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Si says ...
As far as sharing feelings, I don’t know exactly what you mean by that. Clearly two people can have similar feelings … and when two people focus their thoughts in the same way until they acheive similar states of being then they will be largly experiencing similar feelings as sensory feedback from that state of being. But that is not sharing the same feelings, it is just similar state of being … much like looking at the same landscape with the eyes. I would not say that two people looking at the same landscape are sharing sensory input. Two people would have to be in the same body to share sensory input, same with feelings.
Here is an example of what #sharing feels like …



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Seth says
Well, “two people would have to be in the same body to share sensory input, same with feelings” is obviously NOT what i mean by “sharing”.   It is  obviously not the way people share things as we live our lives together.

In my comment here, About: I've always wondered what ... - comment 81574 (comment 81628),  i talked about sharing the way i mean it, from that you should be able to understand what i mean …

A  #HighFive is an expmple of a experience that is shared between people.  It is also sensed and felt by each person separately … as are all such sharing experiences. 

That kind of example forms the context of my comment,  “There is no such thing as one hand clapping” which thought your refused to share with me.

Mark de LA says

… tortuous attempts to find some meaning in the word share yield ? under what purpose?  what is so is what is so .. we occupy different physical bodies insofar as we occupy one – even when fucking .. perhaps the closest moment of “sharing” if it is ecstatically consciously inspired …

Seth says
Well i would like to think that i am not “finding” meaning in the word “share”, for that token string of ascii characters is quite dead … but rather creating a living though with you and nathan that we can in fact share. 

“what is so is what is so” is redundant null … we are separate yet we make up something larger than each of us together as we interact …. especially, for example, when we fuck nullnull.

Mark de LA says
apparently missed the point
 … about all we are likely to “share” further on is some #RWG

Seth says
well that is not a  point  or a belief that i will share with you.   #RWG is a bad habit of our be ing … one that is  best out-grown.   Win-Loose is a dastardly habit now being enlivened by #Trump … it is high time that we see it not for some noble must-do Zen of #RWG , but rather as the very #decay of the Win-Win that we create together.

Mark de LA says
Well I am #done here with your shit – bye

Seth says
mark this is not a thought to argue about and fight about and misunderstand and twist and mock. 

understand it … think it …  share it …
or add to it null
or just think something else.

Your interactions are important to me … but the ones you do which seek to decay and diminish what i am be ing, you do for your own selfish feelings  alone … obviously i  will not #share them.

Si says
No, even with that example, I don’t really know what you mean. This is because you don’t talk about sharing in terms of intrinsic components of experience, such as state of being, vibration, and sensory input (including the emotional sense). You talk about sharing as a virtual experience on top of intrinsic components of the reality experience and seem to always relate it to networking and other highly virtualized (and thus mostly artificial) ideas and structures.

Your talk about sharing seems to be related to a long standing story humans have been telling each other about what people are and how they relate to each other rather on actual, quantifiable, and direct components of experience itself. So in all that, it is hard to figure out what is “real” in your ideas about sharing. When you use the word “share”, it seems to me to be mostly about things you are assuming, and things you are making up, not about the actual intrinsic experience of “sharing”.

Mark de LA says
Makes as much sense as:

Seth says
Well i have been using the word “sharing” and “connecting” to point to the water in which we swim. 

… to be continued.

see example on my blog,  “A picture of a network of connections

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