A Synergy of Individuals

This group serves to promote a Synergy of Individuals by fostering synergy through the free expression of diversity.

Quite often a group of people set out to practice a true synergy of individuals but ends up practicing an attempted synergy of like minded individuals instead. The individuals in the group attempt to push away that which is not like to their own core being. True synergy is not like that and cannot be obtained in that way. True synergy is unbridled, the interactive expression of all that is, not the expression of one or few. True synergy is of the heart, and does not reside in the logically constructed palace of the individual mind.

In this group diversity is honored. It is highly desired for alternative ideas, beliefs, and knowledge to be expressed as fully as any individual desires to do so. This cauldron of the ideas of all will serve to activate the magic of synergy and foster an experience which cannot be had alone or even in the company of like minded people.

In this group what is not desired, and will be deleted, is any pushing away, putting down, or demeaning of any ideas, even one’s own. For this practice of pushing away is what throws sand in the gears of synergy and prevents the critical mass from accumulating that allows the interactive energy, flow, and feeling of synergy to spring into being.

In practice, this simply means that if you disagree with someone, then express what you believe to the depth of your hearts desire in as much detail as you wish … and in doing so never devalue, tease, or demean what another believes or expresses in any way.