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Mark de LA says ...
Subtle Control or Restraint of the Strong by the Weak (Siao = also “Our”) Lingam of Air, Daath of Hod, Creation of Consciousness …. also means Cultivate & Store & Siao indicated Gentleness & Persuasion.  
“ In the Beginning is the Thought: in It is the Life & the Light of the Ego.  Let Light-giving Thought fill the Darkness of the Ego that we may grasp the Thought Divine, that the Soul may be liberated through its own Virtue”.  LET THY VIRTUE THINK  e.g. 

Thy king is checked -but let thy Virtue think. line 1 of hex #9


Mark de LA says
Would that hyperbole & insults be replace by conscious gentle persuasion.thumbs up

Mark de LA says
What is virtue? Comes from the Latin for man ( vir) & …
Translations of the Latin words related to Virtue (synonyms)
  virtus virtue, valor, strength, manliness, manhood, goodness
  honestum virtue, good, probity, beauty
  honestas decency, honor, virtue, integrity, respectability, reputation
  probitas probity, honesty, uprightness, virtue, integrity, goodness
  sanctitas holiness, sanctity, virtue, chastity, purity, charity
  sanctimonia holiness, sanctity, charity, virtue, chastity, purity
  sanctitudo holiness, sanctity, virtue, chastity, purity, charity
  decus glory, honor, beauty, ornament, distinction, virtue
  rectum Right, uprightness, equity, rectitude, accuracy, virtue
  audacia daring, presumption, audacity, boldness, Courage, virtue
  fortitudo bravery, Courage, valor, moral bravery, intrepidity, virtue
  vis vis, force, violence, strength, Power, virtue