New Year's Eve - Chill Map

Seems as if Calif is not a bad place to stay warm(er) today:



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Si says
If staying warm is your thing I guess.  

We are doing a midnight river dip, 15 degrees outside, about 30 degrees water temperature. It’s a great way to live, celebrate, and stay ferociously healthy! πŸ’¨πŸ’ͺ

Mark de LA says
I’ve done cold & freezing in northern Japan, Colorado, D.C., Wyoming, Rhode Island,  Utah etc.   I prefer warm like in Hawaii & sometimes in the Virgin Islands & in Tahiti .  There was a recent post from a guy that was trying to climb Mt. Everest in his shorts – sounds like your crowd for sure. thumbs up

Si says
Yep, Wim Hof. He did that. 

It works. Have had several amazing cures in our community with this method.

Mark de LA says
last trip he injured his foot

Si says
Yes. But not with frostbite null

The point is not that he jumped into a Volcano and broke his arm … the point is he survived the fire! (or in this case, ice)

And the real point, as you know if you have done similar, is that it completely reboots your immunity system returning it to optimal functioning. It is like rebooting a computer that has become clogged with running programs and viruses. It does this because when faced with sudden cold the immunity system shuts down to give energy to the body … but then after 3 to 5 minutes of cold it starts back up again at renewed optimal functioning. That’s why you get a “cold” if you go outside in the winter and then right back in … but you won’t get a cold if you stay outside without a jacket.

Mark de LA says
& TR has a dunking pool of cold water in his place in Florida (saw it on the I am not your guru thingy) – said to improve the testosterone . 

Si says
Yes. Tony does the hot-cold-hot dunk every day he can. Tony is a big Wim Hof’er advocate. And yes, I have noticed a considerable increase in testosterone using the method myself. Even just doing it in a cold bathtub does that. It not only improves lobito, but also removes aches and pains and causes straighter posture that reduces things like back pain. The one down side is that it causes a quicker tendency to approach conflict with aggressiveness … but that can be controlled with proper mediation.

Mark de LA says
Yep, so do the Russians.

Si says
… and I am enjoying that you agree on all the benefits, that’s real, and that is good … and also notice the qualifier you provided above of “it’s not for me” … which is your unwritten tag-line for nearly everything anyone does that is not necessary for your personal chosen lifestyle. null

Me … I like living … not just existing.

Life is not to arrive at the grave in a pristine body … but to slide in sideways, totally worn out, shouting “holy shit, what a ride!” … for if not, then what is the point of dieng and getting a new body anyway?

Mark de LA says
The whole world (~ 6 billion people) is composed of others with just one trivial exception! Guess who?

(I should be able to charge for this comment)!

Si says
p.s. I bought this thought.  

It would be nice if people buying our thoughts appeared as a news item wouldn’t it? Nice to know when people do that.

Si says
Yes. I looked into charging on comments. Doable, but quite a bit of extra code bloat for a feature that doesn’t really seem necessary to me. If one really want’s to make an outstanding comment that is worth charging for, all they need do is fork the comment prior to it and write it up as a new thought … which if it really is so memorable, it then isn’t it really a thought of it’s own?

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
that would be just you & I – almost like the flagging feature nathan .

Si says
… and if all of those ~ 6 billion people were truly living their “lives” as fully as their greatest excitement compelled them to moment to moment … then this planet would be a virtual garden of Eden full of exceptionally happy and well balanced people!


Mark de LA says
It is easy to extrapolate like a penny a thought & in 3500 posts we would have our monthly $35 costs.

Si says
Oh I don’t know about that. Look how many thousands and thousands of people have made pay for comment’s on Yall’s website in the last 2 weeks, and it isn’t even a real site. Once our system is able to return real revenue (not just test coins) then people will be drawn to create stuff that they can charge for … it’s human nature.

Si says
Yes, something like that. It’s the basic idea. The actual math is more like three times that number of sales as I am expecting to pay the author 2/3 and the site 1/3 of every coin.

But I am also planning on allowing the author to set the amount between 1 and 10 cents … so that authors with more sought after content can charge more and that will be more for us too.

Mark de LA says
Funny thing I never heard of Y’All until I started my interest in the Lightning network. Maybe charging for something gives it value – maybe not. One might need to create a critical mass of interest.  #AA has done that with Bitcoin & even the Lightning Network. Then too the bubble in the value of a Bitcoin has been news enough to generate M$M news occasionally.

Si says
Y’All didn’t exist (except in prototype) before that article you posted about. That very article (and all it’s re-telling’s) is what put Y’All on the map. 

The point of Y’All is also the volcano point. It’s not that someone made a volcano and tried jumping in it … it is that so many people want to jump in a volcano too! It shows that people will, even just to try it … and that’s money to be had.

Mark de LA says
Like the news WSJ, Wapo, NYtimes & others M$M now have a pay turnstile to read … & I don’t use them since I figure I can always find the news somewhere else.  Same goes even further for other things besides news..  What may make an item interesting is a know author or thing like “Tesla’s Killer Death Ray” .
BTW #AA ‘s 2nd edition of Mastering Bitcoin is free on Gethub ; along with the code & the Atlas Publisher .

Si says
Yes, only extreme news will make it into pay turnstiles. I agree. But that is only looking at blogging and writing as news sources.

The real value is in people getting caught up in doing it. Facebook has millions of posts every day and most of it is not news. People mostly post to out-post their peers. Same is happening at Y’All. People are posting simply to see if they can write something that will get more coins than what other people have posted.

People will be able to do that here for real. Teens, for instance, will give no thought to dumping a dollar a day or more into out-posting their friends … and the winner will have more than just post visibility and higher friend counts like they do on FB … the winners will be getting substantial real revenue! And that will drive more and more to try and be winners. It will not matter what is posted, only that people compete to see who can post something that makes more money than the next guy. Humans, in general, love tha game and the price is low enough here that anyone can play.

Mark de LA says
Anyway Happy New Year – 

Si says
Yes, H a p p y . N e w . Y e a r ! ! !

What is interesting to me is that you and Seth envisioned and participated in creating great content sharing software … but at the same time, you and Seth are the odd man’s out in using it … and that is, to me, the primary reason you guys have never profited from it. You expect others to want to use it like you want to … and that is only a very small niche. Most people want to do things you have no interest in doing … and with the “most people want” is where the money is.

Mark de LA says
I quit pushing it years ago . It is sufficient for what I want to do although rough still in places.

Si says
Right. Well obviously it is not rough in any of the areas I use it, because if it were, I would fix that roughness and have for everything I use it for.  But that is just showing that 3 people use it 3 entirely different ways.

I am interested in anything that can allow this software (which I have put a year plus of work into) to generate a revenue stream, of any kind, without a lot of maintenance work involved. The value in Y’All and Lightning Bitcoin is that they are showing where the money trail is … and what they are showing is that the money is in practical micro-payments for goods and services … and coincidentally, not even in bitcoin at all … Bitcoin is only emotional candy in the money trail here.

Mark de LA says
What I am interested in now is DAO stuff like w/ Ethereum & Decentralization . It is the beginning of social change & perhaps a path out of the swamp of government corruption. Perhaps there is some way to obtain human consensus outside of the mathematical blockchain consensus.

Si says
The next big wave of change will be mostly about people coming ot the realization that it is okay to have different reality experiences and that they do not need to agree. Agreements will shift to heart centric concepts, not logical ones.

The idea that agreement needs to be based in the physical and logical world is an Ahrimanic concept, and so incidentally is Blockchain despite it’s promise of freeing us from Government controlled money. Blockchain and similar systems will be the systems of those who stay locked into the Ahrimanic experience of life. It will be based on proof and cooperation via physical based systems. The bulk of humanity will be shifting to heart centered systems of interaction and validation.

Mark de LA says
So you say your opinion. Many float around & some sink to the bottom feeders.  I see more alignment with RS’s Threefold Commonwealth with the new tools than anything you are up to.

Si says
Well as RS himself said more than once, it will be quite easy to be fooled. One only need ask, “what does my heart say about this?”. When the answer is “what your heart says is irrelevant”, as the answer will be about anything based on the physical lock step of Blockchain, then one can know that the system is a false one, at least in terms of my philosophy and the Threefold Commonwealth (which I don’t have any disagreement with … only sometimes your personal spin on it).

I am not saying Blockchain is bad. Only that it is not “the system” which will support the next age outside of Ahriman’s domain, that’s all. As to all things Ahrimanic, it will have use and purpose.

Mark de LA says
Y’All half-assed On Ahriman.

Si says
Huh? I can’t parse meaning or humor into that. Please be more specific.

I am very clear about what Ahriman is. Ahriman is a purpose and a balance … one leg of the triangle structure that supports human experience. Neither good nor bad … just a possible direction of the force choices.

Mark de LA says
Well then New Year's Eve - Chill Map (comment 83212) is mostly garbage you switched over to blockchain when you ran out of connections between ahriman & whatever.

Si says
I don’t understand, this is all very consistent. Ahriman is a direction of force and choice and a necessary component of reality experience. Blockchain lies along the same vector by its tightly controlled physical and logical nature. Because of that fact, Blockchain is not well suited for those seeking a mechanism with a vector in the direction of the Christ force and heart (which vector is also not good or bad, just another direction humanity happens to be currently heading toward). As is foretold by many, humanity will split for a while with some staying aligned with the Ahrimanic vector and Blockchain will well serve those who do as well as all others by it’s use on that vector. Blockchain is useful and neither good or bad, simply not the Threefold Commonwealth solution you are looking for. The indicators are there which tell us this. There will be another mechanism with a heart component built in. That is how you will recognize it.  

What is inconsistent, half-assed, or out of alignment with common knowledge in any of that? It is a very well understood and clear concept matched with all the input sources in common between your reality experience and mine. The only thing in apperent difference is not the knowledge itself, but in how I present it as if I know it to be true … and because it is sourced from my reality experience, I do know that it is true. Your reality experience may differ … and that is quite alright … no conflict … our experiences are not identical and need not be.

Si says

When someone buys one of your thoughts a notation to that effect will appear in your comment news stream.

Mark de LA says
Something says you purchased this thought (for the second time?) . Anyway I can’t see anyone wanting to purchase your New Year's Eve - Chill Map (comment 83216) .  Try some of that baloney on other people & see how many real people buy it.null  Maybe with BSCoins .

Mark de LA says
Are the coins part of the lightning network or totally imaginary?

Si says
New Year's Eve - Chill Map (comment 83216) is a very good presentation of critical thinking well aligned with both our realities. You can shit on it like you just did above … but you can’t easily pick it apart with further critical thought. Please try if you think you can. Anyone can call it baloney and bullshit. Not many have the mind to show it to be any different than I presented it. If you really think it is baloney … then please provide like critical thought to show what you think. You may use your own words … I can translate. 


Mark de LA says
I don’t care to waste my time arguing with you (xor whatever you call it!)

Si says
I call it exploring this rather intriguing idea about the nature of Blockchain. If you are truly interested in Blockchain and also if you truly think Blockchain is in concert with Threefold Commonwealth energy … then you will be able to show the thinking which leads you there. That’s all I am asking for.

Si says
Not sure what you mean by imaginary. They are real. They accumulate and trade in the cells of a database as does any real traded monetary value. At this time, there is no way to gain or sell them by trading for dollars or bitcoins. I am working on that.

So that we can test the integrity of the UI interface in the wild, outside my unit tests, I have provided an easy mechanism to assign you additional Thinking Coins™ at 10 a pop up to 30 at a time. When we go to live trading, I will reset all balances to 0 so that you can purchase your own with your credit card on Square or Paypal or with real bitcons. In the mean time, please make use of the feature so we can see how well it is working. Thanks!   

Mark de LA says
Did you just make up the coins without any blockchain ?

Mark de LA says
One of RS’s ideas on #threefoldness  is making the economy (the life blood of the social being) independent (mostly) from the governments –  Bitcoin does that. null The economy should operate so that goods & services are distributed where needed & wanted independent of the Executive, Legislative & Judicial frameworks w/ a lot more shorter pyramids of of direct involvement of all the parties affected.

Si says
The trades are stored as a chain of transactions which no system code deletes, yes. One would have to manually manipulate the database to break the chains.

I do not currently maintain the integrity of the chains with crypto hashing like Blockchain does as that is not really necessary in our self contained environment … it would only be necessary for the chains to exist freely in the wild outside this Thinking Domain™.  Someday though, that would be fairly easily possible if there is a need for Thinking Coins™ to exist outside of a single Thinking Domain™.

As far as “making up the coins” … Bitcoins are “made up” by consuming cpu cycles and electricity (bitcoin mining). Our coins are “made up” by consuming neuron energy in the brains of those who write and read the articles … the coins are “mined” by the dual process of creating an article to charge for and the associated reading of that article. Without that process, new coins are not made available beyond the initial offering of up to 30 per physical identity.

Mark de LA says
Existing Bitcoins are traded on exchanges & work for money fuels as well as propels the markets.  The incentive to maintain the blockchain was rewarded by coins otherwise who would do it. There are now places you can trade bitcoins for any currency including visa & other coins.

Si says
Yes, I understand. Perhaps someday Thinking Coins™ will trade on the open market.  

The important elements of the process, including a method of mining whereby no new coins are generated without creating and associated reading of articles, and chains of transactions, are emulated internally right now. Further development would allow Thinking Coins™ to be a practical monitory system for human created and consumed information. We are at the beginning of that now.

Imagine people everywhere mining Thinking Coins™, even at sites outside Thinking Domains™, by writing and reading. New coins would only be generated when both processes occur.

Or in other words, the incentive in Thinking Coin™ generation becomes the production of the highest quality of information … or at least, generating what people actually want to read and will trade coins to do so. πŸ‘ 😍

p.s. Verifying blockchains is not that difficult. Blockchain mining is also a process of solving complex math problems which are also validated by hash chains. Verifying transaction blockchains could simply be a necessary service of any entity that wants to trade in Thinking Coins™ and without all the extra computations which only serve to slow down the Blockchain mining process and regulate it. Our coins are self regulated by human effort to write good material.

Mark de LA says
Goood Luck!  Write something that someone else actually buys so that I can applaud! null

Si says

But seriously, I need some help testing the UI part of the process. If you would mark your new public articles to require payment, that would be great. It won’t actually prevent anyone from reading them because anyone can get coins here right now. It will let you know when you present something in a way that I actually want to read it though. It is more than just a Like, which says I like it … it is a hard coded confirmation that I actually uncovered your thought to read it. Nice stuff!

Mark de LA says
BTW the purchased thought notice never seems to go away.

Si says
It shouldn’t go away, but it should go down the list. Maybe you mean it stays on the top? Let me create something for you to buy so I can see that happen. The buy stream was not in existence yet when you bought the doc thought.

Si says
Well one new thing for the UI … I must put the ability mark a thought for payment ON THE THOUGHT CREATE EDITOR … otherwise the thought exists free for a few moments until the author can pull down the settings and check it paid.

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