Bitcoin vending machine in the South Center Mall

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two shots of the screen …

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Mark de LA says
I wonder if it goes through a bank or if it speaks bitcoin protocol directly to the peer-2-peer networks. null

Seth says

Seth says

it uses

Mark de LA says
Do you feed it a credit card or $$ or ??

Seth says
only way to proceed is to insert your card … you cannot start a transaction with cash.

Mark de LA says
it is already getting your DL# – not anonymous any more.

Seth says
how else could an account be established except by some form of “physical evidence” of identity?

Mark de LA says
download a wallet to your smart phone.

Seth says
well to use the vending machine, you need a card to stick into it to start the transaction.  i do not think there is anything that communicated direct from the vending machine to your smartphone app.  but i agree, that seems strange.

Mark de LA says
I think the trial version of #AA book Bitcoin tells you how.  Now to get money into it you may need to start with cash & an exchange or find someone who will pay you in bitcoin. Try it with your business maybe. Go to a meetup somewhere & give someone some cash to send you some millibitcoins … today a single bitcoin is worth $7192 which means you are likely to get a fraction of one for $10 . may help.

Seth says
yeah maybe …. eg, … or even … which is a Webinar that even you could attend.

Mark de LA says

Seth says

Mark de LA says
I am still waiting till I get a smart phone.

Seth says
want my old one? … several generations behind, but i believe it was still working … but honestly, i wouldn’t wish old technology on you.   nevertheless you can get one today even with the cell phone plan quite affordably … word has it that some company is giving away androids with an affordable plan.

Mark de LA says
I’m not in a hurry.  no plan is affordable.  just finished a refi on the house.  got rid of old retarded non smart phone just the other day. still seeing how well the new refi works out.

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Thanks for the offer – what is the model?

Seth says
i’ll see if i can find it in the junk pile

Mark de LA says
wow! Bitcoin went above $8000 yesterday!

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