How Obama is funding the anti-Trump resistance

 Agitprop poster by Vladimir  Mayakovsky titled: "Want it? Join"
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"1. You want to overcome cold?
2. You want to overcome hunger?
3. You want to eat?
4. You want to drink?
Hasten to join shock brigadesof exemplary labor!"


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Mark de LA says
#agitprop = propaganda ← originally of Russia origin of the Soviet Union

Mark de LA says

Instead, as economist Robin Hanson likes to say, politics is not about policy. The hidden, unconscious reason we form political beliefs is to help us form coalitions with other people. Most of us choose our particular political affiliations because people like us vote that way. We then join together with other supposedly like-minded people, creating an us versus a them. We are good and noble and can be trusted. They are stupid and evil and at fault for everything. We loudly denounce the other side in order to prove, in public, that we are especially good and pure, and so our fellow coalition members should reward us with praise and high status

…. back to Ego.

Mark de LA says
Nice thought experiment:

Imagine a professor told her 1000-student class that in fifteen weeks, she would hold a final exam, worth 100% of their grade. Suppose she told them that in the name of equality, she would average all final exam grades together and give every student the same grade. Students wouldn’t study and the average grade would be an F. In effect, this scenario is how democracy works, except that we have a 210-million person class in the United States. The downside is not merely that we remain ignorant. Rather, the downside is that it liberates us to use our political beliefs for other purposes.

Mark de LA says
& Finally ….
What Kneeling Athletes Reveal about Political Psychology
If one follows the links from the articles fanning out from Michael Strong’s FB post you can find out all kinds of intelligent discussion of political matters (res publicanullnull

Mark de LA says
See also Will We ALL be Kneeling Someday ?

Mark de LA says
null I wonder if Trump is responsible for this one & too slow to fix it.

Mark de LA says
Something for the #FakeNews to speculate upon:
Will Trump unzip the ring of fire

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