A #birdie degenerating.


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Mark de LA says
The #Duck was created before the #hashTurd  was used. Someday the infinite loop will need to be removed from the code. Sorry, I forget between times I do it – so far 2.

Seth says
just for your information:  every time you use your word “hashturd” to disrespect this useful tool,  i feel nauseated about you.   Maybe you have noticed that i ignore the point of every sentence in which you use that word.

Mark de LA says
tsk-tsk #Duck

Seth says
hey mark, do you remember the #GoldenRule ?

Mark de LA says
BTW I use #HashTurd as a term of endearment when it doesn’t work very well xor is misused. smug
xor you hide something where I use one.

Seth says
well it is only heard by you to be a term of endearment.  #FYI … try calling a loved one a turd and see if it imporves your endearment.  keep it real!

Seth says
and incidentally we are experiencing consciousness here about “hashturd” … negative consciousness … but consciousness nonetheless.   watch it in action.   

Mark de LA says
The #GoldenRule is not a hammer to be used in the #RWG !

Seth says
well now you know that each time you use #hashTurd you entice me to feel nauseated.   would you have me use a term that enticed you to feel nauseated?

Mark de LA says
seth â–Ľ
THAT’S UNDER YOUR CONTROL!  Be nauseated or not. You are part of the leftie snowflakes that believe that others should control their speech because you are too fragile of mind to be able to handle it.
I posted a lot more interesting stuff this AM but you got lost in your selfie – #GetwellSoon

Mark de LA says
I wrote a lot more interesting things this AM than the one that hooked your Ego.null

Seth says
its not that i am too fragine to handel it … it is that continually speaking something in our culture is the very action that actually makes it true.  try it … continually talk as if blue tooth paste was better than white toothpaste … talk abut that in almost everything you say … say things that presume that the blue is better.  see if the people who listen to you, even yourself, do not start actually thinking that blue toothpaste is better.  Thought (speach)  is connected to feeling and action is a particular way … is it not?

Mark de LA says
Hitler  believed in the Big Lie – go for it. null

Seth says
Well yes there are things that we make up in our culture to be the way we collectively presume them to be.  If you are in the identity being which believes a thing, then for you it will ring true. 

I do not believe in Hitler’s big lies … nor do i believe in #Trump’s.   I am not a member of those be ings.

But i still believe that we make certain type of things be the way we think of them.  The more a group of people think of someting in a partiular way, the more it will be that way to that group of people.  That is a structural part of the consciousness in which we swim.

Seth says
… yeah i am trying to get to that.  starting with the need to have duality in any comprehension of consciousness.  perhaps you noticed that was what i have been exemplyfying.

Mark de LA says
#Duck butter keeps on smearing the other #birdies in your back pocket.  The reason you can’t (xor won’t) understand is because da #juice rots the brain cells!

Mark de LA says
Yep, duality is your Ego speaking.

Seth says
by always #aug’ing useing “we” you are ignoring and deriding one of the pillars of #consciousness itself.  Like you said yourself … “consciousness is not just inside your head”.  To which i heartily agree.

Seth says
… not when i am talking about your Ego too null … but what you say is certainly true from an objective perspective.   Ego is one side of the duality … what is outside an ego is the other side.  It is really very simple.

Mark de LA says
preaching to your selfie doesn’t make any sense.

Mark de LA says
You are still talking to yourself about yourself – your model of something you think you know.

Seth says
i am talking to you about myself and yourself.  What i say rings true to me … ortherwise i would be telling you lies … which it would pain me to do.

Mark de LA says
#boring #Duck itude – AMF #done 

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