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() (facebook) & just for fun: (xor for nathan’s excitement)


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Si says
Enthusiasm is the most common emotion to be confused with excitement. I think mark often confuses the two. They are very different. Excitement is felt as a higher calling forward. Enthusiasm is felt as an enlargement or exaggeration of ego desire. When mark talks about serial killers being excited to kill, he is really talking about someone being enthusiastic to kill (or other similar emotions like fever, thrill, or intoxication). As far as I know it would not be possible to feel the true emotion of excitement in relationship to anything like killing. Humans are not wired to be called into a higher state of being through the expression of such things.

Mark de LA says
https://www.etymonline.com/word/enthusiasm  N has them ass-backward!

enthusiasm (n.)


c. 1600, from Middle French enthousiasme (16c.) and directly from Late Latin enthusiasmus, from Greek enthousiasmos "divine inspiration, enthusiasm (produced by certain kinds of music, etc.)," from enthousiazein "be inspired or possessed by a god, be rapt, be in ecstasy," from entheos "divinely inspired, possessed by a god," from en "in" (see en- (2)) + theos "god" (from PIE root *dhes-, forming words for religious concepts). It acquired a derogatory sense of "excessive religious emotion through the conceit of special revelation from God" (1650s) under the Puritans; generalized meaning "fervor, zeal" (the main modern sense) is first recorded 1716.


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Mark de LA says
Even TR used it that way & mentioned it in the Fire Walk Experience.  Excitement is just a triggering of the nervous system with adrenalin or some other chemistry or electricity!

Si says
XOR Excitement is really exactly what I am telling you it is. i.e. it is direct information from your higher self (or whatever higher form of conscious you subscribe to) telling you the best direction for you to move in, the best choice you can make, to move forward in the most harmonious way on the path of your evolving life.

Even if it is chemical based, what organizes those particular chemicals at that particular time?

In any case, this subject does not need to be debated. Anyone can simply treat excitement as guidance and follow it and see what happens. I have, and so I know. Those who I most often associate with have, and so they know. Anyone who has any doubt and wants to know … can. And quite easily. It is a very easy thing to do and it does not take much time to recognize the result pattern.

Mark de LA says
… & N proves he can’t/won’t read a dictionary. #Phui !  The less you write, the less nonsence there is to read.

Si says
I have already told you that I have no interest in external authority. Dictionaries have a useful non-authoritative purpose. They are there to help people communicate. The authoritative way you are using a dictionary serves to enforce your opinion and your chosen viewpoint of life … not a good use #IMHO. Use a dictionary to enhance and harmonize communication … to bring heart to co-operation.

Mark de LA says
… N is just pissing into the wind … how many people read it & agree if any? 

Si says
Mayhaps that is an attempt at humor. I don’t see things that way. I see that whenever I write something down I clarify it to myself, and that has infinite value. Some others find useful clarity to their own reality in what I write … and that is useful to them. You yourself find useful clarity in some of the things I write. You never admit it, but it is clear from the changes in the overall patterns of what you present and write over time.

Mark de LA says
Still #PissInTheWind ….