Throw the Bums Out !

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I once subscribed the unworkable idea that the electorate should send a stern message to the congress and get rid of all incumbents. Somebody must have been thinking of that before because not all of congress is up for re-election at the same time. . If you could get everyone who votes to vote for the other guy you might only have to do it once in your lifetime because it would soon be obvious to politicians that it is the people who have the power. Unfortunately, that is unworkable.  I noticed in recent elections that people were trading votes over the internet in the mistaken idea to frustrate electoral politics (the overall vote count for a minor candidate would remain the same but in places where the candidate couldn't win votes would shift to  say the Green party ). The biggest unworkability is that most voters will think their candidate is OK but all the others is corrupt. The second most unworkability is how could you trust any agreement between the voters on how they might vote given that balots are secret.

There once was a party called "Throw the Bums Out!" - the last I looked I couldn't find it. If I could, I would certainly give them publicity.

Throw the bums out -ALL of them!