Where Am I ?

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  1. where am i?
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Seth says

Seth says

Where is what you effect?

Mark de LA says
.. somewhere else unless I am effecting myself.

Seth says
Well  where is your life?  Where is the movement of a train relative to the terrain through which it travels?

Do you identify with the  “Axiom of being: A being lives by changing relative to others, not relative to itself
… or with its opposite?

Mark de LA says
I think I said NEITHER before.  ← If you missed it here it is again! null
This is somewhat of an inspiration – please don’t argue it.


Seth says
yep, too deep to go into with our current shared vocabulary … and i agree, certainly not a thingy to argue.  even myself i can barely see it … though the more i play with it the stronger it becomes.

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