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Is this the movie that has all your ideas?


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I laboriously watched the entire movie last night.  Most of it is well produced & self repetitive for emphasis.  There are a couple of assumptions that throw it astray:
  • It assumes that consciousness is in the brain or a result of it & that it is just a physical mechanical part of human experience
  • It assumes that cognizing is limited by the traditional 5 senses.
  • It depends a lot on Planck’s Constant & something fundamental so small that everything else is some multiple of it. 
  • it creates dualism at the end of such a mess
  • it really never defines what consciousness is only human behavior relative to cognition
  • the principle of least action is Feynman’s PhD thesis  – similar to the other stuff.

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What’s interesting is his discussion of Time & his further discussion of space (which depends on Planck) & he claims space is as much of an illusion as time. In the end (last 20 minutes or so) his triples xor Trichotomies of Experience munge a lot of stuff together. There are a lot of them.

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I’m not sure he ever mentions thoughts. Do we have a trichotomy of thoughts, comments & tags ? here at fbi?

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Wow – Michael Strong posted this one on facebook about Richard Feynman (**) – he was human

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