I've always wondered what ...

About: Dr. Seuss museum mural to be replaced amid claims of a racist depiction | Fox News

Dr. Seuss is racist? 

I’ve always wondered what the M$M would do with:


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Seth says
from my experience the main stream culture has turned those into over priced collectables null
our family has some over here …
hopefully some ass hole kind of “leadership” some day won’t ever set them on fire.

Watch HuLu’s award winning drama “The HandMaid’s Tale” it deals with that kind of political “leadership” in an extreme story.

Mark de LA says
Yep, heard about it today – probably won’t watch it. The 1974 film  Stepford Wives was similar in tone:
This one probably has more leftism. null Also () in 2004.

Seth says

Seth says
yep it definitely goes over some of the same territory null.  the Handmaid’s Tale is more personal and not so cartoony or SiFiey … a story told more realistically from a personal perspective.  Far easier to believe that it could actually happen.

Mark de LA says
like I say #CBG null . I’m still watching “The 100” – am near the end of the 3rd season.

Mark de LA says
Is this racist? Obama’s Dick? Weird.
() (facebook) & just for fun: (xor for nathan’s excitement)

Seth says
the images and exaggerated associations did not get my juices flowing … instead i get more like nausea. 

Mark de LA says
xor humorlessness set in

Seth says
omg i see nothing there to laugh about in any way.  

the best i can do with it is interpret it  as a  warning not to get so excited about #Trump’s propaganda. 

But then if i believed Trump’s behavior was good, well shucks, its hard for me to go there. Maybe then i would see humor.    But the first Facebook comment was truly funny to me,  In the future, please place a warning if you’re going to post a picture of Donald Trump null … then too the comment, “Your at 12, we need you at 7”, that was funny too … but me i’m at  -7  nullnull … like i said nausea.

But i am curious … what do you get from it?  Could you honestly express your reaction.  I already gave you mine … i don’t need mine judged … i need to know yours.

Mark de LA says
It was from contrived platitudes & a comment therein on facebook.  It was for me a surprise – they don’t normally go anti-trump.  OTOH, your problem is simply comparable to the eclipse of recent totality.  I noticed the brightness of the sun obscured the ability to see the moon in front especially here in Paradise where total totality was not in the path until i looked through some dark glasses. You, seth, have a bug up your ass which will never let you see the humor unless it is of the leftist persuasion of Maher, Colbert, & most of the late night so-called comedians & comediennes . Furthermore there is a racist component that you are stuck with. That’s why I invented the #CBF, #CBG & #CBT #hashturds  to sew some of that doubt as to which anti is represented in a post so that some of the funny might tickle the dead funny-bones a twitch or two.

Seth says
strange, you are the only one here or on Facebook that even mentioned race.  Why then do you believe that is something that “*I* am stuck with”?   That does not compute.  

Actually, FYI, here is some facts about my reactions to Trump/Obama/Race topics.  Denise frequently rags on Trump for selecting out Obama’s accomplishments and specifically un-doing them … when i hear her reaction i get a strong reaction to her reaction that could be expressed, “No i don’t expect even Trump is  quite so childish”.   But i have to admit, that at times i am not quite so sure.

You description above was all about me … even thought i specifically asked for your own honest reaction.  That would have informed.  Telling my your false judgments of my reactions does not inform … not in the least.

Mark de LA says
Yep, samo-samo apparently . Why was the dick black? Whose was it? Are you blind?

Seth says
The dick was black because the cartoonist selected that image. 
There is nothing in the picture that suggests anything about Obama.  That appears to be narrative that you have added yourself.

The cartoonist was portraying a politician pandering to  people’s reactions to big black dicks. 
Look how much it excited them!

I am “stuck with the race” aspect  because the cartoonist put it there in his story. 

Again i am still curious about your reaction to the cartoon.  I already know mine:  nausea.

Mark de LA says
There was no suggested story with the absurd meme so I supplied one – tsk tsk!  Gotcha!
Your first sentence is #CBT . 
There is a sign in back that says “Thank You, Lord Jesus, President Trump” . 
The rest of your comment #CBF & expose more of your stuckness.

Mark de LA says
I find these tatoos ()  funny as well: ( #CBF ) 

Seth says
i have no idea how you think you Gotcha’ed me … that is a story only deep inside you.

Perhaps you did “exposed any of my stuckness” … because ...

Here is how i feel about #Trump in this regard… there is no secret about it.  He is a narcissist moron … and the more he panders to people’s juices about race the more his is a evil narcissist moron.   I am stuck with that until i see facts to the contrary.  He panders to money guns and religion in the same way as he panders to race.  Come to think about it, the cartoon is portraying the truth.  That truth makes me nauseous about Trumb being our president.

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Yep you have exposed your blind spot:

Seth says
… please tell me how i am blind.  Why, because i do not hail Trump’s manipulation of the populous? 

Maybe that is something to which you yourself are blind, eh?

Seth says
you get off on your gross expressions more than anybody else that i know. 

Can you imagine that others do not get off quite so much on that juice? 

Nor does their feelings always to to those vibrations.  I know mine do not.

Mark de LA says
Nope! It is you with the blindness of the Eclipse totality can’t see (as I have expressed above) how Obama manipulated & still does you with Zebra Pussy .

Mark de LA says
#IDC – you see I have free speech contrary to leftist control freaks & this particular post is mine!null

Seth says
… hey speak what is in you mind.

But please keep your judgements about my reactions to what you say to yourself.   They hit me as lies over here.

Mark de LA says
I will express myself & judgements as I will.  Whip out the lie word all you want. thumbs down

Mark de LA says
XOR maybe go over to Nate’s Island & sing this song all day: 

Oh, give me a home where the Buffalo roam
Where the Deer and the Antelope play;
Where seldom is heard a discouraging word,
And the sky is not cloudy all day

Mark de LA says
may have to ignore the last stanza about the red-man though null

Seth says
well yes, of course, you will null.  Even i have defended your right to express your mind here whatever you say.   

But shucks mark, what good are your judgements of my reactions told to me.  You must know that they will feel false over here?  … they are not at all honest interpretations of what *I* feel, say, or do.  In fact those judgments of me are all just about you … they are yours … you are 100% their creator … yet you state them to me as if they were true about me.

Seth says
… hummm …. maybe in a world where if it is about Trump, then it is about Obama.  But shucks that world does not obtain over here.

Seth says
Wel i do understand nathan’s philosophy of always seeing the positive relative to himself and of ignoring everything else.

Me, i tend to do the same, but my idententity of self is not so very narrow and fixed and grand as  his seems to me.  Mine changes all the time.  There was a time when i strongly identified with #p2 … i was it’s being … or rather it’s being was me.  I’m calling that crazy now … and i even called it crazy then … facts being what they were.  There was a time when i strongly identified with #CyberMind be ing.  Well it exists now in a manner of speaking but we did not create it.   Currently i am tending to identify with that which we humans create together … relative to that i perceive nathan’s actions here as negative. 

To me, it is all about  how these circles (networks) of interactions are drawn and defined and maintained and change.  I do not draw my identity circle only around my personal inside story.  What i actually do and say and feel in the world with others in a network of interaction is far more important to me than the story of my inside personal life (career).  I am sure others do that quite differently and that is their right … just as my philosophy is also my right to choose and  act out.  If you, or nathan want to tell my story, then please make sure that i agree with it … otherwise it seems to me that you are just stabbing me in the heart.

if you grock what i have just said the way i do, then you will also recognize that it follows directly from the #LOA philsophy of “seeing the positive relative to myself and of ignoring everything else”.   Eh?

… and, by the way, my philosophy also incorporates people sharing feelings, or #empathy, something that nathan’s philosophy apparently does not because in his philosophy everybody is 100% in total control of their own feelings.

It interesting to note how starlings fly together.  It is their personality.  It is perhaps one of the most wonderful aspects of these birds personalities.  Each species has its own personality, just like each person has their own personality.  Well there is a personality to humanity and how we share thoughts and feelings and actions is a wonderful aspect of our humanity.  Let us not loose it in a mistake.

Mark de LA says
I am an identity group of ONE. Today’s hexagram #3 also speaks to a spiritual brotherhood (fellowship)  not kin by blood (P.1647); neither confined by an island, a locality, country, genetics, politics or anything else.

Seth says
Well i am not an identity group of one.

Mark de LA says
I don’t require a #birdie to express myself.

Seth says
… nor do i.  i fail to grock how such a consideration is connected here.

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 24580

Mark de LA says
Thanks for acknowledging that. null

Seth says
So, how is it connected? 

How is not needing to form a consensus (or even an agreement) with others connected to a person’s ability to express them self?

Mark de LA says
I express myself. You do so too . go for it.  You can’t actually express anyone else. Too deep?

Seth says
well sharing a common expression is not like one person expressing somebody else.  not like that at all.    It is like dancers dancing together on a stage.  Each dancer expresses herself.  Yet they dance together making a whole performance.  Watch the starlings.

Mark de LA says
I suspect that your identity is still within you when you dance. If you can switch bodies let me know.

Seth says
i suspect my identity (my ego) is “within” the network, the be-ing,  in which i strongly positively interact.  your suspicions to the contrary notwistanding.

Mark de LA says
Well since you munge ego, I reality , being etc why not? when you die are they all going into the fire with you?

Seth says
yeah pretty much.   remember even in #RS’s story the ego does not survive to another life.   an interaction exists (a living being exists)  just when it does … like a flame it flares and then dies out.  it does not exist before it flares … nor after it stops burning.  … that fire … that passion … that drama … be’s all of its engredints and actors … not jus one which exists inside an individual part’s skin, … wherever that skin is arbritrarialy defined to be according to some observer.

also note that aligns with Alan Watt’s Zen story,  “you are the entire universe doing what it is doing at your spot in time and other dimensions”, .. or words to that effect … tag #AlanWatts

my ontology, my stroy, actually hangs together well … try as you will, i doubt that you will find a contradiction as long as you stay within my terms.  comparing them to your own just means that we are not sharing that part of the story.

Mark de LA says
You are a bit askew of RS – maybe check out the parts of the Ego – Manas, Budhi & Atma or don’t bother to go for stories .
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

Seth says
yeah need to find the exact passage. 

and yes i realize about the  “higher self”s.  there be a very large tale … not one to argue about waving at scripture …. but rather one to find common shareable anchors thereto … else it is all just someone’s story an imagination ... usually told for the angrandisement of one’s simple self.

Mark de LA says
Can’t have reincarnation without it.  The personality &/or selfie may change as evolution continues. Such is fundamental shit.

Mark de LA says
Better still there is a lecture series that explains:
Lecture One:  INDIVIDUALITY AND THE GROUP-SOUL December 04, 1909
Lecture Three:  THE LORD OF THE SOUL December 12, 1910

You will probably understand that if human beings had really become outwardly as alike as the original divine-spiritual forces had intended if Lucifer and Ahriman had not interfered, the feeling that one must love one’s neighbor as oneself would necessarily have developed. There would not have been any choice; for anything else would have seemed to be nonsense, both in terms of feeling and of perception.

However, this development was not supposed to come from the outside because then it would have made us into beings who love automatically — that is, we would have loved others because they are our own kind, but without knowing the force that urges us to this love. Thus, what would otherwise have come to us in unfreedom was prepared for freedom through Lucifer and Ahriman’s opposition. This sanction of the opposition is therefore inherent in the original plan of divine wisdom. Indeed, we may say that in still earlier periods of earthly evolution, the opposition against the harmonious progressive divine-spiritual powers was created precisely so that it could later bring about freedom.

Interesting stuff on race from the 4th lecture.  GW did say while we were children that at some point perhaps in 3000 years there will be one race but individuals will show up externally with very different kinds of features, perhaps with your noses nearer your assholes.

Mark de LA says
considering people who devote their lives to study rather than just #MakeShitUp are different from the #twitter-knee-jerk generation who just wave their cellphones at each other with insults in them, i.e. if they can get their noses out of them

Mark de LA says
Perhaps predated in Zen story about Shirime 

The story goes as follows: Long ago, a samurai was walking at night down the road to Kyōto, when he heard someone calling out for him to wait. "Who’s there?!" he asked nervously, only to turn around and find a man stripping off his clothes and pointing his bare buttocks at the flabbergasted traveler. A huge glittering eye then opened up where the strange man’s anus should have been.

This creature was so liked by the haiku poet and artist Buson, he included it in many of his yōkai paintings null

Si says
Conversation forked to thought 24905

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