The Fake Revolt - G Legman

About: Gershon Legman's "The Fake Revolt" (1967)

I have this pamphlet in the Legman collection along with the Rationale of the Dirty Joke (sleevejob) & his other books.
Seems to describe some current politics.


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Seth says

Seth says
Yep “the psychopath” has indeed become a “dangerous front-runner of a new kind of personality”, a “central expression of human nature” now in the 21th century.  A rebel taking up a cause which should not even exist.  “Current politics” indeed null

Is the booklet up for auction?

Mark de LA says
This is 1967 – our Hippie generation. It is a part of a bunch including the wonderful “Oragenitalism” which mentions Cowley. I’m going to try to take all the letters & books & sell them as a package. This particular book is online as I quoted it. See also

Seth says

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