Life, my friend, is not what you see, but what you’ve projected. It’s not what you’ve felt, but what you’ve decided. It’s not what you’ve experienced, but how you’ve remembered it. It’s not what you’ve forged, but what you’ve allowed. And it’s not who’s appeared, but who you’ve summoned.

And this should serve you well, beloved, until you find what you already have.

  The Universe



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Mark de LA says
XOR probably not what you said BUT something entirely different! null Choose from these as well.

Si says
The above lays out a philosophy. An entire way of understanding and relating to what we perceive though our experience of living life. This philosophy is well laid out, very consistent throughout, and easy to apply and understand.

When one chooses to understand ones own experience, and make decisions from within this philosophy, the life experience smooths out, becomes more enjoyable (for both self and others), and personal evolution happens more rapidly … than when the other and more traditional points of philosophy are applied.

I know this because I have personally tried both and for significant periods of my life for each. Thus for me it is not theory, it is fact and clear to me which ideas to choose to use.

Mark de LA says
It is more like whatever words you put together & grasp onto the ego-vector to believe it with.
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

Si says
Everything I talk to you about is very consistent. I am very good at speaking socratically. I don’t just put any words together. I didn’t write the above, but it matches what I would write and if you go over all the words and choices and compare them you will see that they are a very well rounded and matched set, not a bunch of unthoughtfully chosen words.

I accept that you don’t like what these words are telling you about your experience, that it does not sit well with you based on what you have learned and believe and your habits of thought. But I don’t accept that these are just a bunch of put together words nor whatever you mean by ego-vector. These words and concepts, together, describe a more well thought out and consistent system of understanding than, literally, any other I have ever seen, and especially the traditional replacements for each above, which are not very consistent at all and tend to lead people into all the dead end difficulties we see people experiencing today.

If you seek a socratic system of understanding experience, there is none more so than this one.

Mark de LA says
ALL it does, possibly,  is describe the way YOU experience whatever you do.  It says nothing about ME & mine, although I suspect that you have the need to think it does.

Si says
It does not describe in any way at all how someone experiences anything, you or me.

It describes how to interpret what one does experience.

What is experienced is always the same and specific to an individual.

What the above does is give one a system for interpreting one’s own experience which will have the direct effect of enhancing current and future experience far beyond any other system of interpreting experience I have ever come across. Simply put, that is a useful effect.

Mark de LA says
Somewhere in this series YOU seem to agree w/ Deepak.  ME(I)? not so much.  If you are interpreting your experience you are not experiencing it, imho. THE series: 

Si says
In general I agree. The ideal experience would not be interpreted. However, I think this is a long way off for most humans. The best I can do is interpret in a more easy flowing way and with less judgment. That is what the above helps with.

I think that if you are honest with yourself you can read the above thought and find the replacements you use to interpret your experience with … mostly outside of direct consciousness to be sure, but nevertheless we all (normal mortals) have versions of the above we apply to our everyday experiences as they happen in order to understand them in the context of our lives and the lives of those around us.

All I am saying is that the more you replace the ones you currently have with the ones above the more enjoyable and productive and evolutionary your experience will become. This is quite testable in a conscious manner, no faith required. As the universe says “And this should serve you well, beloved, until you find what you already have.” … where finding what you already have is equivalent to an uninterpreted experience … also sometimes called enlightenment ... but not what I have yet.

And yes, Deepak teaches, and demonstrates by living, a good number of these … and Deepak is nothing if not heart centered … so I consider him a good role model.  

p.s. Sorry but I could not view the video … however I have viewed and listened to Deepak regularly so I am pretty sure I know what the content is about.

Mark de LA says
Hmmm… yes . Deepak likes being a guru. Many ‘Tubes of the two together TR &DC : 
Even GW wanted folks to use his instructions – sort of like “pointing at what is out there instead of telling them what to see.”

Si says
Okay. So in the above thought, are there any sentences that you disagree with? Are there any you do agree with?

Mark de LA says
Well, to start out with I don’t think “The Universe” said what you said it said in the body of the thought.null

Si says
Okay, but that is really a side point. It doesn’t matter who said it … the content is quite capable of being considered on it’s own merits and it is the content I am interested in.

Mark de LA says
You asked if there was any sentence I agreed with xor disagreed with & that was one.  Most of it is really pellick – not worth deep analysis xor careful reading.

Si says
Why do you say "not worth deep analysis”? It seems to me, after more than 50 years of examining physical world experience, and sincerely trying everything I am able, that these points are the ones that really matter. Changing our relationship to these points brings about the most change in the quality of life experience, no matter who’s life, no matter what the circumstances, of any points that a human has control over changing.

It seems to me that these ones here are the distilled most relevant collection of the most salient points. I was quite excited to see all of these in one place at one time. Usually we only meet one or a few at a time. These are like to the root codes of managing experience and how one approaches all of these together would seem to me to be a very good measure of one’s ability to thrive as a human being.

Mark de LA says
Using N’s terminology, it just doesn’t seem to excite me.null

Si says
Okay. Well that’s very different from putting it down by calling it pellick and so forth. Thanks!

Mark de LA says
no difference for me.

Si says
Well I have asked you to define pellick before. Google turns up nothing. Deriving a meaning based on the context you use it in would strongly indicate it to be a derogatory term.

What is #pellick?

Mark de LA says
Well you could have searched & found: #shucks (comment 77352) 
In the early days of stand-up comedy, Lenny Bruce, Bob Newhart, Bill Cosby & others there was a comic called Jonathan Winters whom GW recorded on those long reel-2-reel tapes.  He invented the term for a rather obscure, foreign food (similar to the Scottish Haggis) enjoyed by the natives of an obscure backward country & his comedy routines always made fun of & had a few routines using the word. I have never found it online . Google has 2 of the fastblogit items I wrote about it. I know Seth knows what it is.
#pellick  #pellic #PellickOverload

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