We are real messy human.

About: We are real messy human @ Seattle Rep Theater

The Humans
by Stephen Karam
directed by Joe Mantello
produced as part of the official Broadway national tour

November 17, 2017 – December 17, 2017
Bagley Wright Theatre

Stephen Karam’s The Humans is an uproarious, hopeful, and heartbreaking play that takes place over the course of a family dinner on Thanksgiving. Breaking with tradition, Erik Blake has brought his Pennsylvania family to celebrate and give thanks at his daughter’s apartment in Lower Manhattan. As darkness falls outside the ramshackle pre-war duplex and eerie things start to go bump in the night, the Blake clan’s deepest fears and greatest follies are laid bare. Our modern age of anxiety is keenly observed with humor and compassion in this new American classic that won the 2016 Tony Award™ for Best Play.

“The Best Play of the Year!” – The New York Times

We are booked to see this on a matinee null

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Mark de LA says
yet another #birdie

Seth says
your knee jerk #aug of “we” is showing again null

Mark de LA says
Your knee jerk #aug response is showing again null
Actually it is quite on point since I DON’T AGREE & yet your use of the word WE (Xor your sign) assumes otherwise.

Seth says
Apparently you still don’t comprehend the way these #identitygroups work in relationship to the beliefs and #agreements which govern who is inside and who is outside … which choice you are 100% in control of to the extent to which you do control your own being.

Mark de LA says
Apparently you still don’t comprehend that everything besides ME is otherness; that is the point of an I.

Seth says
well shucks if that is the way you want to live, then certainly no one can force your hand. 

null Strangely however i think you will find that it  is just as difficult to disagree with everyone, as to agree with someone null #PML   Inevitably you will encounter somebody who agrees with something with you yourself align. 

In your case that seems mostly to be #RushLimbaugh.  I don’t know,  at the subtext goes, “We are real messy human.

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Dude, nothing to do with agreeing or disagreeing.
Maybe, someday contemplate the question “Who am I?” until you get the point.
Here is an example of why I don’t watch CNN https://www.infowars.com/triggered-media-goes-into-meltdown-over-trump-feeding-fish-in-japan/ 
that & they overtly ran a Trump impeachment paid advertizement when I turned it on last night to find their take on the Texas Church massacre yesterday. null

Seth says
Well on it’s face, your #aug against a #birdie has to do with your reluctance to #agree with it … because when someone speaks truthfully for a group, you always have the option to #agree with it or not.  Just because they said “we” does not compel you agreement.  In this case the playwright seems to be claiming that it is messy to be human … i see his point and agree … if you do not agree, if you think human is always neat and tidy, it still does not disprove the truth of his assertion to those of us who agree with him.  He speaks “we” only for those of us who assent … include yourself in that group, or not.  That is the choice of your being … and, yes perhaps, does bear on “who you are?”.

Mark de LA says
Yep, you don’t read my words xor understand them .

Seth says
well shucks enlighten me … i have done my best to understand your objections to people speaking “we” … and to this day i do not think it is justified yet it is quite annoying and redundant.   Surely you can not still just be laughing at #GW’s joke.

Mark de LA says
You wouldn’t read the words xor understand them.  null
You life DonQuixote quest seems to be to find others such that as a group you can say WE to them. #IDK whether it is the protection of a crowd, a reaction to GW’s secrecy (which you also don’t understand) xor something else.  Only you when you contemplate your Ego (I am in Latin) is likely to discover it. 
from a previous post:

& the jousters at windmills & Don Quixote’s of the World:

Mark de LA says
Urban dictionary on the singular of the word shuks:

Seth says
i use “shucks” to express an attitude of disagreement and to imply that it is #nbd … no big deal that i disagree … nothing to negatively emote about.   It is quite a different thing to say, “that is a bannana, asshole null null”, than to say, “shucks that is a bannana”.   Come on dude, does it not feel different to hear it?

tag #shucks

Mark de LA says
It doesn’t feel any kind of authentic (except perhaps your above) or genuine more like just a pose.null

Seth says
Well it is true that, especially recently, i am on a quest to notice the power of agreement in society in general null … thanks for noticing yourself null.

#agreement’s power  is not in how it “protects” an individual … but rather in how it competes as in this meme:  the more people agree on X, the more X exists.  Some things are not that way, but certainly all of the political and religious propositions we argue over are subject to the truth of that meme.  

I can not fathom how that could be directly related to #GW’s secrecy … that is kind of a different issue with me.  In any case, i discovered this on my own … and expressed it here starting with that which i have said under the tag #WillToBelieve.  Strangely enough, it may be one of the places where me and nathan agree … but he does not ack that all things are not subject to that meme … eg “that the sun rose this morning right on time”.

Seth says
shucks when i express an opinion which “sucks”,  i am honestly telling you my attitude towards that on which we disagree. i tell you quite intentionally.  and yes, that attitude is the pose that i am enacting.  Any feeling you have about me being angry or disturbed,  is nothing but something that you yourself are concocting.

Si says
Yes, trying to maintain a singular external shared reality is a really messy business.  

… but, it’s not the only way. It’s messy because it is a game on top of reality. Line up with the intrinsic nature of reality itself and there are bountiful shared experiences available that are not messy at all. That being human is a messy business is only one of the games people come to play.

Seth says

Seth says
yep nathan,

when i am 100% just inside my own reality, i can make it up to be whatever neatness that i desire.

but when i live on the edge … in the world of others … i can not, nor will i, nor do i want to straighten out everybody else’s business.  me, i much prefer to live in the #messy uncertain world of others.  it invigorates me. 

Mark de LA says
I get that you folks are different: null  (**)
   ← N,S → 

Seth says

Seth says
… not too far off … notice the phenomena of #binocular vision … the more views the better.

i have this narrative that goes every consciously living human is like one neuron of the whole being that is humanity.  one single eye is not very resilient … not robust.  this human being is changing … is waking up … let us see with it together.

Si says
Yes exactly, as Abraham teaches, get out of everyone else’s business. Stay in your own. It’s your reality and you are creating it. Whenever you would get into the business of creating reality for others you are just wasting your time and draining your own energy and usually making them feel bad, or mad, to boot. How can anyone think that they know better what someone else needs or wants than that other? It’s just arrogant nonsense!  

It is invigorating to live on the leading edge creating your own reality, and to let others create their own reality. Stay in your own business. 

Si says
That’s right seth. We are like the cells of a single organism. And just like that, we are one organism and one actual consciousness. Realize that it takes all of us to be a complete being … just don’t get lost in the veal of the boundaries between us … those boundaries are only a thin illusion.

Isolate yourself as a discrete other and separate yourself, part of your experience, from the rest of yourself, your whole experience, at your own risk of incompleteness and inefficiency! It is all you … your whole experience … is you.  

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