Who wants a Thinking Live domain?

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Well not very many me thinks. At least, not an independent domain. Running a web domain is a royal pain in the butt … practically a full time job. Even running a wordpress domain is daunting unless it is on wordpress.com. In today’s instant information and relaxed responsibility environment the last thing people want is to be tied to setup, maintenance, curation, policing spam, and frequent software updates. People want to post their thoughts, rally like sentiment or organize an event, go viral, enjoy the fame, and move on. That is where the interest and the money is … and look, that is what Facebook and other sites are doing and its a continuing success.

The only real downside to Facebook is the lack of depth in posting ability coupled with the lack of branching and tying threads of conversations and ideas together. That’s what Thinking Live™ software is really good at now.

Spawning lots of individual Thinking Live™ domains felt very upstream, old school, and a hell of a lot of continuous work for someone (not me and I seriously doubt Seth).

So why not just have one domain? Well mainly, FBI is horribly dirty. The cesspool of years of unregulated negatively focused thought is not fit for public consumption. Being away from it for a while and feeling how much of a overwhelmingly positive effect that has on my state of being makes the kryptonite effect of FBI very clear. Those who are imbedded in the radiation can not see or estimate the effect it has on their being over time.

Seems to me all that is needed is a compartmentalization strategy. A way to draw lines around content and keep it contained. That could then be done with existing FBI content and then people can have their own domains at FBI itself … even with their own domain names if desired like at wordpress.com … but still, just one site like Facebook, one set of software to maintain, one database to keep track of, and a minimum of overseers and maintainers.

Now I am not interested in debating this or running it aground in unfocused thinking as is the norm at FBI. I had to stand back for a while to see what is possible, and now I know. One can be on board and contribute, or not and do one’s own thing … those are the options. Until someone, anyone, is actually making money from the work put into this software, it really doesn’t matter what is done by anyone. It’s all theory and moot. So don’t think about it. Find a thread in this that works for you and follow it positively, or go back to doing what you have always been doing and leave this idea alone.

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