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I love this accounting! Some people know how to actually live, to be alive, not to pretend to be alive while really being dead, or so close to being dead that being here in a body hardly matters. We come here to “experience life”! Most people are so afraid of dying they become it in person, instead of living.  

John Huston is riding out the storm in his house on Key Largo, Florida, where he’s lived since 1993. His neighborhood is on the Atlantic side of the island, just south of John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.

He’s been sharing his experience via text message with The Associated Press on Sunday morning, as Hurricane Irma comes ashore in the island chain.

His unedited dispatches:

7:23 a.m.: Its blowing with gusts up to about 90. Water level is higher today. Incredible wind that wont stop

9 a.m.: My street is 3ft deep.

9:04 a.m.: Swimming pool under water

9:38 a.m.: My ground slab is 5.5 ft above mean high tide and its 1 foot under

11:05 a.m.: 100 mph gusts. Small boats floating down the street next to furniture and refrigerators. Very noisy. I got 4 cars all underwater n still 1.5 hrs till hi tide. Shingles are coming off n minor leaks in the house. Im 76 miles from the eye. I feel sorry for them

11:13 a.m.: Getting worse. Water n winds, whiteout

12:44 p.m.: Still whiteout, 100 plus. Roof is leaking on spots.

12:45 p.m: Send cold beer. LOL

12:47 p.m.: Wind has shifted from the south some n water droped 3 inches. They say the gulf side of largo is dry. Its normally 8 ft deep.

12:47 p.m.: Im on the ocean side.

12:49 p.m.: Got water dripping from my paddle fans

12:53 p.m.: Tide is going out now so it should drop a foot or two.


Mark de LA says
I like the way Richard Branson did it – no updates for a few days, but it is said they all survived:
Yet, Irma took straight aim at his island.

Si says
I like a lack of speculation and gossip ahead. I would agree with that whole heartedly.

And, I like a wealth of real time information without gossip ... like in the above accounting.  

And I like straight forwardness and confidence in what one is saying. We each create our entire relaity, there is no reason to be timid about it. Be what you are, there is nothing else that is not imagination.

Mark de LA says
BTW, nathan , where are you … carolinas or ?

Mark de LA says
BTW, the metrologists & climateers have a hard job predicting where the hurricane is & where it is going with presumed scientific accuracy.  They do a superb job with what they have to work with & the variable nature of Mother Earth.  Yet their future forecasting for the short term is what it is – missing on Harvey, Irma & maybe Jose when it gets closer.   Why would anyone trust them for the predictions 10 years out etc. null

Si says
When I am in a reality were I am able to converse with this version of you I am usually in North Carolina … but not always. I sometimes converse with you from locations that don’t map to places you are aware of.

Si says

Si says
Not sure what that relates to, but makes good sense.

Mark de LA says
Yep, I stick to planet Earth !

Mark de LA says
It relates to what you can see on TV from the climatologists & metrologists telling viewers whatever they think will happen & hnow bad it will be. ← not hard to figrue out!

Si says
It was hard for me. Probably because I don’t have a TV and haven’t watched one in years. I only read internet news that sparks my interest. I didn’t even know there was a Hurricane Harvey until I saw you posting about it on Facebook, for instance. Your assumption that I know what you know is quite interesting!

Si says
Good to know.

Mark de LA says
Interesting – so far no after pictures of Tump’s & Limbaugh’s homes in palm beach or ? after Irma wandered by.
null – a few of Branson’s though.