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  There are many “news” websites that tease you with a bunch of interesting pictures or headlines & then one has to weave their way to get to the meat of the story, if any & not just totally adverts & Blipverts . #EyeballSnares 
I like the Guardian they usually have much longer & in depth info in their stories. At least some who use #blockverts call their stories “promoted” xor “sponsored” or FB calls embedded posts as “suggested posts” …. etc.


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Mark de LA says
Facebook itself is getting harder & harder to tell which things are advertizements.  TV nowadays runs > dozen or more advertisements in a row –  luckily I have a DVR . I did look at some stuff on Amazon & now what I searched for appears on lots of other web pages. All hail the Xmas rush to purchase.  More & more I skip things unless they are from people I already know.

Mark de LA says
P.S. in the regular world one purchases programs by watching the advertisements (statistically) .

Mark de LA says
Get paid for your writing? xor while you drive around … 2 companies merging?