Once in an altered state I visited a place where people “did the right thing” without haggling as to what that really meant. One can not really follow the Golden Rule by haggling. Community is the goal.  RS calls his the Threefold Commonwealth or Threefold Social Order.
Haggle not is the first rule of Art!
Another point of θιρθ is a “Synergy of Individuals” – There are three kinds of logic: (1) the part is less than the whole (2) the part is = the whole (3) the part is greater than the whole; tzu fraternity, equality & liberty, etc. V I T R E O L  ..2767
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don’t be a BELIEF robot - M.R.


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Si says
Exactly! That is why I speak directly. I don’t haggle or produce RWG … I simply state what is inspired within me by that which I perceive as I know it to be. I believe this is the only way one can actually achieve “doing the right thing” without haggling. I expect others to do the same and quite frankly, they do more and more nowadays.

Mark de LA says
Inside your head.

Si says
#hmmm … well, yes. Where else would I be able to find that which I perceive and experience? I don’t have access to what is in your head.

Mark de LA says
Not haggling is also informed by the Golden Rule with the aid of the heart chakra – rarely intellectual.

Si says
I agree. Haggling requires counter thought. Heart simply doesn’t do that. And all of that becomes very easy when one talks about the reality they are experiencing and believes that others will be doing the same … then there is nothing to have counter thought about … then one is free to choose what works and ignore what doesn’t.

Mark de LA says
did you really say anything though?

Si says
Yes. I added to what you said. Filling in more details that I perceive.

Mark de LA says
all mostly common generalizations …

Si says
Well I guess that is what you perceive.

What I see is that I added details for life rules, which when followed, allow one to approach closer to the goal you stated of doing the right thing without haggling. I added meat to the bones you laid out.  

This meat is how I approach the goal. My details will likely be useful to many. You may not like their taste … if so and you shit on them, that’s haggling … but if you don’t like the flavor, you simply don’t have to eat the meat either … and that’s what I am talking about … how to actually do that which you proposed and with a simple life perspective that intrinsically reduces the possibility of haggling.

Mark de LA says
If one is clever enough to sort the substance out of the pile of words you leave behind & your interpreting everything that does not agree with your point of view as “shitting on” …. null

Si says
When I say “shitting upon” I pretty much mean one of two things. Either degrading or demeaning humor, or RWG bait. I never mean “things that don’t agree with me”. In fact, I always welcome disagreement for that is the furnace in which we forge or next to be better. When I say shitting it is because you are basically just dropping a pile of it on whatever I say without any reason or even anything to agree or disagree with … you just dump. If you would provide any content to disagree with I would never hassle you about shitting.

Mark de LA says
Of course everything is justified in your mind – still the RWG pretending to be something else, whatever. 
see thought 19344 for more elaboration.

Shit happens & unhappens! null

Si says
And yet another good conversation goes south.

Notice the pattern … always the same.

You provide something stimulating to consider.

I (usually) agree and add more about it from my perspective.

You haggle with what I say … at the very least calling it piles of words or nothingness.

I attempt to clarify what I am saying.

You further demean what I am saying.

I start talking about the fact that you are being demeaning.

You degrade further, with less content, and finally just a pile of shit (often an image).


Notice that the haggling always starts on your end … some way in which you demean what I say, not disagree, I mean demean, they are quite different.
So much for putting your money where your mouth is as in the light of the above thought.
And if you don’t believe me, it’s all here in black and white … hundreds of times this same pattern in the last year or so, on comments and thoughts.
I really wish you would do what you say is the right thing to do.

Mark de LA says
Notice how for you it is always something wrong with the other person. This is why earlier today I say it is a waste of time to argue or talk with you unless I am kissing your ass. Stick to the technical stuff your philosophy/ontology is pellick!

Si says
I don’t like having my honest and heartfelt responses demeaned by you. No one likes that. If you judge that as something wrong with you, then why the hell do you do it? I am not judging … I simply do not like it!

Mark de LA says
& I don’t like your shit-assed responses to mine- get it yet!

Si says
Well there it is “shit-assed” … don’t you get how demeaning that is? My responses are ME. They come out of who I am and how I think. I don’t tailor them for you and to me they are not philosophy, they are the elements life itself. Do you consider how you think philosophy? My responses are the intelligence that is me authentically responding to what you offer in the manner by which I live and love. How do you so devalue another human that you demean the basic offering of who I am? How you justify that?

Mark de LA says
Go try out your stuff on some one else on say Facebook.  See if you can send your tone & temperament to some other person & see if they will reply – WOW! you are so brilliant, so insightful & so kind I would love to pay you money to say stuff like that to me & about me! 
Not me!null

Mark de LA says

Si says
What did I say in Thirth (comment 83239) and Thirth (comment 83241) and Thirth (comment 83243) that you took to be demeaning about you or negative tone?

I don’t see that I said anything about you even though you were downplaying everything I said. I kept to the context of authentically answering your questions and considering your general statements such as “all mostly common generalizations …”.

I actually like many of your prompts and enjoy responding in like kind as I am to them. Do you just want me to ignore everything you follow with unless it is content? I guess I can do that if it serves you.

Mark de LA says
#done = #done  we can counter-comment forever & never reach agreement.  I say table it all for now until there is some content which is worthy of a new tone in a new year rather than #SamoSamo

Si says

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