Exporting iTunes playlists to android devices

  1. Create a folder for the playlist on your desktop (named like the playlist).
  2. Open the folder in Finder in single folder view ← very important not in side by side view!
  3. Open the playlist in iTunes, select all the files in the playlist, then drag them to the open folder in Finder (not the folder icon).
  4. In iTunes, chose File / Library / Export Playlist from the menu and then choose to export the playlist in M3U format and into your desktop playlist folder you created.
  5. Using a file transfer method (Such as Android File Transfer on Mac, or Windows Explorer on Windows) drag the desktop playlist folder to / Playlists on the android device. This will copy the whole folder, it’s music files, and the playlist file, to a like folder on the android device.
  6. Open your music program (Such as Google Play Music) on the android and the playlist should be there and should play the music  
  7. Optional for neat freaks … delete the temporary playlist folder from your desktop since it is taking up unnecessary room on your hard drive.

Not found elsewhere on the web, known at The FBI only!

Do not share this gnostic information.


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Seth says

Seth says
Sounds like good solid “how to” knowledge for a person with a android and a mac who wants to easily integrate the two devises.  This is the very kind of information that people go to the internet to find out how to do. Why do you not want to share it?

Si says
For one simple reason. I don’t want anyone else, anywhere, to associate me with Fast Butfuck It … not until the butfucking that goes on here can be filtered out completely.

Si says
Which the above comment is a prime example. I would not wish anyone else to see that … just the butfuckers.

Seth says
well this is some very funny stuff null.   

There are plenty of other places to post such information.   i am curious … why even post it here?   …. shucks i think i can answer that one myself.  You are attempting to effect this form to diminish the #butfucking …. right?  … the funny part then being that you are butfucking to dimish butfucking nullnull … to me that is seriously funny.

Si says
Nope, not at all. I don’t ever “try and affect the butfuking” … that happens all on it’s own without my conscious intervention.

I would have posted on FB except that 1) FB posting format is not rich enough to make it readable to the degree I wanted for my own use of it and 2) it’s hard to organize and later find again such stuff on FB. In addition, I have high hopes, that the butfucking will stop here someday and will be isolated and then we can use this space to converse and share with others and I will be able then to share this from here.

Seth says
well facebook is a giant fast flowing river and it is much harder to find old stuff.   that is why i would not use facebook.  the same goes even more for twitter.  fastblogit is much better at long term memory.  

but unfortunately you have pretty much disconnected it from Google searches … so that it is available mostly to just us.  oh well … a service to the world in that regard, we are not.

i am totally with you on wanting the #butfucking to dimish.  i do not think that more butfucking will help us change in that direction.   you do increase the butfucking here each time you do it.  me thinks that thinking otherwise is confusion.

Si says
Yes, well many times I have held a higher vibration here for a while. Mark still buttfucks everything when I do that. I personally think you Seth would be able to shift, but Mark won’t, by both his own statement, and by years of observation. He is obsessed with the asshole and everything related to it, including being one with others.

Basically, this space is currently a place where you and Mark buttfuck each other every day and I either drop into that vibration and do it too, or stay away, as there is not much else that can be done here save private recording of information.

Seth says
yeah it’s kind of funny how you do that … i’ve been watching you … you drive by and focus on the butfucking and ignore the good stuff …. more funny stuff null

i think if you realize that mark just loves to tell shitty jokes …and #aug just about everything that is not #pr … just like you #aug everything that is not #LOA.    you can laugh at the jokes or the obsessions  … or ignore them … but know that rubbing  them will just get yourself all shitty null

Si says
It is what there is to do here. It’s what this space has been about for 11+ years.

Si says
Mark does more than tell shitty jokes, he literally shits on things he doesn’t understand or does not want to contemplate. With you too, not just me. But even just the shitty jokes are not something I would like to share with others … and the shitting upon is not something I will.

Si says
Just watch. When Mark finds this thread, the shit will start dumping. It is inevitable.

Seth says
hmmm … that is your perceptions … that is a case of you making up your own experience. 

i can see that aspect of it too … and if that were all there was, i would have abandned usingi it a long time ago. 

mark is mark and it is not my agenda to get into his private business. 

what we need is several more people using this tool.   then mak’s contribution here will be put in perspective.   maybe figure out how to get those several other people to use the site.   we can talk about that.   fighting mark is a dead end.

Si says
For one, I know no person I would be comfortable exposing to Mark and for two, there will always be people unconscious of their own effect like Mark and the platform needs a way to deal with that. While in another verse for a while, I have gained insight into how to deal with it. If time for the work flows here (which it is not right now) I will implement those ideas.

Seth says
well you can start another domain.  

but how are you going to exclude people who’s reactions you  personally do not like?

Si says
As I said in Who wants a Thinking Live domain?, another domain is just way too much work. We have both tried that many times. They wither away because the maintenance becomes too much to do … and always will. There is currently no way around the fact that a full domain requires upkeep, as well as multiple browser instances and pain to use. Here is simple.

I would simply want to post here and not have others be exposed to Mark. It can be that simple.

Seth says
well opening other domains is easy and the maintence of them is no more than it is here.   they did not flourish simply because we didn not use and advertise them.

so sorry your “contortion of facts” to justify your own agenda, does not compute over here.  

No, i will not allow segragating mark here at fastblogit.  


You can open a new domain … we already have severl ready to update … and if you have a reasonable way to exclude or isolate people there, then fine … see if that helps.

i think then you will find that this thing does not grow for some other reason than the butfucking.

Si says
LOL … and so you start today’s buttfuck. Sorry, I am not interested in that brand of logic. Your going to have to converse with out that shit or I will not respond. Thanks.

Seth says
hmmm … so i don’t agree wiith your “fake made up facts” and suddenly it is me who am butfucking.  
Did you go to the #Trump University?
yeah same old same old story.

Hey, i’m curious … bit of shift in focus here …. how is #YesIsland growing? 

“Your going to have to converse with out that shit or I will not respond.” ~ nathan

Such a funny condition you attempt to impose on me null

Si says
You are going defensive, isolating self, getting on a high horse, and defending your perception that your imagined rights (or Marks) are being violated. I don’t go there as you well know.

Facts have nothing to do with it. Facts are made up to serve the current vibration. It is the vibration you just entered where I will not follow you.

Seth says
wiggy woo … where is the source of this negative vibration ? …
go back and read and see if you can spot it.

Si says
Vibration is felt, not seen.

Seth says
ok .. go back and feel it … feel the source of it starting

Si says
That is exactly where I stopped. I felt you mounting your horse, and this time, did not continue enough to give you a lift up there. If you get up there now … you have done it all on your own. I still feel you right beside your horse, ready to mount it. We will see.

Seth says
From my perspective this negative vibration was sourced in your intentions when you said …
“Do not share this gnostic information.” ~ nathan
… way before i was even involved.

Si says
It was an effective way to get your attention, so that you did not share it. It worked. A lot of what I write, especially instructions, does not get absorbed by you. I have developed ways of doing things that gets your attention when I need it.  … they work.

Seth says
… an interesting story … it speaks to yourself … not to me.

Si says
works nevertheless.

Seth says
yep … shucks there is certainly an aspect of it that which #RingingTrue over here … it got my attention
… your usual #butfucking of mark i would probably have ignored.

Si says
Those who stick their asshole in my face will likely get something shoved in it.

~ ancient proverb

Seth says

Seth says
… alternatively there is turning the other cheek. 
… which i have found works better if i don’t like getting shitty myself.

Si says
That’s exactly my point here at The FBI … there is nothing left without brown streaks, no cheek, nothing. Needs a clean up.

Seth says
it is what happened.
start new somwhere else.

Si says
Not practical. You figure out why, I already know.

Seth says
sorry we have been there … that does not compute.

what is strange is that you seem to realize that
starting new requires a different kind of energy
from where it will come you do not know … neither do it
so you seem to want to start new here and blame a skapegoat
for why it has not already worked.

Si says
  1. Not less than 20 other domains have been created by either you or I. None are being used that I know of and most no longer exist.
  2. You come here to post, I come here to post … always.
  3. I can’t currently share my posts here with others.
This is the state. The easiest path to a new state is pretty clear.

Seth says

i will easily go contribute that whatever domain is happening … there is no impediment for me switching at all.  
you seem even more flxible that me … so i can not see that as a problem for you either.

true we will need to update a domain … maybe a day or two’s work
then if we want others there we will need to entice them. 
but we would need to do that here as well.

your train of logic here continues not to compute.

Si says
It has not happened. It’s that simple. Logic is irrelevant to that.
As I said, I know why. You figure it out, or “do” otherwise.

Seth says
well otherwise things go on as they have been.
perhaps this new social being never springs from us.
...oh well.

Seth says
give up mark as a skapegoat excuse, 
and do it at fastblogit. 
that possibity can be created.

Si says
I like to post here and I would like to share them with others … as you said, this one would be great to share. I will not share where others can blunder into shit.

Si says
Yes, “that possibility can be created”. That is exactly what I am talking about.

Seth says
okay then don’t.

Seth says
great null

… are you also talking about giving up
creating the  idea that mark’s behavior is the reason this thing does not grow

Seth says

Si says
Mark’s shitting upon is what I do not want others to see, future, current, or past. That is not blame, that is desire.

Seth says
then start a new domain.

Si says
Not going to happen. I have been down that road, so have you. The result is quite clear.

Seth says
… or rather you have made up that excuse
apparenty to force mark out of this domain

Si says
I never said anything about forcing anyone anywhere. Your making that up.

Seth says
well then what do you mean by ??  …

I would simply want to post here and not have others be exposed to Mark. It can be that simple.

nathan above
… making mark’s contribution here invisable to others is essentially forceing him out of the domain.

Si says
You can have whatever relationship to Mark you want.

I do not want Mark’s posting visible to the public in my domain here, that’s all.

What’s wrong with that?

Seth says
discussion continued in Maintaining a Group Domain Spirit

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