuit, the one that finally upheld Arpaio’s conviction is 

So the Ninth Circuit and the Federal Circuit end up at the bottom of their “class.” Do reversal rates of 80% and 83%, for the Ninth Circuit and Federal Circuit, respectively, compared to a median reversal rate of 68%, call for the label “rogue” courts?

Anyone remember a judge they voted for that they even had an idea who it was or what they stood for?
They are wrong 4 out of 5 times !!!


Mark de LA says
The fun part was watching President Obama mass produce executive orders which changed the way the government & certain laws worked & few if any federal judges objected.  Then contrast that with Trump & every time he tries to issue executive orders regarding immigration up pops another federal judge who says NO – you can’t do that & another 6 months is wasted.

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
Three Card Monte game of who gets to collect taxes with government in the roll of shills & the people are the marks.