Anything change except the Labels


Since Herblock died in 2001
(this cartoon was stuck in one of my father’s math books)
not much has changed or has it?


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Seth says

Mark de LA says
null I’m wondering if the new McCarthyism (anti-communist) is not just plain political correctness.
(racism,sexism, homophobia,religion, islamophobia….. Globalism)

Seth says
… as if #PoliticalCorrectness was a bad thing, and not just a manner of behaving on which we #agee.

Mark de LA says
#PoliticalCorrectness is other people telling you what you should think & how you should think it. Maybe such is good in your world, not mine! – with #M$M #collusion .  Religion used to do that . Nowadays social media, M$M and the opposite $M & those with money do it.  I prefer to think live & on my own.

Seth says
Well nobody can tell you (force you) to believe.  Clearly that is something upon which even we can agree.  So if you do follow a particular #PoliticalCorrectness  (because you identify with those who do) it is because you consent to do so.  Reliious doctrine is such a case in point … for example the Fifth Commandment.

Mark de LA says
Maybe you also don’t understand the purpose of the U.S. Constitution.  Although AA  in his thing on money  as control, I think describes it quite profoundly in the idea of law. It is in a section on lawyers & how the law is formed as fixed after zillions of hours & years of precedent; comparing that to how digital currency is evolving.

Mark de LA says
I’ve told you before the only thing I “identify with” is ME. nullnull

Mark de LA says
Those who like to play with #identitygroups do so in order to malign or praise others while an individual insult or praise might fall short of any value at all. It is almost like group punishment outlawed by the Geneva Convention only different.  It generally goes against your #AlreadyAlways assertion of a Me(I) when you want to talk of your difference.

Seth says
Well the constitution and the law are agreements.  They even contain agreements on the consequences that are forced on people if they do not follow the law.  Using money is yet another way to #agree.  None of that contradicts anything that i have said here.

Mark de LA says
You don’t really read what I say – you mostly use it as a touchstone to write something about.
found elsewhere: (FB)

Seth says
well i havent’s had a chance to listent to the whole of AA’s talk … but i do not see how it could possibly militate against the law being an agreement.  that is the only thing which this thread about #PoliticalCorrectness hinges upon.

Mark de LA says
Sorry, not a touchstone (I looked up the etymology of the word) – must be a just an inducement to argue.

Mark de LA says
Nope! but just another thing that you eventually will go #FOMO on some day null xor NOT.

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