Maintaining a Group Domain Spirit

A group of humans is a being in itself.  It has many of the same qualities as a single individual. 

One such quality is the ability to exclude destructive elements from inside itself. 
By excluding the group itself become stronger. 
However it can create the rational for vicious politicicking within the group.

Having that a feature in #ThinkingDomains might be a good thing.  It could easily be done.  A member would have all the prividleges of using the domain but others in the doman could not see anything they made or responded to.

For that to work, however, it should be by a complete consensus of those in the domain. 
A high bar to reach indeed.


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Si says
Or I simply exclude visibility of the posts of anyone I want to those who enter “my domain here” … i.e. those who enter via posts in groups I control. My groups are my domain.

Seth says
i thought we already had that.   if you don’t want sombody to see mark’s comments in your groups, simply supress them.  if you dont want him posting in your group, then change the password to something that he does not know.

Si says
There is currently no way for me to automatically suppress comments by an individual. At best, I would have to veraciously monitor every comment and zap Mark’s when they happen.

All I want is for the public not to see Mark’s posts and comments when they come to see my stuff.

I do not want to keep Mark from posting and commenting, even on my stuff, and I don’t want to be in anyone’s business about this but my own.

Seth says

so  are proposing a group feature to automatically  “hide from everyone” a  specific person ?

Si says
No, doesn’t seem like that would do it and that would “create oppertunities for disagreement and feelings of being left out” as you said.

I mean what I said above. “All I want is for the public not to see Mark’s posts and comments when they come to see my stuff.” … any of them, in the River especially.

Seth says
i do not get the distinction.   seems to me they are exactly the same. 
… except perhaps with suppression extended to the river of news
which it probably should be doing anyway.

Si says
Don’t over think it. I don’t want people who come to view my shared postings to be exposed to Mark, past, present, or future … and I don’t want to get into Mark’s business about what he can and cannot do.

Seth says
i don’t know how that can be practically done.   What if mark responds to one of my comments in one of your groups and i respond back.  Suppressing marks comment will put my response to it out of context.

Si says
Don’t over think it. The desire is pure. That’s all that is required. This is a vibrational multiverse.

Mark de LA says
You folks are toying with censorship! Apparently some of the biggies do that.  Facebook, Youtube, Google maybe Amazon.  If you want full agreement you may never need to leave your own brains. I doubt that a group of humans is a being in the mungeable way you folks hold being.  You can’t throw out just one side of the Tao even though folks want to. Transcend & play with it all~!

Si says
No, I am toying with having my own domain here, that’s all.

Seth says
sorry your vibration and intent is coming in here corrupted … and very distasteful.
especialy the part of redrawing history.

Seth says

Si says
I am not redrawing anything. For one thing, all history is created in the present. But really, that makes no difference. I am just not interested in people being exposed to Mark’s obsession with the anus and all that relates to it. If they want that stuff, they can enter his domain, or anyone sharing his domain.

Seth says
well, mark, i do believe that a group of people is a being in its own right. 
and it is a being just very to the extent that it selects and makes up what it thinks and feels and does.

i realize that is my idea and expect that you will not buy into it. 
… oh well.

Seth says
you can have your own #ThinkingDomain right now … in fact you alredy do.  
That is not what you are toying with here.

Mark de LA says
Don’t worry there folks I do not want to be part of any Groupthink enterprise including yours.

Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision-making outcome. Group members try to minimize conflict and reach a consensus decision without critical evaluation of alternative viewpoints by actively suppressing dissenting viewpoints, and by isolating themselves from outside influences.

Seth says
okay, then don’t interat with it …
you canโ€™t have your cake and eat it too.

Mark de LA says
Well, seth- in the way that a single human being has all parts in consciousness , both physical like the hands feet & heart – a group does not satisfy that feature .. like I said you have munged the word to mean anything you choose to use it for.

Si says
I do not want my own #ThinkingDomain. I do not want to maintain one … keep up with updates … change browsers to post … and I want whatever I share to be available to everyone, not just people at some other #ThinkingDomain.

All of that is right here. I just don’t want people who come to see my public offerings to be exposed to Mark’s anal obsession, that’s all. I don’t care what other people do here and don’t feel like it is any of my business.

Seth says
if your proposed feature affects old comments or thought, then yes you are redrawing the history that happend here.

Mark de LA says
I was primarily talking about any another domain.  I put a lot of energy into this one .null

Si says
I can have my cake and eat it too.

Si says
Yep. I have no interest in that either. That is massive being in others business. Quite the opposite of what I am intersted in.

Si says
Cool. It’s all yours. The good, the bad, and the ugly. null

I simply don’t want to share all that with those who come to my domain here.

And, I don’t want to tell you what you can do, even on my posts.

Seth says
shucks i can percieve that groups of people are beings in almost every sense of the word.

the big difference is that you cannot feel what another in the group feels the same way that you can feel it in yourself.   but shucks,  i will bet that when you are in one context, you do not feel the way you felt in another context, either.   i know i do that all the time. 

so realy, there is no difference there at all.



Signed Seth, i #LoaSwim

Seth says

Seth says

Si says
I have no desire to be in other peoples business like that.

Seth says
… er, nathan
how is this suddenly “your domain here” ?
… what am i chopped liver
… is mark suddenly chopped liver  too?

Me thinks you make up more than you actually do …
and in the process you become numb and oblivious to others.

Si says
Your domain here is yours. Mark’s is Mark’s. Run them as you wish. I will do the same with mine.

Seth says
you will do nothing in fastbogit that i do not approve or allow.

and certainly not with the nagative energy that you are spewing at us.

Si says
Sorry bud. Get off your horse or be excluded.

You have no say in what I do in my own domain. Stick your haughty words up your own domain.


Seth says
talk about forceing shit on others, Mr Bawden.   watch yourself !

it IS not just you here !!!

Si says
I am serious Seth. You are about to be running in circles on your horse. Your already up there. I will leave you to it.

It is none of your business what I do in my domain. Get that through your thick skull!

It is none of my business what you do in your domain either. Your ignoring that completely.

Si says
Yes it is. But that is beside the point. I don’t care what you do. I only care what I present to others … and in my domain that is my business, not yours.

Mark de LA says
I have no desire to interact with nathan or any of his negative #shit nor does he with mine – so we’re good.  I have no problem with seth since we are at least equally brothers nullrose

Si says
LOL … once in a while you say good shit!

Seth says

… in which nathan threatens his  Nuclear option …
or should i call him Kim Jon Umm.

Si says
You are so on your horse you are lost in the woods.

Look, when someone comes to see something I have posted and shared that is none of your business whatsoever. I know you can’t see that while your blood is so hot … but it’s true nevertheless.

Seth says
it is true that …

“when someone comes to see something I have posted and shared that is none of your business whatsoever.”
… so what …
now contemplate that truth with all other consequences of what you propose.

especially the part about it may not just be exclusively yours.

Si says
No need to contemplate anything. To create in the multi-verse, one sets up a pure vibration of intent and the consequences follow. If one does not have what one needs, one asks of that which is.

Truth is that which is so. We agree on what is so. There is nothing else. That which is not truth is not so.

Seth says
i can make that story stitch together.
but, i do not get that it bears on your distasteful intentions here.

Si says
It is my proposal here.

My proposal here is that when someone comes to see my offerings that they are not exposed to anything in Mark’s domain. Your domain I have not decided about. We will see how that goes.

Mark de LA says

Si says
  1. an area of territory owned or controlled by an entity.
    "the southwestern French domains of the Plantagenets"
    synonyms: realm, kingdom, empire, dominion, province, territory, land
    "they extended their domain"
    • a specified sphere of activity or knowledge.
      "the expanding domain of psychology"
      synonyms: field, area, sphere, discipline, province, world
      "the domain of art"
If you don’t have a domain here, then what is it you do here, just read?

Mark de LA says
I haven’t munged the word – I use it in the sense of Internet domains.

Mark de LA says
Why don’t you open up YesIsland to Seth & you will never have to worry about Mark again interfering with your lordship.

Seth says
i’ll think about that.

Si says
I am using the standard definition, as see abov e. Usually that is what you desire.

Mark de LA says
#AlreadyAlwaysArguing … #CBG

Si says
Yes Island is very specific. It is not for general posts, like the one I made today that started all this about putting iTunes music on an Android device. FBI is perfect for that kind of geneal post … and FBI groups are nice contexts.

Seth says
actually nathan you are coining some new language here.  

the domain here is and i pay the bill for that to exist, and me and mark have created much content here, as have you. 

we all have our own groups here which we have a lot of contol over … and we have groups here that we share together.

Si says
Whatever Mark. I seem to be agreeing with you in all of this. It seems that you are trying to wiggle it around to find disagreement with, but with the actual desires, we seem in total sync.

Si says
See Maintaining a Group Domain Spirit (comment 80943). Each of our domains seem very clear to me. Do you consider stuff in group nathan to be your domain?

Seth says
the thing is nathan, out of this hairy mesh of interactions  here at, it is not practical to separate it out the way i understand that you are proposing and effect only yourself.

if that were possible than i would have no objections.  but i do not believe that it is.
and, more importantly to me, i do not believe that it will help this being to grow.

Mark de LA says

Si says
Your beliefs are yours. I have no desire to be in your business or share your beliefs about this subject. I have a vibration and have stated it exactly the same several times. There is nothing else.

Seth says
this word “domain” is very specific in the context of the internet.   yes, fact is that any content that is located via the URL prefix “” is in fact in the domain.

Now if you want to use the word “domain” in a larger social context, then there are a lot of other concepts to connect your thoughts with mine over here … for example authorship … shared creation … cersorship and control to information access.

Mark de LA says

Seth says
… sure there is.  

i suspect that your vibrational intentions are actualy destructive to mine … it sure feels that way …
especially with your continued attempts at intimidating me and mark.
and this even in our domain here that i have created with mark and you.  

obviously we need to agree on allowing that vibration to continue
… or on you going your own way apart from it.

Si says
Obviously none of that. Your back up on your horse. Enjoy the ride.  

Seth says
… which is just garden variety #RWG aka #buttfucking.

with a hint of intimidation.  Notice the subject of your retort was a judgement of me.

Si says
Not at all. You are back languishing in the perspective that things are happening to you.

Things happen for you, not to you.

Si says
No one ever needs to agree with another about vibration. Vibration is where one is at, it is what is so. You have freckles. I don’t need to agree or disagree, it is so.

Your feelings are not vibrational based here. They are based on your imagination about all the things you have thought that were not said. Based on what has been said, you have not to agree with or disagree with … but in fact, you do agree as can be found in the text here. So even though that base does not need to be covered, it is anyway.

You seek to control that which cannot be controlled because you misinterpret what is under your control. And I am not talking about me at all. When you get off your horse, it will all be much clearer, as it always is when you step down. Never has that been different in all the times you have gotten up there … but not yet have you been able to accept that while you are on your horse. Love ya, but that is true.   

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