You Are the Changemakers ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have listened and you have received, and you have opened yourselves up to so much information, and many of you are waiting and wondering, because so much has been spoken and written about, and yet very little has changed on planet Earth. There have been promises that have been made about changes, and new systems of government, new economies, and a complete lack of borders.

And you listen, and you read, and you wait. We suggest that you don’t wait any longer for the changes to occur. Instead, we invite you to usher in those changes yourselves by creating for yourselves that which you want to experience. We are not suggesting that you all drop out of society altogether, but what we are suggesting is that you begin to live as though the changes have already taken place.

Stop giving your attention to leaders in government, politicians. Stop pretending that they have control and power over you. Do not believe for a second that all you need to do is vote the right people in. The changes begin with you. You are the changemakers. You are the ones who believe us when we talk about a new Earth, when we talk about peace, harmony, and equality. You know that everyone on planet Earth can be properly fed, clothed, and housed, easily.

When you let go of your resistance to the way things have been and the way things are, and you do more than just believe, that’s when you will see the changes occurring. And that’s when you will become the powerful versions of yourselves that you always knew you would be in this lifetime. Take back your power. Empower yourselves, and start making the changes happen from within yourselves and from within your communities.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


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  2. SoYouSay
  3. FOMO
  4. FOBiC


Si says
The world around you is changing rapidly and hugely. Many things you thought you knew are becoming invalid moment by moment. Many things you imagined as a better experience are actually happening all around you right NOW. Don’t miss the boat by hanging on to patterns of thought that have served your life before this moment. As long as you are alive it is not too late to experience your dreams for humanity as manifested reality.

I implore you to join us.
 #SeriTD and facilitating your changes to your reality ?

Mark de LA says
Youtubies for the tubies: null

Si says
The point is authentically find the “Tubes” or whatever media speaks to you … raises your vibration and helps you drop the patterns that have served you so far.

The point is “Stop giving your attention to leaders in government, politicians. Stop pretending that they have control and power over you. Do not believe for a second that all you need to do is vote the right people in [or think more politically correct].”.

The point is … change NOW, or miss the boat this time around. The boats are sailing NOW, are you? Will you this lifetime? 

Mark de LA says
Been sailing for years, … just not on your boat.null

Si says
You have been circling out at sea. Finding the courage to journey forward. The armada is on the move NOW. You don’t have to miss this particular excursion … but if you do, there will always be another.

Mark de LA says
#SoYouSay I am not having any  #FOMO Xor any effects of not joining your armada or religion or whatever it might be.

Si says
I know. Your defenses against change are near absolute. That is the muscle you have deveopled in this lifetime.

For you it is not #FOMO, but rather Fear of Being Changed. Or in other words #FOBiC 

Mark de LA says
On the contrary, I am evolving, metamorphosing according to my own choices & free will – NOT yours – gather your groupies somewhere else!

Si says
Notice how you said “NOT yours” … and notice how that same need is expressed whenever you speak of your own evolution. That is the indicator pointing to your place of blindness. It is the indicator which we can label #FOBiC.

In truth, it is never my choices or my reality or my path that determines anything about you at all. When you are free of being #FOBiC, you will feel that reality and will no longer have a need to speak about the possibility of anyone else (not just me) controlling or affecting you. You won’t even seek out such postings in the world at large and repost them here as you often do now. This is one way you will know you are actually on YOUR path

Mark de LA says
XOR something else – #done

Si says
… and that is what you always say/do when we get to the heart of the matter. Someday, you will not turn here.  

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