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Mark de LA says …  – how Hillary became the candidate.  
Then too there is all that money to the Clinton Foundation via Uranium One
Transparency is the key. Campaign Finance Reform was/is a joke!  In politics law makers & law breakers will do what they do & let the people complain after they are firmly seated back in the swamp!


Mark de LA says
  • What effect will crypto currencies have on money in politics? Most of the transactions are anonymous.
  • Can there be a special crypto currency specifically for campaign finance & any other one used to finance a campaign made illegal?
  • Can the flood gates be opened since the dam is overflowing & let in any money then too what about foreign money?
  • It is not really money but access to the M$M & on the ground community organizing tricks
  • What about voter ID ?
  • Internet, twitter, facebook, etc ..
  • Without some kind of control could not China buy the USA?
  • Manchurian Candidates ?  AND 
  • Can billionaires like Gates, Trump, Buffett & Bloomberg buy the presidency?
    • Billionaire List by countries USA #1 (***)
    • Billionaire List within USA Gates #1 (***
  • Finally, can a system be invented & certified that will make it transparent & available to the electorate in a real time manner ?

Mark de LA says
As an aside could multiple parties such as there may be in Israel & the UK work better to obtain concensus or will it just be a huge auction block for who gets to the top?

Mark de LA says
Money as a system of control: null THIS serious shit!