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Mark de LA says

Si says
As theoretically interesting as this is … who has done what with it at any time whereby something tangible and useful now exists because of this knowledge? This seems more like a mathematical art form than a living breathing member in our society at large. I have no doubt the theory is sound, but where does it apply in day to day living?

What can/have you do/done with it?

Mark de LA says
Reason & logic are good for the brain.  Try it!
Then too reason & logic are not for everyone these days.
I posted this mostly for Breck who designs complex lighting systems & I reposted it on FB for him. It was easier to compose here. Breck also understands the cube.

Si says
Well that is an interesting assumption. I don’t judge it, and at the same time I am curious?

Why are reason and logic good for the brain?
And if so, exactly what are the benefits to life?
And if so, are the benefits specific to one of the aspects of the trinity only? (i.e. would a primarily Christ centered life benefit?)
Do all benefit or only a specific quality or temperament of person?
Is it possible to have a fulfilling, holistic, productive, progressive, evolutionary, and fun life, well centered in giving to others, and not exercise the brain with reason and logic?

I know that it has been a common assumption that developing the brain with reason and logic is good for life … but I question everything (I am not a belief robot).  

Mark de LA says
Good! Now look back at what you have written & see what all the assumptions are uncovered in your questions. What are your core beliefs that cause you to ask such questions; many of which are just mismatches. Is it possible to ignore all of nathan ‘s ideas & have a happy & fulfilled life or even more?
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

Si says
Yes! I have a core belief that there is one primary thing-to-do in order to have the highest experience of life possible. That is to follow the emotion of excitement. The ability to follow the emotion of excitement is not dependent upon reason or logic, only upon one’s state of consciousness.

Having that belief causes me to question all other assumptions. Sometimes I find that other assumptions about life still add value, usually contextually. Like in this case, my base assumption could be true and it could be that those who favor the Ahramainc vector would benefit considerably by developing reason and logic, but that those favoring the Christ vector would have little or no benefit at all. I am not saying that is true, only using this as a possible example of deviation and contextual advantage.

But that is not what I asked. I asked, if you believe enhancing reason and logic to be of value, what value do you believe it gives? Clearly your life path has led you to believe in value here so you should, by reason and logic, be able to trace the foundation of your belief and why that belief has value. You have not answered that yet.  

Mark de LA says
Well, if you believe some of RS you would perhaps grasp why humans are developing their intellectual soul & consciousness soul. Otherwise my rottweiler has emotions & follows his nose & has a good life & even watches TV.  BTW, I don’t do Ahrimainc vectors – just more Ahriman abstractionism – reason & logic may help you avoid them XOR not.

Si says
Well as far as I know (from your prior telling and writing) you do do The Trinity. Doesn’t matter what labels I use, it’s The Trinity and that is all we are talking about here. Don’t get caught up in how I speak. I am different than you and I speak differently, that’s all.

Yes, I believe what #RS said at that time that he said it. Most of that was over 100 years ago now. Suppose that you are interpreting #RS correctly and in context, then when will we have sufficient development of these faculties to allow them to be instinctual instead of at the level of building a skill? As things go in this new epoch, 100 years is a long time … and certainly many things have changed in that 100 years in man’s development.

I also question, to some degree, your interpretation of #RS’s writings themselves. It seems to me you interpret what he said on top of some basic assumptions you have about life, ones you gained from #GW, and ones you gained from the general beliefs prevalent in time period of your youth. I see people in this time period making some different basic assumptions, a few of which impact quite distinctly how to interpret what #RS said.

Mark de LA says
vectors are about force – not the GW/RS distinctions at all

Si says
Vectors are a force and a direction. (See the movie Dispicable Me) I say the Trinity can be modeled as three forces with each it’s own direction for many of our purposes in applying The Trinity. Maybe you say it can’t, but if it can or can’t doesn’t impact anything I said above about The Trinity … calling each element a vector is only a label in this case. It’s how I think about them so is how I speak about them. You can think how you like and speak how you like. I adapt.  

Mark de LA says
Sorry I don’t need to watch a movie I have a BA in Math from UCLA.  Christ is Love, & beyond force.

Si says
Great. So now we can get back to the more interesting question, right?

Si says
p.s. The great thing about movies is that they can instill in us the value of abstract concepts in a real live context and environment instead of only in the contextual realm of numbers and diagrams.

p.p.s. Somewhere I remember hearing #RS talk about “The Christ force working in man” or a phrase very much like that.

Mark de LA says
I wonder null which one of these German words RS used in whatever lecture you “heard” #RS talk: 
Translations of force (Google translate)
  die Kraft force, power, strength, energy, vigor, might
  die Gewalt violence, force, power, control, mightiness
  die Macht power, force, might, strength, potency, sway
  die Truppe troops, force, troupe, company, army, corps
  die Stärke strength, starch, thickness, intensity, power, force
  die Wucht force, impact, weight, power, momentum, brunt
  der Druck pressure, printing, print, press, push, force
  der Zwang force, compulsion, coercion, constraint, pressure, duress
  der Einfluss influence, leverage, importance, inflow, sway, force
  die Mannschaft team, crew, squad
  zwingen force, compel, make, oblige, coerce, constrain
  erzwingen force, enforce, compel, extort
  drängen urge, push, force, crowd, rush, thrust
  forcieren force, push
  treiben drive, push, drift, propel, float, force
  nötigen compel, force, coerce, urge, impel, press
  aufzwingen impose, force
  aufdrängen force, obtrude, impose on, force on, push on
  zwängen force, squeeze, wedge, cram, worm, ram
  pressen press, squeeze
  beschleunigen accelerate, speed up, expedite, hasten, quicken, hurry
  antreiben drive, power, propel, push, urge, move
  durchsetzen put through, carry through, force, push through, achieve, accomplish
  überwältigen overwhelm, overpower, overcome, subdue
  aufbrechen start, break up, break open, set out, set off, force
  erstürmen storm, conquer, force, take by storm
  erbrechen vomit, regurgitate, throw up, be sick, bring up, regorge
  boxen box, fight, punch, push, hit, force

Si says
Well I think if #RS was alive today he would be quite happy to use the English world “force” in this context. That use is consistent with his overall expression of ideas #IMHO. 

Personally, I think you are just mismatching whatever I do or say because it rings your bell to think that I should not be allowed to speak as I do.

Mark de LA says
He also uses the term “life-force” which is NOT the same kind of “force” that vectors describe.

Si says
I agree. Life force is a scalar, not a vector.

But as I say, I fully believe #RS would approve of my treatment of the Trinity as vectors and that he himself correctly used the word force in relationship to the “Christ Force” which transitions through us in some of his lectures. That is my opinion.

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