A monetized Blockchain Blog?

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Interesting way to monetize something like Wikipedia.  This one haired off of the Everpedia a blockchain version of Wikipedia. https://www.coindesk.com/encyclopedia-blockchainica-wikipedia-co-founder-disrupt-creation/ 
P.S. Lightning is a layer on Bitcoin that makes transactions more instant.  (***)

Great power comes with..
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This will never see any mainstream adoption...
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LN is quite nice, but I still have to pay fees per LN-TXn??! WTF!!!
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This is the fucking future.
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Infinite number of mathematicians walk into a bar
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Bitcoin Vs Bitcoin Cash
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Where to experience the Lightning Network? Look no further.
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Why the Lightning Network channel can’t Increase balance?
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Roger Ver opens a gofundme page to buy for soap, toilet paper and a toothbrush.
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Goodbye Ethereum
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Bitcoin Joke
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Y’alls Slack
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Why tBTC (Lightning Network for BTC) will rule the future and will be the next coin to $20k
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Y’alls Payouts FAQ
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I can’t stop paying for articles
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Knock knock... my first article will be about lightning and a storm..
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How do you learn ore about the lighnting protocol, so to be useful to te Bitcoin community?
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Dr. Julian Hosp: What are potential scaling solutions?
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Roger Ver thinks insider trading is not a problem.
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Si says

Si says
Can bitcoin handle true micro payments? i.e. payments less than 1 cent, like perhaps even 1/10 of one cent?

Obviously it would be possible to coinize selected thoughts here.

Mark de LA says
Apparently, without digging too deep, they are talking about testnet bitcoins a totally different fork.
https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Testnet  – I suspect the only way one can get some is to do some mining like the original bitcoins before exchanges. xor open a “faucet” .

Mark de LA says
BTW even plastic has a service charge these days sometimes hidden & sometimes like ATM fees purchasing gasoline.   I pay for gas at the pump from my ATM & pay 35¢ for the privilege.  Bitcoin has a service charge . I think it approaches (see chart) null . It used to be around 50¢ some time ago now $40.
The smallest amount of a real Bitcoin is called a satoshi & is a 100th of a millionth of a bitcoin. 
The value of a Bitcoin recently today is $15497.  Multiply that by 0.00000001 & you get $0.00015497 the smallest amount of bitcoin which can be bought.  A mill is 1/1000 of a dollar or a 10th of a cent.

Si says
Okay. So we could charge 1 cent per view and still take say 10% of that for the site and 90% to the author. That’s good.

Mark de LA says
The transaction costs now $40 to do, I think not worth it.  Wait maybe for the bubble to burst xor try the Testnet version above to work the bugs out of the process. I don’t have a cell phone – the safest place to keep a wallet outside of hardware –  Windows is said to be hack city.
I think the Testnet version has no real value.

Si says
Yes, well I don’t understand the transaction fee. Obviously a $40 fee would make using bitcoin for average few dollar online purchases undoable … and yet sites are using bitcoin now for all kinds of basic purchases. Also the spec says transaction fee is optional. The software looks fairly easy to implement. All the fluff built into the process is quite another matter to figure out. Bitcoin seems like a speculators dream, and a consumers nightmare, to me at the moment.

Yes, testing lots before doing is encouraging.

Mark de LA says
Yep with a swing of > $1000 daily it is not for the faint at heart.  The Ethereum coin called eth is $809 a bubble because bitcoin is bubbling. The Testnet has no value cuz is has no exchanges for real money as far as I can tell. I just found one for testing though https://news.bitcoin.com/coinsecure-launches-testnet-bitcoin-exchange-wallet/

Mark de LA says
Bitcoin transaction fees on YouTube. I like #AA → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPQMCVVhExY

Si says
Seems to me the only practical consumer bitcoin transaction would be to create a wallet of the spending amount, use it to purchase, and discard it, all in one transaction so that the bitcoin value could not change. Not sure if this is being done anywhere, but some indication that it is.

Seems that Lightning Bitcoin solves the micro transaction problem in respect to transaction fees etc. Doc says Lightning is not ready, but Y’Alls (above) seems to say that it is now being used, at least there.


Mark de LA says
Perhaps there are systems like that in Ethereum which has smart contracts.  In your system what happens if the guy on the receiving end of the coin says he didn’t get it & he lives in Zimbabwe ?
There are all kinds of digital currencies now not just bitcoin.  The challenge is hacking & workability.

Si says
(why do you start a whole new comment thread when this is really a continuation to the prior thread?)

Well I don’t care about systems in use. My interest in your article above is that Y’All seems to be successfully charging 1 cent per view of articles … and that would be a great thing for us to be able to do. At 1 cent, who is going to really care much if transactions sometimes fail etc.?

Y’All seems to be using the brand new Lightning network. If that can be used now, we could use it too and that could draw customers here because they could get paid per view of their thoughts and lots of people are likely to love that possibility … and our thoughts are a much richer document format and integrated resource than the single articles at Y’All seem to be.

Successful micro payments for viewing and for various services is kind of the holy grail of the next generation of the Internet. If there is a way to do it now … it is worth getting in on the ground floor. Just having it will draw customers like gnats to honey. I would easily pay 1 cent up to 100 times a day for services and information that I actually want … especially if it got rid of the overly obtrusive advertising that is plastered everywhere on the internet right now. null  

I’m thinking things like 1 cent for one view, 5 cents to view it for a month … and 50 cents to have unlimited access … and perhaps even allow authors to set such things and amounts on a thought by thought basis with free being the default.

Si says
(You don’t allow new thoughts in this group by others so I have to keep piling new info here on this thought 😡)

Here is the latest tech news on the Lightning network


… and here is how you get and spend test bitcoins on the Lightning network, including Y’All 
Buy yourself a cup of Blockachino! ☕️


… and here is where you get the alpha Lightning Network daemon

which runs under GO and there is a GO runtime environment available for GCloud app services … hence we should be able to run the daemon as an API resource with on-demand loading for virtually nothing.

#BitCoin #LightningNetwork #MicroPayments #Blockachino #TestNetwork

Si says
Interesting thoughts to be having on this the TRUE NEW YEAR transition. 💃

Mark de LA says
#IDK what a true new year transition is versus the other ones.  Are you just referring to the winter solstice?

Mark de LA says
I originally made this group (11-15-17) for my own personal research on the subject & didn’t want a bunch of opinions & chatter to side track my trains of thought . If something appears to be in a different place than where I (xor you)  should put it be advised that was the quickest place to put it while I was capturing the ideas at the time or several different groups at once when I discovered it. AND I started this group.

Mark de LA says
how do you know they are collecting the 1¢ – did you try it & read a whole article?

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
Did you try any of that?

Si says
Yes, I bought some jokes using test coins and the web based wallet. Worked good... But still has the issue that you have to have coins in your wallet ( test queens in this case ) which leave them open to price fluctuation. Still looking into the idea of purchasing coins and spending them all at the same  Basic moment so that the price does not fluctuate while you hold them..

Si says
Yes. I used the Lightning Network web based test wallet. Super easy. They give you about $4.50 in starter test coins.


Si says
Okay. But I can’t help you directly here since I can’t make thoughts. It is possible, but way to cumbersome for me, to record fresh research in comments only. Too cluttered. And I hate having gazillions of groups … also too cluttered. And I don’t like filling up my personal group with everything in the universe like Seth does either. Blockchain research should rightfully go here in this group.  

Si says
The winter solstice is the natural change of the year, yes. It is the real transition between Sagittarius and Capricorn, and it is the natural null point in the cycle between one year and the next. As Tesla showed us, the null point in a cycle is where change in a cycling system can effortlessly occur … so if you want to make more effective new years resolutions, do them today.  

Long ago the Church deliberately skewed the Gregorian Calender new year away from the solstice so that human energy would be out of sync with the natural energy rhythms of the cosmos. Much easier to “influence” humans who are not in flow with the natural rhythms of their world.

Si says
Conversation forked to thought 24875

Mark de LA says
Yep, we used to celebrate the Winter Solstice in the PJ2 warehouse days. I don’t do resolutions in the traditional new year bs.

Si says

Mark de LA says
I can open it up & see how it flows.  If it gets overlayed with opinions, contradictions & the usual LOA stuff then I will close it up or make my own stuff private.null

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